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Beauty standards in society

They say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. In today’s world is it even true? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately we are part of the society where beauty has just become an illusion because of unrealistic beauty standards set by the society.

These so-called beauty standards have caused an actual dilemma among the people.

And to answer the obvious question of whom to blame, it wouldn’t be absurd to say that our lovely social media has played this game quite well.

Celebrities trying to show their supposedly ‘perfect’ pictures with their flawless skin, great hair and ideal bodies on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms have not only caused insecurity and low self-esteem in people but have also raised the matter of mental health among them.

Lately social media has been giving the impression that nothing is enough, even if according to today’s beauty standards someone is perfect there’s always going to be someone more perfect in the future. But then who sets the bar to that perfection?
I guess nobody knows and yet everyone is in the same race comparing themselves to others.

And alas! that’s not all, as we are in part of the world where people are rejected on the basis of their skin colour, height and weight because in our society these things are considered the standards of beauty, the rules to be beautiful.

The enigma these beauty standards induce affects the society and spreads toxicity. These quixotic norms of beauty need to be abolished and we need to understand that everyone is beautiful in her own way.


Safety measures

Through column of your esteemed newspaper I wish to draw attention of authorities that many restaurants in Gulzar-i-Hijri are providing dine in services.

It’s not only illegal but also not safe for people to go out of their houses and have family dinner at restaurant especially during this pandemic.

Similarly few restaurants in Gulshan-i-Iqbal area illegally provide dine in services and that is highly unethical as these restaurants not only break the law but also not care for safety and health of common people. Authorities must take some action for safety of people.


IT sector growth

In a time frame of less than just three months, a second software technology park has been inaugurated in Islamabad after the first one. Fazal Software Technology Park occupies 40,000 square feet of space.

During inauguration ceremony Federal Minister for IT & Telecom said that ‘current government’s first priority is to uplift country’s IT industry’.

Software technology parks are significant in terms of bringing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) that will boost economy of our country.

Many IT aspirants will get a job with a good pay here along with ensuring development of country overall.

Growth of IT sector, hence is a good omen for country’s economic growth and is in line with Prime Minister’s vision of a Digital Pakistan.

IT and Telecommunication companies operating in Pakistan must realise increased significance and demand of services they provide to their clientele.

Amid Covid-19, people have either gone jobless or their salaries have been cut to half in most of the industries.

At affordable rates in era of ‘New Normal’ i.e. ‘Work from Home ‘, flawless and speedy Internet and broadband services must be provided across Pakistan, especially in remote regions.


Karachi issues

With passage of time, Karachi city is facing many problems and first and foremost issue is ‘water scarcity’.

Currently, Pakistan is categorised as a water scarce country because yearly water availability is less than 1000 cubic meters per person.

The country crossed this level in 2005 and if situation remains the same, in coming days we all will suffer very badly.

The second issue is ‘illiteracy’. There is unequal education system for different classes of the same society.

The budget for education is meagre due to which quality education cannot be imparted which is destroying the future of youth.

The third issue is ‘gender inequality’ which has been debated for many decades. We have set separate rules for men and women.

Women are capable of doing all types of technical job and can be an asset for a nation but here women are not given same opportunities like men.

In the end, I appeal to government to take tangible measures for resolution of aforementioned issues at the earliest.



It’s a pity that Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar, Punjab, was not arrested (and still hasn’t been) and put behind bars for raping a nun from a Kerala convent thirteen times between 2014 and 2016. This clearly proves that he has bribed the police with the money he has.

Just because he has the power with certain politicians and the police, he feels he can do what he wants with women. These days, women are treated like sex objects for men to play with

. Now Sister Lucy Kalappura has been dismissed from the convent because she stood up for the fellow nun who had been raped by Franco Mulakkal.
Mumbai, India

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