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A helping hand needed

The recent unfortunate incidents like a bigger container ship running aground in the Suez Canal and a deadly train accident in Egypt are all great reminders of our necessity and responsibility towards strengthening the maritime and railway sectors.

As for the first case, there have been great engineering efforts to clear the container ship from the canal.
Regarding the Egypt train collision, many a precious life has been lost.

As an important point, Egypt has long been experiencing fatal train accidents making it crucial to pull the plug on the frequent train accidents.

In fact my first-ever job involving export and import activities was in the port city of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

Besides, the Tuticorin Port has long been handling huge volumes of cargo shipment across the board.

Such maritime activities have been key to the world economic boom. So it is time to tweak the feasibility of the maritime routes like the Suez Canal in the best interests of all.

As far as I know, the Asian region has been a big hub of the railway networks. I always remember my beautiful 1998 college train tour to Mumbai from Tiruchendur in Tamil Nadu. Professionally, I have travelled a lot by local and metro services in Mumbai.

On the other side, numerous travels across my native areas likeTirunelveli in Tamil Nadu have totally shaped the landscape of my career and life.

Such has been the magic of travel. This is true of any human in the world. Finally, all we need is a strong helping hand to strengthen the railway and maritime sectors for example through hard work, great engineering efforts and technological advances available.
Maharashtra, India

Connectivity issue in GB during Corona

The Corona pandemic has taken control all over the world. Due to this we have to adjust our day to day life.

One of the major changes is that our education system is running online and the success of online education depends on the condition of the internet and the internet condition is far worse in Gilgit-Baltistan than any other region.

There are three main reasons of weak internet in GB which includes single service provider, less number of 4G towers and less stability of internet.

The main service provider in GB is SCOM 4G because the packages are more expensive and they do not care about the strength of internet.

They know that people will buy the packages because people don’t have any other option.

The second issue is less numbers of Towers due to which the signals are so weak that you cannot use internet within your homes. Students go to higher places to attain their online classes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how the internet and mobile phone connectivity are all the more important in times when physical interaction even in places such as schools and hospitals is not possible.

In Gilgit-Baltistan one company SCO has run mobile connectivity. It is costly, slow and not available throughout the region.

Therefore, we request the Government of Pakistan to improve internet service in Gilgit-Baltistan
Ghizer,Gilgit Baltistan

is a curse

Feudalism has been flourishing throughout Pakistan for the last seven decades. It prominently came from the Britishers. The sense of ruling over poor masses is the main crux of the feudal lords.

The Wadera system in Sindh, Chaudary system in Punjab, Khan system in KP and Sardari system in Balochistan are the perfect examples of feudalism in Pakistan.

Owning of large areas of land has enabled the feudal lords to take command of the area they want to rule.

Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. Feudals are involved in power and politics to a large extent that they are outnumbering the bureaucrats. Basic human rights of poor communities are violated by the feudals.

It is necessary to put limits on the feudal system that at least, it could not deteriorate the peaceful environment of Pakistani society.

Time to act

Economic prosperity and internal peace are unattainable in a particular country unless the country becomes self-reliant.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is not moving in the right direction. It heavily relies on other foreign powers and financial institutions. Our financial budget also tilts towards IMF recommendations.

A country must have a certain level of autonomy or economic freedom if it wants to emerge as a strong player.

The PTI government as of now had done little to make Pakistan an economically strong country. In the absence of proper development programmes, how can the country progress?

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