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A cruel practice

God has created different kind of creatures in this world. Every creature in this world has a right to live peacefully. Every creature including animals has certain role to play in this world.

Unfortunately, hunting birds and animals has become a common practice in Pakistan. We think that animals are not for anything except hunting.

These cruel practices will ultimately effect species of many animals and might extinct these creatures. I appeal to PM of Pakistan to initiate stringent action against such practices

Kech, Balochistan


Deforestation and unlimited use of fossil fuel is one of the main causes of global warming and this issue is increasing day by day.

Trees are being cut down rapidly due to increased population and as a result animals have lost their living places due to shrinking forestland.
People cut down trees even though they know about bad effects of deforestation.

Because of this selfish attitude humans are facing grave danger. Sea levels are rising at an alarming rate. Would people learn?

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IBA Sukkur

The aim of Institute of Business Administration Sukkur was to provide a learning opportunity to students who belong to remote areas.

Founded by a retired bureaucrat Nisar Siddiqui, the institute strived to enhance quality education in Sindh.

Now, it seems that after the death of Mr Nisar whole system is headed for failures as employees of main IBA University are receiving all amenities and timely salary increments because it is government funded, while teachers of IBA public school and college are totally ignored in this regard.

For last few years no increment has been given to employees of Public school and community college and there is no medical facility for them or their family. Employees feel distressed by each passing day.

In these days of rising cost of living and high inflation all government, non-government institutes have raised salaries of their employees yet employees of IBA public school and college remain deprived.

Employees feel less motivated with each passing day while loose statements are given to silent them.

Please take this issue seriously, as there are hundred of employees who are facing difficult situation due to low wages.

Larkana, Sindh

Social media, social ties

As we all know that social media is a huge platform for communications and people worldwide get access to it.

Social Media has made everything easier than before. With the help of some platforms people can talk to their relatives living in distance places.

Furthermore one can utilise talent and can earn a living by using networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

However, use of social sites carries many problems such as, depression, disconnection with family members and friends.

Nowadays, it’s common while few friends get together in a place but they don’t discuss about their studies or social issues they just take out their mobiles and start using any social site and as a result face-to-face communication between people has reduced, with serious consequences.

Social media platforms are made to help humankind and it’s up to the user that for what purposes does he/she use social media?

Hub, Balochistan

Karachi’s local buses

Local buses in Karachi are known in entire Sindh and Balochistan for their high speed and noisy horns.

These buses create an unpleasant condition in the city. Due to their high speed, many accidents occur on daily basis. Their annoying horns disturb the residents.

Whenever, in the morning, we go for our school we see local buses rushing with a great speed that is certainly very dangerous for pedestrians.

Moreover, horns just tear our eardrums. Government needs to focus on this issue as well. There must be certain rules for local buses. Drivers must be charged for high speed and using horns uselessly.

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