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Save environmental aspects

The devastating glacier burst in the Indian state of Uttarakhand that has not only caused flooding but also claimed many lives has sent shockwaves across the board. The sudden water released from the glaciated valley has severely damaged some hydroelectric projects out there apart from leaving behind a trail of destruction. Such glacial burst incidents have been common across the world.
They have confirmed the vast ice sheets covering most parts of the earth. Events like glaciations meaning accumulation of ice sheets and de-glaciations, the opposite, have all been well related to Ice Age and Greenhouse period. In short, all the natural and geological events caused by sun and the surroundings on earth have been evolving over the vast periods of time.
Of course, they all have huge lessons to the world and human society. Yes, it is all about human attitude to Mother Nature. Human beings have been toiling hard through all the ups and downs straight from the Homo-Sapiens era even as the natural occurrences like climate change, global warming, greenhouse effects and glacial burst have been taking place side by side.
The Western region aside, Asian nations have been naturally and neatly tucked in the midst of natural sources, rivers, seas, oceans and huge, beautiful mountains like the Himalayas. But those environmental aspects and features must be protected. Also, beware of the possible consequences of sea ice that may be caused by Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean over there!
Right now serious measures are required to thoroughly check the feasibility of ecosystems in areas like Uttarakhand and elsewhere across the world. More to the point, the beautiful Himalayan countries like Nepal have been flourishing through such great natural surroundings by means of resilience and eco-friendly growth. Without any question, great environmental attitude and technological advances will make the planet the most livable forever.

Child labour — a social evil

Through the courtesy of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of authorities concerned towards child labour – the social evil. It is also becoming a matter of deaths of many children between the ages of 6 and 16.
Recently, a brutal act of a girl bashing: working at the house, by the whole family occurred, leaving her in not so good condition. It is publicly believed that unemployment, low wages, illiteracy, ignorance, poor living standards, and social prejudices are collectively the root cause of this social evil. The government should provide job opportunities, especially in rural areas, so that the parents do not have to send their children to make a living for the family in places entirely strange to them.
Complete awareness about the rights of children should be given to both children and parents. The government should work gravely on the matter of child labour to provide children with proper education because these children are the future of our country. If we want our country to prosper, we should make our children ready to make that happen.

Increasing road accidents

As a responsible citizen, I wish to draw attention of concerned authorities towards the main social issue,” road accidents” these days. The roads, these days, have become a death–trap and no one feels safe. Carelessness of drivers and rash driving seems to be the root cause of these accidents.
The most frequent causes of road accidents are speeding, lack of lane discipline (driving on the wrong side), ignoring the red light signals and also use of a mobile phone. The youth today want a vehicle of his own. Most of the reckless driving is done by the youth who are the rash drivers. Not a single day passes when we do not read in the newspapers or watch on TV about deaths due to road accidents. Human life is precious, therefore, something tangible should be done to prevent accidents at such a large scale. In view of the above, the traffic police need to deal with the offenders promptly and strictly. Through this article, I would like to appeal the relevant authorities to take strict action against such law violator so that our city roads become a safe place for all those who use them. “Accident Brings Tears, Safety Brings Cheers”.

Shortage of gas, electricity

Through the space of your newspaper, I wish to bring to the government’s notice, the many problems that the people of Pakistan are facing on account of shortage of gas and electricity. It is painfully mentioned that students are greatly disturbed by load-shedding during their study hours, particularly during exam time. Educational standards are already low in our country and load-shedding is further exacerbating the situation.
Secondly, factories cannot work for long hours because of the constant load-shedding. The production of goods is badly affected as a result. This all ultimately results in unemployment and shortage of goods in the market as well as rising prices. What is needed is the urgent construction of new dams across rivers so that the crisis of power generation can be resolved. We also need more thermal power stations where electricity may be produced with coal energy.
Traffic problems

Through the columns of your prestigious newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the authorities of this city about traffic issues which affect our life greatly. I perceive that this is the only way to get the attention of concerned authorities on this issue.
Traffic problems in Pakistan, especially in Lahore, are getting worse with every passing day. As I belong to the unprivileged area of Lahore so I have to face many problems due to traffic issues. Last week, I had an exam but I did not reach the exam hall on time just because of this ragged system. On roads, there are traffic jams that never end. Maybe this is because of small roads with heavy traffic. These roads are in dilapidated condition which may cause heavy traffic jams. There is also a lack of traffic signals and ineffective traffic management, which may lead to the huge number of accidents.
So, not only me but also other people have to endure these difficulties. Dilapidated condition of roads and violation of traffic rules cause a large number of accidents. So I request the concerned powers of the city to solve these issues by taking different steps. Firstly, they have to improve the quality of roads.
They should hire experienced traffic police for implementation of rules. Traffic police should penalize the people for over-speeding as it is the main cause of accidents. I have lodged complaints with the local local authorities many times but in vain. I hope that you will highlight my problem. Thank you so much.

Unemployment the biggest issue

The unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our country. There are a lot of students who are educated and have skills to do work but they do not get jobs after their graduation. And if they want to start their own business, they do not have much money to do so. Unemployment ratio is increasing day by day.
Unemployment causes many problems in the society. It leads to poverty and child labour. The unemployed people sometimes get involved in the criminal and illegal activities such as robbery and smuggling etc. Poverty also leads people doing those illegal activities, also they used to do begging.
The government should provide jobs to the people so that poverty and rate of criminal activities can be decreased in the society. Also the state should financially help young people who want to start their own business. The child labour rate will also decrease by giving jobs and opportunities to the people.

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