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Will democracy prevail in Pak?

Democracy in Pakistan has been in turmoil since its inception. However, whether democracy will prevail in Pakistan or not, first of all we will have to put a brief glimpse on history of democracy in Pakistan. In 1956 the first constitution was adopted by Pakistan. Exactly two years later martial law was imposed and the Constituent Assembly was dissolved. Similarly, from 1958 to 1971, 1977 to 1988 and 1999 to 2008 Pakistan spent an enormous amount of under martial law as compared to other democratic countries. So, now the question is; will democracy prevail in Pakistan?
The present Premier of Pakistan and the ruling party PTI were a hope that could save the future of democracy in Pakistan. As, it was separated from family politics which had continued since the independence of the state. At the other hand, in the history of Pakistan, it was the only party to have the support of the young generation. On the contrary, the hopes were shattered when there were allegations that the third party has been involved in this election as usual. Similarly, the same slogans were repeated on this occasion as well from opposition parties, “we do not accept the selected government”.
Recently, the former ISI chief Asad Durrani in an interview with BBC said, “People are not happy with army’s involvement in politics”.
Whereas, Major General Babar Iftikhar, the spokeperson of military, recapitulated, “The military is not involved in the country’s politics and should not be dragged into it”. Thus, such statements from military personnel and former ISI show that there is still contradiction over democracy in Pakistan.

Delay in awarding degree

Almost, it has been five months to conduct the exams of final semester but, still Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro has not awarded the degree to fresh graduates of 2020 and not even has issued pass certificate so the graduates can apply for a job.
On the other hand other, universities like NED University of Karachi, award the degree to their graduates through online Convocation, it is not understandable why Mehran University is delaying.
Due to delay in the award of degree, graduates miss many opportunities and they can’t apply for a job or a scholarship. Through this platform it is my humble request to administration of Mehran University to issue degree as soon as possible.

Time to reopen

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention-CDC- has been sending some more positive signals amid the fight against the coronavirus. Now it has been reported that CDC has recommended reopening educational institutions like schools and colleges across the board despite the new virus variants. Doubtless CDC has come to this conclusion after having analysed everything like the powerful efficacy of the COVID vaccines administered worldwide.
Aside from the online classes, most kids from the middle schools elsewhere have been found mostly playing on the streets due to “no in-school activities.” I have noticed this particular trend in my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. Playing is good but should not come in the way of honing the learning skills. So it is time to relook the feasibility of reopening schools. Clearly, most Asian countries, the UK and the USA have been in the mode of reopening the student institutes. Besides, psychological effects on children due to “out of curriculum touch” cannot be denied anymore. Hence, serious steps should be in place to check this problem.
Getting serious about the virus, mask mandate and basic health care protocols will help take care of the rest. The regimes and education institutions should work in tandem to pave the way for fully reopening the schools and colleges across the board through proper means and basic COVID protocols.

Transgender discrimination in our society

Government of Pakistan passed “Transgender Person Act “in May 2018 to provide protection of rights, relief and rehabilitation to the members of the transgender community.
Despite that transgenders in Pakistan are facing a range of personal, social, cultural, economic and psychological issues, often exposing them to a high risk of isolation and social exclusion. Established gender norms limits the role perceived and expected of them. They face issues in medical care, employment, education and housing as well. Authorities should take action in order to provide them at least human rights.

Water pollution and its effects

Water pollution is one of the biggest forms of pollution, which is mainly caused by human’s activities. Resultantly polluted water affects the living organisms in it and also directly or in-directly to human beings. Sewage water contains harmful bacteria and their intake directly or in-directly can cause many dreadful diseases like typhoid, cholera, etc.
Similarly detergents are also entered in water especially from various laundries and factories, which contain Phosphate. Algae feed on these nutrients which turn the water into green with algal bloom, depleting water oxygen causing the death of aquatic animals. It also develops unpleasant colour and smell. Pakistan ranks at number 80 among 122 nations regarding water drinking quality. Effective steps should be taken in this regard with the support of the industries.

Flaws of our educational system

I want to draw attention of government towards the flaws of our educational system through your esteemed newspaper. Education is the road to national development. It creates sense of responsibility among the people. Main purpose of education is to improve the skills of the people. It plays important role in character building.
Unfortunately, educational system in our country is merely based on cramming. Actually, it is the system which devised by the British rulers to demolish Muslims. Technical and creative learning is grossly neglected in our country and only focused on grades.
In Pakistan, teachers and parents encourage the children to cram their lesson whether the concept about the subject is clear or not. I stress that skill-based education, creative art or technical subjects must be taught at school level. Education in our country should be cheap enough to permit everyone to reap its benefits.

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