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Criticism bill

The people of Pakistan endured over 200 years of tyrannical British occupation, suffered racism, abuse and discrimination, with many places within the subcontinent, where it was publicly displayed, that Dogs and Indians not allowed.

It was in 1906 when Muslim League was formed in Dacca and a political awakening took place that the Muslims must have a separate platform to air their grievances against exploitation not just by Colonial Raj but the upper caste Hindus and their mindset which considered all others, children of lesser gods.

It was because of this that Bengal’s Hindu Dalit leader Jogenranath Mandal openly supported MAJ.

Discriminatory laws which made criticism of British Colonial elite a crime created unrest and hundreds of thousands were executed and imprisoned, while the natives willing to collaborate with Raj were showered with lands, titles etc.

It was on Quaid’s promise that Pakistan would be a modern democratic welfare state, ruled by representatives of the people through free and fair elections and all citizens would enjoy equal rights, that people rallied behind him and we achieved our freedom in 1947.

Quaid promised that no citizen of Pakistan, including paid or elected public office holders, was to enjoy any exclusive rights, privileges or exemption from public criticism and scrutiny for any acts of omission or commission where fundamental rights of a citizen are compromised.

Respect is earned and cannot be gotten through enactment of laws which by their very nature are discriminatory.

When state institutions created to serve the people and paid from national exchequer violate their constitutional oath or indulge in commercial ventures, like housing societies etc.,

which create problems for citizens, or involve breach of trust, they are open to criticism just like other commercial enterprises.

The Constitution requires that citizens hold the judiciary and armed forces in esteem for performing their constitutionally assigned roles.

Rising prices

Through columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw attention of concerned authorities towards rising prices of items of daily use.

This problem of rising prices has become very acute after induction of present PTI government. It has brought lot of hardships to people in every walk of life.

The worst hit are fixed income groups like salaried people, labour class and the pensioners. For them, necessities like wheat, pulses, grains, vegetables etc are getting out of reach.

It is time that PTI government should control ever-increasing prices without any delay. It needs to immediately check black-marketing, hoarding, profiteering and should strictly deal with those who are found guilty.

This is a serious issue in the country nowadays and I hope that PTI government would realise problems of common man and will take necessary action to stop this trend.
Turbat, Balochistan

Pak-Russia ties

To open a new door of strategic cooperation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently visited Pakistan, first time since 2012. In his 2-day visit, he held meetings with top Pakistani leadership.

Many agreements were also signed in order to ensure cooperation in economic, defence and health sector. Russia also provided Pakistan 50,000 doses of Sputnik-V vaccine.

Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to Pakistan paved the way for new era of economic, political and strategic cooperation between the two states. Both the realistic states are united for their national interests.

If both states agree on peace and security of the region and remain united on Afghan situation and war against terrorism, then relationship could take a new shape and an idea of peace, security could make the region strategically more important and powerful.

and phone addiction

Technology has become advanced day by day. Use of technology also increases with the advancement of technology gradually.

During Covid-19 people were stuck at their homes, therefore they spent more time on technology rather than physical activities.

Technology has changed minds of the people from physical games to online games.

In addition to other destructions of Covid-19, it also destroyed people psychologically.

People have become lazy due to cell phone addiction especially college and university students.

People use cell phones day and night blindly. As we know that health is wealth and excess of every thing is bad, therefore excessive use of technology is very dangerous not only for an individual but for whole society. Good mental and physical health is key to success.

Unfortunately, people think that they protect themselves from Covid-19 by using cell phones but actually it would cause more harm in future.

So, we should follow proper SOPs and participate in physical activities. We should change our behaviour and work hard to change fate of this nation

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