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World Population Day

World Population Day, which is observed on 11the July of every year to pay attention to the global-population issues and highlighting problematic issues taken place by overpopulation.

Additionally, Pakistan’s population is equivalent to 2.83% of the total world population. It ranks number 5 in the list of countries.

Moreover, this is a colossal challenge for Pakistan to maintain itself with a little growth of the economy. It needs to be more rationalist for growing its economy rapidly as compared to its population.

But unfortunately, every government considers it a headache to think about overpopulation which is increasing rapidly that will not harm the economy but also human beings when it becomes the most populated country with less fiscal. The present government must not be shirker about non-stop increasing population.

Malir, Karachi

Long-awaited initiative

I feel pleasure to appreciate Punjab government for taking the initiative to hold its first virtual science, technology, engineering and mathematics competition (STEM) in government schools that will end on June 17.

According to Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

It is a leading opportunity for students in province to avail it in order to make or engage themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

However governments of remaining provinces should follow the step to create opportunities for their students. Due to Coronavirus, authorities concerned should introduce such beneficial competitions.

Moreover, each provincial government should make development of education in province its priority. And such healthy competitions help authorities meet their targets.

Via email

Unqualified teachers

Public Education Sector here in Balochistan is often criticised and condemned due to its inefficient and unproductive performance. Not to mention, the situation is same in almost all the country.

Let it be more clarified by giving the example of recent HSSC Balochistan Board examination, a video went viral on social media, where a student of second year portrayed solving the questions from home!

Yet this incident went unnoticed. Another immense setback is recruiting teachers in complete violation of merit and legality.

In Balochistan often teachers are recruited without going through formal and legal testing processes.

This illegality is causing severe implications in education sector, in terms of inefficient and unproductive students who are unable to solve the question papers unless they practise ‘cheating’.

The Balochistan government is requested to take notice of this illegality and ensure a merit based, free and fair testing service through which the well-educated and unemployed students could get a chance to put their contribution in progress of this sector.

Kuddan, Kech

Ban the use disposable plastic

It is estimated that every plastic-bag we use in our everyday life takes 10 to 1,000 years to decompose and plastic bottles can take 450 years or more.

Plastic bags should be banned as they are non-biodegradable causing pollution and cannot be recycled as burning plastic diffuses harmful smoke.

Plastic also emits some radiation also, proving to be a choking hazard for small animals and people. Plastic water bottles are also thought to be carcinogenic.

The consequences of plastic products include the deadly burden of plastic bags on marine animals, such as whales and sea turtles, or toxic fumes released by waste incinerators when plastic is burned.

A plastic bag is always the wrong option. It pollutes and toxic throughout its production and use.

What’s more, it poses a deadly threat to marine and land-based life and must always be burned or buried, even after being recycled a few times.

Although bag bans won’t solve the plastic crisis on their own, they do help to change plastic consumption habits and cause consumers and retailers to be more open to alternatives.

Ban on plastic can help change plastic consumption habits and cause consumers and retailers to be more open to alternatives.
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