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America and Taliban controversy

After 9/11, Taliban and America controversy became the most serious issue in the world. At that time 28 countries took part against Taliban 19 years ago.

American never considered that he has been weaker but in 2008, according to an estimate, America spent $6t on the wars.

Since 2014 till now Afghanistan has 45000 security, 35000 other countries and 300 American soldiers were killed by Taliban.

On the other hand some 70% area is under the control of Taliban while 30% area is covered by the US forces.

However, in 2020 the American President Dollar Trump decided to end the war. Where more than 50 countries had participated including Pakistan. In that agreement America decided to withdraw his military from Afghanistan.

In 14 months it is going to take out 8600 troops. America will release up 5000 in exchange for 1,000 afghan security forces and the American army.

Turbat, Balochistan

Covid-19 and school children

We have been repeatedly hearing this statement, ‘There are 22.8 million children out of school in Pakistan’ for better half of the last decade.

With addition of unprecedented and difficult situation created by Covid-19, it is speculated that another one million children are at risk of being dropped out by end of the pandemic.

While the situation is alarming for Pakistani children as a whole, it creates an even bigger risk for girls whose access to education was many times less than that of boys even before the pandemic.

Pakistan is currently going through fourth wave of Covid-19 and simultaneously schools in most parts of the country have seen a third phase of closures in past one year.

While there’s no denying that school closures were imperative to curtail the spread of the deadly contagion, one must also take a moment to reflect on the deep, adverse impact that they’ve had on students’ access to education and learning at all educational levels.

Needless to say, children hailing from unprivileged backgrounds have remained most affected during this period of uncertainty.

For many girls, even in urban Pakistan, the challenge has been far greater as social and cultural barriers restrict their access to smart devices and the Internet.

These challenges are very tangible and are posing a very real threat in terms of rolling-back an entire decade’s worth of gains made vis-à-vis access to education in Pakistan.

And so, the question here is that should the Covid-19 pandemic only be treated as a health emergency and the collateral damage it has caused to sectors such as education not be accounted for? The answer is an obvious ‘No.’

While the health sector will and should be the biggest recipient of government support – both financial and otherwise – until the emergency subsides, the response effort must, under no circumstances put our children’s constitutional right to free and quality education on the back burner.

More than ever before, Pakistan’s feeble education system needs a new lease of life that would allow it to mitigate colossal learning losses incurred during the pandemic and protect past gains on one hand and on the other pilot and mainstream hybrid learning solutions that would make it disaster resilient going forward.


Medical test

I was completely dazed with news of PMC conducting the medical test from August. Being a medical student, I am totally dissatisfied with this decision. Along me, every medical student is shocked to hear this news.

Covid-19 has not just spreading day by day but also upgrading due to which schools and colleges have been closed mostly; especially this situation has affected Balochistan as there were no online classes too.

The suggestion given by authorities is self-study, question is that if we were able to study ourselves, why would we take admission in colleges.

Without any study and preparation how can the aspirants of medical go for it? It is completely injustice to students as not even the exams are conducted yet and medical test date is announced.

Further, it is said that the test would be online. Students of Balochistan due to lack of attention and ignorance hardly anyone attend online classes.

My humble request to authorities is to take a decision that should be fair to thousands of medical aspirants.

Via email

Unhygienic environment

It is an undeniable fact that all our big cities are polluted, which has created an unhygienic environment.

We can see huge dumps of garbage near our streets. And it is destroying clean air all around us. Apart from that, one day when I visited the street behind our house I became very perturbed.

I saw road leading to the street had huge piles of garbage and sewerage water leaking from houses.

The behaviour of general public towards this problem is very worrying. We are ourselves very irresponsible regarding our health.

To illustrate that it is an issue of great concern. It has destroyed natural beauty of our beloved earth.

Instead of blaming government for it, we should take measures to control this damage. Let’s show some responsibility. For sure, we can bring a huge change in our environment.

Via email

Fee during summer vacation

I want to draw attention of concerned authorities not to allow fee during summer vacation. Private schools in Turbat are taking summer vacation feey.

Unfortunately, summer is coming now but we are facing a lot problem while paying summer vacation fee. Poor people can’t even pay monthly fee how they can pay summer vacation fee.

However, the private schools are off for three month still they take the summer vacation fees, they always said that the teachers need salaries but a poor is not responsible of a teacher.

Actually I am confused that what poor people should choose food or give their children a bright future. It is my humble request to government to take serious action about this issue.

Balnigwar, Balochistan

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