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‘Sifarish’ culture

The prevailing Sifarish culture has deteriorated the system in government institutions. Employment opportunities in public sectors are advertised yet the candidates are selected through one’s contacts or sifarish.

Highly qualified Pakistani students sit idle in hopes of being employed but unqualified candidates with contacts are hired instead.

This negatively impacts the deserving and hardworking people and weakens literacy rate in the society. Students heavily invest their money in receiving higher education, only to be jobless. Sifarish culture lessens one’s potential, talent and confidence.

Not only do they damage an institute‘s reputation, they also fight and take huge bribes from the locals. Even jobs in the private sector are given to such people.

Students despair when they’re not given their due even after undergoing and qualifying through the whole procedure.

Our youth isn’t unemployed due to low resources but because of sifarish culture. The government needs to step up and take action against this destructive culture.


We need basic rights not link roads

District Kech is administratively subdivided into further tehsils, many of which consist of several villages.

However, the basic rights and necessities of its people are completely neglected and people are desperate to have some of the basic requirements for living a normal life.

Quality education is not being provided, teachers and doctors are not available, medical facilities are missing, clean water isn’t available, people are literally living from hand to mouth, yet the government is only concerned about building link roads.

We do not need link roads or any such form of convenience; we just want our basic human rights. I urge the government to kindly revamp its focus from mere things like link roads to the actual problems and need of the hour.

Healthy air, healthy planet

The theme of International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies is “Healthy Air, Healthy Planet” which prominently discusses the aspects of air pollution.

The tiny and invisible weapons of air pollution enter bodies and kill many premature beings. Similarly, lung cancer and respiratory illnesses result in heart attacks.

It is estimated that air pollution took the life of 6.5 million premature in 2016. There is a chance of acceleration of death by more than 50% by 2050. However, air pollution is a global problem and poor air quality is a challenge for all countries.

Clean air is essential for human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraged to take serious steps for Sustainable Development, entitled “The future we want.”


All are not equal

Though schools remain closed due to Covid-19, they continue taking fee anyway. Why should one pay the fee if the child/children have not been taught a single word? So many people are unemployed and with prices increasing day by day, poverty has reached its peak and families are living from hand to mouth.

If someone is unemployed and belongs to a poor family, how can he even imagine, let alone pay, the monthly school fee? It is my humble request to the government of Balochistan to take immediate action against the school mafia and help the poor people.

Even if certain families are still paying their fees, all people are not the same and don’t have the same financial capacity.

Kolahoo, Tump

Turbat University

The University of Turbat has a huge amount of enrolled students and all those students suffer from mismanagement. Shortage of classrooms and qualified teachers in the university are two major issues.

Students are divided into two groups who alternatively attend the university three days a week.

There do not care about the students or their future. PhD holders and skilled teachers are a basic/necessary requirement of every university whereas the entire faculty either has a Masters or Bachelors degree and not even a single PhD holder can be found in the university.

Students struggle during exams as well because the course is incomplete and the teachers continue highly pressurizing them. They gain no knowledge from these unqualified teachers who are not interested in actually teaching the students.

Such lose educational systems are responsible of killing students zeal for learning no matter how talented, confident, skilled or active they are.

Hence, I request the teaching staff to be serious and sincere with their jobs and the CM of Balochistan to please provide some funds to University of Turbat for the construction of more classrooms.


Social media and entertainment

Social media has been an active agent for a few years in the past. Recent experience on social media in the entertainment field is great. At present, it is impossible for a man to give time to his propinquities.

Simultaneously, social media is playing its favourable role to entertain people through different social-tools. Reports say, there are 4.41 billion active social media users globally out of which an average two billion use media for entertainment.

Notably, in the wake of 2021, we can’t stop ourselves from scrolling on social media; watching movies, reading online books and listening to songs, etc.

Arguably, science has proved that entertainment is necessary in a busy and hardworking life especially the present century of anarchy where everybody is working hard to pay their bills.

As someone rightly spoke, “Variety is the spice of life”, social media provides the people with a variety of entertainment in accordance with their likes and dislikes for without spice, everything is flavourless. Similarly, life is worthless and contemptible without entertainment.


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