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Impact of lockdown on education

Online classes and online exams are not much effective in our country because in many areas Internet speed is not enough to take online classes.

Moreover, in many areas, there exist no Internet facility so students can’t attend online classes. Furthermore, to make students learn is not as easy as it is considered.

Many science subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and biology are much difficult to comprehend even in physical classes, so how students can understand such important subjects in online classes with vulnerable Internet facilities.

Not only students’ face difficulties to attend online classes, but teachers confront many problems to teach subjects like Chemistry via online classes.

Chemistry cannot be explained by only showing text, few examples and pictures through any online class app.

Furthermore, transparent tests and exams cannot be conducted online in our country. Hence, how can we educate our young generation in this situation? Online education may be effective in future but at present it is not suitable alternative of physical classes.

There is a better solution of this issue, students of each class should be divided in few groups, and each group should come to school 2 or 3 days of the week.

Every student and staff member of school should strictly follow SOPs. In this way, students can get proper education and also become safe from this pandemic.
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Social media impact

Social media has become a major platform of communications. We cannot imagine our daily routine without it.

Spread of Internet has brought the world together on one platform. Now we can easily connect with anyone from a different city or a different country.

With pictures or videos that are overflowing the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter one is constantly updated about near and dear ones.

While talking about positive side, social media has become a major source of communication and advertising because of its ever-increasing scope and reach.

Cost effectiveness business development features, worldwide connectivity, opportunities for job, free publicity, real time information sharing, platform to share cultural information and much more.

But one cannot neglect the negative side. Social media keeps you hooked for hours and your precious time is wasted, hence it is addictive.

The other negative aspects include increase in cyber crimes, online fraud, hacking of information, virus attacks, low productivity in work, negative publicity etc.

So one must not overlook unfavourable aspects of social media and learn to balance his time for social media keeping in mind other productive activities.
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Water tanker mafia

The citizens of Karachi face lot of problems, which also include major problem of water supply, transportation and above all worst law & order situation in the city.

Water is a basic human need, yet unfortunately non-availability of this essential item of daily use is haunting this city for last many decades.

The problem becomes even more brutal in summer season. Government has to take necessary steps to solve this problem on permanent basis.

In some areas huge amount of water is wasted whereas in other areas people don’t even have enough water to quench their thirst.

Moreover, water tanker mafia is another cause of shortage of water in the city. This tanker mafia came into being as water distribution system is dysfunctional due to state negligence. Water is only distributed through pipelines in half of the city.

This shortage has led to creation of water tanker mafia, which runs hundreds of illegal pumping stations.

This mafia generates billions of rupees every year at the cost of residents of the city.

Climate change

Climate change has been one of the most talked about issue, particularly since start of the twenty first century.

There are number of factors contributing to increasingly erratic weather patterns being witnessed all over the world, with carbon emissions being the major one.

According to Germanwatch, publisher of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), Pakistan is the seventh most vulnerable country to climate change.

As a developing country, with abject poverty and limited resources, climate change has the potential to become biggest and most destructive problem for Pakistan in future.

Even though Pakistan is classified as one of the most vulnerable countries with respect to climate change, it is not a major emitter of greenhouse gases.

In fact Pakistan’s emission levels are negligible, standing at mere 0.7 percent of total world emissions. Simply put Pakistan is a victim of climate change.
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