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Priority should be Pakistan

Pakistan was created to serve and protect the people of Pakistan. People elect a government for this very purpose.

The first priority of any state, its government and institutions is the welfare of its citizens, development of human resources, providing basic necessities of life, rule of law and justice to all citizens from exploitation.

We are amongst those countries that are amongst the lowest in terms of human development, delivering justice etc.

It is an unfortunate reality that our weak economy does not give us the liberty and fiscal space to indulge in assuming the role of a major player in regional strategic politics.

While it may be a populist move to claim any role in recent changes in Afghanistan, or to harp on the victory or defeat of those involved in the war, it will neither serve our long, nor our short-term national interests.

It is the economy on which hinges national security and state sovereignty. Until such time we achieve economic progress, we need to refrain from the policies that we have been pursuing for decades and deescalate political animosities within our country.

One can only hope that while we pray for peace in Afghanistan, we must let them decide their own fate and focus on our own country.

This pendulum like swing from one extreme to another, where a former dictator submitted on one phone call and surrendered our sovereignty to an extent that it surprised even the American administration, to the stance of our present government assuming unto itself the role of being seen as a major advocate of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, is a role which can have adverse impact on our economy. Let us confine ourselves to protect our own borders from sinister designs of our enemies.


Video leaks

After the world saw Wiki Leaks a few years ago, we are now going through the era of Video Leaks. A video clip of a politician is doing the rounds on social media. No electronic or print media is willing to touch the issue due to its sensitivity.

Whether the video is genuine or fake is for the forensic department to prove but media’s mum over such sensational issue is creating a negative image for the country all over the world. Where are all our so-called ‘investigative journalists’?

Though the politician has out rightly rejected that the person seen in the video is him, but the question arises as to who is behind this video leak and how did it manage to make its way to the social media? If this video clip issue is not addressed timely, we will see more such videos in the days to come bringing more embarrassment to the nation whose image is not already a fair one.


Act honestly

On the sidelines of 76th General Assembly meeting, FM Qureshi briefed Antony Blink, US Secretary of State, regarding gross human rights’ violations in India-held Kashmir and Afghan imbroglio, which have endangered the regional peace and prosperity and threatened global harmony and co-existence—meriting a keen attention of all.

Notwithstanding the dossiers and actionable evidence shared regularly with the US by Pakistan concerning Kashmir’s situation, the United States has not done anything worthwhile so far, but it rather keeps on surreptitiously seconding Modi-led government in India for seeking its support against rising China, which does not portend well for the region.

As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the US has always tried to find out its solution through military might which has ended up into this current bloody mess-up in Kabul.

Peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of all, and that could be achieved through a meaningful dialogue and inclusive government in Kabul.

Hence, Pakistan’s consistent efforts must not be ruled out in this regard, just symbolically being acknowledged by the US. It is high time the United States came clean, acted unambiguously to help stabilize the entire region.


Beggars’ portfolio

In our societies, robust but prudent rules have been made for everyone’s fulfilment that, if any poor and needy people need help they get it then and there.

“Zakat” and other rights are there to live a comfortable life. Besides, there are some culprits too who allow to manipulate deadly hallows for their own gains.

Yes, a beggar’s portfolio is one of the dark sides of our society and within limited time it became so dimensionally diversified that beggars made it a legacy of life-time profession by introducing children and women into it. Moreover, many mafias and gangs are also involved to run this racket.

Such culprits ought to be fined and put behind bars, so that constitutional rights reach the right people.

Further, a stable society is possible when we have humility, self-realization, avoid legacy of superiority and see everyone through a bird’s eye view and differentiate whom we are giving charity and embezzlement.

Umerkot, Sindh

Israel and Muslim world

Israel continues to bomb Palestine but the world, especially Muslim countries, don’t bother to pay heed in this regard.

They will never believe the plan of Israel expansion includes neighbouring Arab countries, and instead of approaching the UN for Israel’s wrong doing they are mulling over to recognize it. Such tactics and calmness of Muslims encourage Israel to kill more and more people.

The current Abraham accord between the UAE and Israel is a huge development in the international Milieu. However, UAE is the 3rd Arab country after Jordan and Egypt to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

Iran has warned the UAE and termed this deal a stab in the back of Palestinians but as usual all efforts go in vain and all Arabs became voiceless in this regard.

Malir Karachi

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