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Credit where credit’s due

Thank you, Prime Minister, Adviser to PM on Finance, FBR & DRAP for listening to the plight of patients and declaring duty exemption in budget 21-22 on life-saving therapies for a group of rare diseases collectively known as “Lysosomal Storage Disorders” (LSDs).

These are genetic disorders arising from consanguineous marriages.

In the capacity of the President of Lysosomal Storage Disorder Society, Pakistan it is my duty and responsibility of voicing & highlighting the plight of children suffering from this rare disease and supporting them in any way possible.

I am proud to say that this policy implementation would go a long way in providing relief to these patients and their families.


A rejoinder
to my letter

This is a rejoinder to my letter ‘Enough of your natakgiri, Mr. Thackeray’ (June 29). According to the CM of Maharashtra, Coronavirus spreads only in places of worship and in crowded trains.

It does not spread in crowded buses, election rallies and in crowded market places and malls. I wonder how he became the CM of Maharashtra with such illogical thinking.

Mumbai, India

Fourth wave

As country sees de-escalation in the rate of Covid-19 infection cases after a long period of bearing the devastating impact posed by the Coronavirus.

Although it is remarkable to see a normalcy after more than year of lockdown and a perplexing situation but this should not make us oblivious of the existence of the virus.

These apprehensions aroused after observing the recklessness of the citizens, who are seen with complete violation of the proposed SOPs.

Lately, the Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar warned that country might be hit by a fourth Covid-19 wave in July if the NCOCs’ proposed SOPs were not adhered to.

Thus, in order to get complete rid of devastating impact of this lethal virus, the government should be closely watch the situation and ensure everyone with every walk of life following the proposed SOPs against the virus.

Kech Balochistan

Shameful, deplorable, regrettable

Words are not enough to condemn the tragic, shameful, deplorable and regrettable happenings in the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies of Sindh and Balochistan during their recent budget sessions.

Parliamentarians belonging to the ruling as well as opposition parties are to be squarely blamed for their unbecoming of a decent , well-behaved democratically elected representatives of the people who, thanks to the print and electronic media, are watching their doings round the clock.

People had not elected them to do what they have been doing during the last few days in Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta instead of discussing and approving the federal and provincial budgets for financial year 2021-22.

Credit should also be given to the MPAs of Punjab and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa for their appreciably nice, good and democratic attitude and behavior during respective PA’s budget sessions.

This is to remind the parliamentarians, indulging in ugly shows in Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta that way back in 1958 rumpus in the then Provincial Assembly of East Pakistan causing death of the sitting Deputy Speaker had provided President Iskander Mirza an easy excuse to dismiss the federal government of Prime Minister Malik Feroze Khan Noon, dissolve the national and provincial assemblies and appoint Commander-in-Chief General Ayub Khan as the Chief Martial Law Administrator on 7 October 1958.

The MNAs and MPAs belonging to the ruling and opposition parties should pause and ponder over their absolutely wrong, undemocratic and un-parliamentary attitude during recent budget sessions of the national and provincial legislatures, improve their attitude and do everything possible for strengthening the ongoing democratic process to the best of their abilities instead of knowingly and unknowingly working for its derailment which will be very unfortunate to say the least.

Prevalence of drug abuse

It is shocking to know over seven million population of Pakistan is drastically victim of drug abuse.

Despite the existence of drug courts, antinarcotics force and (LEAs) law enforcement agencies yet the prevalence is on rampant.

Shockingly, as per reports 40pc of drugs, especially heroin, opium and crystal meth or ice is being smuggled into Pakistan from the neighbouring country, Afghanistan.

As reported, the number in drug users increased after the influx of Afghan refugees in the country.

Though the use of illicit substances is common in the country, KP is the worst affected province with the figure of 11pc population badly victim of drug abuse comparatively.

Nevertheless, a holistic strategy is required to curb the prevalence of drug menace in the country. Because, the present exacerbated situation might result in further destruction if not halted soon.

Dasht Kuddan

in Sindh

The conditions of women in Sindh is unsatisfactory. They are far away from their cardinal requirements.

The authorities expend nothing on their education and never utilise their talents. Even though the country orders funds for the women, no one knows where they are spent.

In the budget for outgoing fiscal year, Rs 34 million had been set aside for setting up a women’s complex in Karachi, it is hoped that it will be spent honestly.

Likewise, Rs 26 million had been earmarked for the welfare of female home based workers, and Rs 13 million had been released, but the utilisation was zero.

Another important project was to establish for planning and monitoring cell in Karachi, and Rs 8 million had been released for it, but nothing was spent.

Furthermore, the ministry was to spend Rs 9 million for complaint calls in various districts in the province to facilitate women and here also the expenditure was zero.

So, this gloomy picture shows that the women in Sindh are completely deprived from their basic necessities. I urge the government to take strict action regarding this.

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