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Genocide of marine lives

The entire district of Gwadar, from Jiwani to Ormara, known as the Makran Coastal Belt, which employs about 80% of the locals as dependent on the sea.

The locals consider the sea as their source of income, like mother and fulfil the economic needs of their families.

The very existence of our lives is connected to the ocean that nurtures us by meeting our economic needs.

Fishing in the sea is a source of livelihood for over 2.5 million people in coastal towns of Sindh and Balochistan.

While our oceans have distinct identities for producing the best breeds of fish in the world, it is also very attractive to the trawlers of other provinces and abroad who are constantly fishing in violation of international marine law, while leading to the extinction of most of the rare species of fish found in our ocean.

The hunting grounds of the Baloch Sea have already been made barren by the Guju Mafia of Sindh.

Most of the fishermen and their dependents have become destitute, since the livelihood of these areas is entirely depended on the sea, markets and small businesses are also being badly affected by the trawlers. As for the trawlers coming within the country have been exploiting us economically for decades.

Now it has come to the point that even the trawlers coming from abroad have decided to look at our sea. The Baloch fishermen are being deprived of two loaves of bread.

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End of an era

An era in the Indian cinema has come to an end on July 7, 2021 with the sad demise of the legendary actor, Dilip Kumar.

The prolific actor breathed his last at the age of 98 after a prolonged illness at a Mumbai hospital.

According to media reports, he even visited Pakistani singer, Noor Jehan in Karachi for an interview.

Dilip Kumar was one of India’s most respected and talented actors and was known for his roles as a tragic hero in several Bollywood movies. He was born Muhammad Yusuf Khan in 1922, in Peshawar — in what is now a part of Pakistan.

His father was a fruit-seller and the family moved to Mumbai, then known as Bombay, during his childhood in the 1930s. A decade later, he moved to Pune to launch a canteen business and supply fruits.

A chance encounter with Devika Rani of Bombay Talkies landed this shy and debonair young man in tinsel town with his first film, ‘Jwar Bhata’ in 1944. Devika Rani had gone out shopping to a local market.

At one fruit shop, she looked keenly at this young man engrossed at selling his merchandise.

It was by mere chance that the shy shopkeeper had only replaced his father that day. Devika Rani found this young man with a sensitive face and expressive eyes quite unusual.

She gave him her visiting card and asked him to meet her at the studio the next day. Bombay Talkies not only changed Dilip Kumar’s destiny but also his name.

In a career spanning over six decades, Dilip has worked in over 66 films. His last movie was ‘Qila’, which was released in 1998. He has paired opposite several heroines of his generation, including his wife Saira Banu.

They made a wonderful pair both on-screen and off-screen. He has won several awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994.

He was buried at the Juhu Qabrastan in Mumbai according to Muslim rites. His death is a loss to both India and Pakistan. He will be remembered as a cinematic legend by all his fans.

Mumbai, India

Security from what?

While PM announced that he will not be having any protocol during his private visits, one is shocked to see the reaction and condemnation of the Opposition Leader when the Security Protocol was withdrawn from opposition leaders.

Those voters who have elected them have no security, they, in fact, are victim of these unnecessary protocols on a daily basis.

Rather than improving the security of common masses these politicians want massive resources spent on their own security, what a pity.

Mr PM please issue clear directions on protocols, either they are there or they are not.

Giving a statement which gives flexibility to the use of protocol has no meaning, in fact it falls in a grey area where bureaucracy and ministers know very well how to exploit it.

So we the common citizens request you to kindly give a clear direction on this very important matter which has a direct bearing on our daily lives. Please abolish all VIP protocols as this is an audacious symbol of two states within a State.


Social media

There are many types of media, one of them is social media. To get the definition of it, we need to look at each word separately.

The word “Social” refers to sharing information about different things and receiving information about various things happening in the society.

Likely, the word “Media” refers to tool of communication – internet is one of the best examples for it.

Now social media can be described as “tools of communication which enable people to interact with each other by sharing and receiving information about various things”. There are multiple benefits and restrictions of everything which exists in this world.

Same is the case with social media. There are numerous benefits as well as disadvantages of it, few of them are mentioned below.

Firstly, many people are doing business through social media, be it: any application or a website.

These Applications and websites are beneficial to those who are either too busy in their lives or live in rural areas and can’t visit markets on a daily basis. They may get those objects very easily through social media which they need in their lives.

Not only this but also the ratio of unemployment is decreasing because of social media.

Furthermore, according to one report, those children who are under 18 and if they are using social media then their confidence can easily be built up 30 percentage. Because, they communicate with unknown people through different applications.

If they don’t speak with them but they write confidently whatever they write, this also helps them to increase their confidence level.

Hub city

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