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Opportunities of tourism

In honour of the upcoming World Tourism Day, I’d like to draw attention towards a beautiful tourist site in Pakistan that not many know about.

Malakand division has many sites that attract tourists from across the country and globe. Scenic valleys, snow-covered hills, dense forests, cool springs, soft streams and rivers enrich the natural beauty and colour of these sites.

Though Swat, Shangla, Dir and Malakand Agency are renowned for their natural beauty and picturesque valleys, some areas of Malakand division are as beautiful as Swat and its surrounding areas but unfortunately, very few people know about these scenic spots.

Buner district is one of these areas, enriched with immense natural beauty and colour. 30 years ago, Buner was a tehsil of Swat and not as popular as it’s today.

When it was given the status of a full-fledged district in 1990, locals took a sigh of relief and called it a good omen for their progress and development.

They were optimistic about a pleasant change with many opportunities of progress at par with other advanced Malakand areas.

However, it proved to be mere daydreaming as in almost 30 years, the people of Buner witnessed no signs of progress in any phase of life and have as usual, been victims of negligence by successive governments.

The climate of Buner is not as cold as that of Swat and Shangla districts and the weather remains pleasant round the year in some areas. In fact, it may aptly be called one of the country’s best tourist spots and hence, must be promoted on sound footing.

However, hurdles such as communication and transportation system, etc make people reluctant to visit. It’s high time that these shortages are overcome for the area to flourish.


SNC off course a good decision

This refers to a news item “Fed govt trying to impose unilaterally framed curriculum in Sindh.”

The questions and the views of CM Sindh are somehow authentic but I wish to express some divergent thoughts on this item.

As per my concern, this is to be the third tenure of the PPP govt to rule in Sindh. In their rule, I don’t see any single change in the education system of Sindh. Copy culture is rampant.

Schools are lacking a shortage of electricity, infrastructure and many other basic articles that are mandatory to run a school properly.

Things are deteriorating from bad to worst. Many schools have ceased owing to the scarcity of very essential stuff for their felicitous care. Despite their pathetic priority towards education, the Sindh govt has continuously been opposing the Single National Curriculum (SNC).

It would be a perfect example yet to discriminate against the youth of Sindh to compete throughout the country. CM Sindh has said that learning in the mother tongue is an effective tool.

The sentence has left my mind abstracted and numbed that what about people who continue to struggles in surmounting to understand English medium at higher secondary education immediately after completing his/her ten matriculations (years of education) in Sindhi/Urdu medium.

Government schools solicit to give education of English learning. It just gets ratified some of the sentences and words that are enough to get passed in the exams. According to my judgment, SNC will bring inequality and competition with the very same syllabus. No matter from where you belong to.

Additionally, SNC will be very fructuous to hold single pattern-based exams like MDCAT by PMC, USAT by HEC, and so on. Having different syllabus and different rationalization patterns provisionally, it has brought great panic among the students.

Unemployed community

The disabled or differently abled community in Pakistan is facing hardships finding jobs as the country seems to lack employment opportunities for people belonging to this community.

Countless differently abled people are seen begging on streets and roads, even the educated ones while people are giving them alms every now and then.

Whereas, there are a specific number of seats and various job opportunities for such people in foreign countries.

According to a report, around 2.5% of the entire population is differently abled. I request the concerned authorities to provide jobs for the differently abled community and help them happily survive and strive.

UET Lahore elections?

Let me introduce myself first. I am Engineer Hassan Ali Jakhar from USA I graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore back in late 70s and after a while migrated and settled down in California. I am a California State registered Professional Engineer.

Coming to the subject, I am passionately hooked up with the very basis and concept of Pakistan Engineering Council and therefore followed its evolution since its inception.

In the process, I virtually abandoned all my priorities and religiously followed each and every PEC election of the past and even the current one.

Notwithstanding the fact that electoral processes to date have had their share of inefficiencies and challenges but they were being gradually overcome with every passing election. Unfortunately, the current elections that were held on 8 August 2021 put all the gains to date in reverse.

What I witnessed was a sheer undermining of the electoral process through harsh and open political interference right from the word go.

The violations were blatantly committed by the party in power before and during the elections.

It is with this backdrop that I have penned the this piece. I would really appreciate it if it is published at the earliest possible as it is a voice coming directly from the heart of a deeply concerned patriotic expat engineer.
Clovis, USA

Harassing people

By harassing people and not allowing them to travel by local trains, the CM is not doing a good thing.

I’m hundred per cent sure he will lose the next election. The people of Mumbai are fed up of his governance.

Because of Coronavirus, people have lost their jobs and have nothing to eat and the CM is not even willing to help them out to live life once again.
Mumbai, India

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