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Ulema on domestic violence

I fail to understand the opposition by our Ulema to domestic violence, which is a crime. Their argument is as ludicrous as the decision given by CCI in May 2013 that DNA cannot be accepted as primary evidence against a rapist.

Male chauvinism has no place in the religion of Islam, nor is there a single incidence during the life of Holy Prophet PBUH where violence against any women, including a wife has been condoned.

Islam emphasizes on the acquisition of knowledge in science, medicine, technology, economics etc., so that it be used for the welfare of human beings. DNA is not a creation of scientists, but a discovery of what existed in nature for billions of years.

Islam means submission to Almighty Allah SWT and therefore it is binding upon Muslims that dignity of human beings be respected and all must be equal before law. The welfare Islamic state must exist and precede the imposition of Sharia penalties for any violations and excesses.

Why is it that our Ulema chose to remain silent when citizens in a Muslim majority state are denied basic human rights and organized criminals openly and forcibly occupy state and private land and women denied inheritance in accordance with the Holy Quran, or punishing criminals involved in paedophilia within a few seminaries and other abuses of power by powerful individuals or groups. All human beings enjoy equal rights in Islam and there is no discrimination.

If a man has irreconcilable differences with his wife he has the option to seek divorce in accordance with Sharia Laws instead of beating her to death, or inflicting injuries to her? Islam gives women the right to choose their life partner in marriage, yet we witness this basic right being denied on one pretext or another.


Civil-military leadership on one page

THE lava of the changing situation in the region is brewing at the moment. It could take a dangerous turn at any time.

Pakistan has already been the victim of the Afghan war for thirty years in which irreparable loss of life and property has incurred and now the country can’t stand new crisis. PM Khan has expressed this at various forums.

It is gratifying that the civilian-military leaderships is on the same page on national security issues and parliamentary sessions like the one held recently at Parliament House (Parliamentary Committee on National Security-PCNS) lead to consensus and the strengthening of unity and harmony on various national issues.

After a briefing by the military leadership at the PCNS session, the issue does not end with a mere slogan of solidarity, as the situation in the region is more sensitive than ever, with new threats to national security looming over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The United States is leaving a power vacuum which is being filled internally by the Afghan Taliban, but the impact of the whole situation on Pakistan and other neighbours is alarming.

Anti-Pakistan forces are trying to organize groups in Balochistan that pose a threat to state security. Security agencies are engaged in operations for national security. Pakistan is going through a difficult period.

It is hoped that after PCNS meeting, political leadership will be able to better understand changing situation in region.

A Zoonotic disease

Anthrax is a lethal infectious and zoonotic disease which is caused by a bacteria Bacillus anthracis.

This bacterium is generally found in soil and affects domestic and wild animals throughout the world. Contact with infected animal or carcass can cause serious illness in both animals and humans.

Anthrax is not a contagious disease like cold and flu. Animals such as buffalo, cattle, sheep, goat and horses get infected when they eat spores of B. anthracis from contaminated soil, water or plants.

In humans when anthrax spores get entered in the body it starts causing severe illness. It happens when humans breathe in spores, eat contaminated raw meat or its products, during slaughtering of infected animal, while working in wool industry or accidently entry of bacteria in skin via any cut or abrasion.

Anthrax is more prevalent in developing countries rather than developed countries. Developed countries have a proper vaccination schedule and they follow it religiously.

In Pakistan anthrax lacks reporting. A serological survey was performed in our study from different districts of Punjab and Baluchistan.

The sheep and cattle serum samples were used in our study from Bahawalpur, Bhawalnagar and Multan from Punjab, and Zhob, Bajour and Quetta from Baluchistan.

The socioeconomic conditions might create an impact on animal’s capability to live and to be productive. By keeping this in mind it is necessary to vaccinate your animals.

The farmers must do vaccination to their animals to avoid/reduce severity of disease outbreaks.

It is necessary if any farmer is having anthrax disease in their animals they must report it to nearby veterinary facility, so that precautionary measures can be taken on time and any outbreak could be avoided/ controlled.

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