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Essence of sacrifice

Eid-ul-Adha brings the message of sacrifice and faith in Allah SWT. It reminds us of Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi for sacrificing beloved one for the sake of Allah SWT. But the essence of this sunnah has, increasingly, been decreasing.

As we have been commanded to sacrifice a pet in way of Allah SWT which has been rared up by us, which has been loving to us, whose sacrifice cause us pain and agony. But we have accustomed it another way around.

We go to Maveshi Mandi just days prior to Eid night and purchase an animal. We prefer purchasing an animal that must be much bigger than that of our neighbours as it is a competition.

Before sacrificing the animals we, preferably, do one thing that we get our deep freezers repaired and ready to store meat for days then we sacrifice animal and send meat to our loved ones instead of distributing among the poor and needy.

We speak so bluntly and harshly to the poor and beggars as if they’re not asking for meat but a portion and a share in our property.

We should be very mild and gentle with the poor and beggars and should readily handover them the portion of meat that Allah SWT has decided for them.

Our utmost aim should be pleasing Allah SWT and His people not our loved ones or the ones whom we want to impress. The division of meat must be done according to teachings of Islam.

In addition to this behaviour, we don’t take care of cleanliness, as it’s said by the Last Prophet that Cleanliness is half of our faith but we turn our blind eye and deaf ear to it.

While sacrificing animal we throw filth and garbage along road side and don’t even bother to cover the blood, which create lot of pollution and spread innumerable diseases.

We should take care of all these things while sacrificing and all this should purely be done for pleasing Allah SWT not others.

Agra, Sindh
Tribute to Mamnoon Hussain

It was Wednesday, 14 July, that we lost a true and mature politician ex President Mamnoon Hussain.

Besides serving as the President of Pakistan, he has also served as the governor of Sindh for a short time in 1999. He was basically a businessman but remained associated with PML-N since his early days.

President Mamnoon Hussain was a great politician. He was different from the traditional politicians of Pakistan in many ways. For example, during his 5 year long tenure, he remained quiet and almost away from limelight.

He never wanted to catch media. Perhaps, he believed in action and was convinced that nothing lies in false promises.

Moreover, he also kept aloof from traditional petty politics in which politicians are critical of each other and in which allegations and accusations are norm of the day.


Ignoring our mental health

As a Pakistan’s future Psychologists, I am unquestionably worried that we are not taking our mental health seriously as a society and indeed wanted to raise apprehension among locals because it is as important as physical health because these go cheek by jowl for leading a life full of liveliness and happiness.

Mental health is actually most neglected part of Pakistani society. 10-16% or 14 million people are facing severe to mild mental health issues. This increases suicidal rate and ruining life of the people.

We should make it a norm going to a Psychiatrists or Psychologists and shun this behaviour of making it a taboo. People should start accepting rather than ignoring or criticizing.

We also as a citizen on local level can raise consciousness and start campaigns and I appeal to our society as a whole that if we try we can play our role in convert their beliefs and thoughts and broaden the spectrum of how they think about mental health.


Cat out of bag

FATF stands exposed, yet again. This time, none but the Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM) S. Jaishankar has let the cat out of the bag.

He, as reported by ‘The Times of India’, has vociferously said Pakistan had been put in global terror-financing watchdog FATF’s grey list because of the efforts made by the Modi government.

Unambiguously, this is an utterly disgraceful act on the part of the Indian (Modi) government. This cogently reflects the involvement of India, and exposes its nefarious designs against Pakistan.

A strong rebuttal, vis-à-vis the issue in question, from FATF is in order. Needless to say, FATF’s silence in the matter would cogently mean that what the Indian EAM, S. Jaishankar has so audaciously claimed is true to the core.


Why TV experts so wayward!

Pakistan recently faced a complete wash out of ODIs against England. Time for soul-searching! Right now it is time for T-20s between the two countries. A totally different ball game.

Our learned TV experts continue to lament more and more on ODI wash out rather than brainy strategies, especially the so indispensable and appropriate changes in the team.

It is a question of replacing the tried, tested and failed lot with the known few flamboyant ones. Let experts speak to fill this void both in news and views.


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