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Education system

It is fact that education is a building block of every nation’s stability. It is therefore, always a matter of great concern at all levels. It is a right of every individual to get education. The matter of education requires a serious consideration. It is our paramount duty we should highlight now and then since education is a matter of life and death for our nation. The importance of education is highly emphasized by Islam. Our holy prophet (SAW) urged the Muslim men and women to get education even they have to go to China. “The ink of scholar is more scared than the blood of martyr”, He also added. But in our country we are at the verge of lose in this matter.

In our beloved country, Pakistan, the two education systems are followed. These education systems have cost too much that a child studies in a government institution can never compete that a child who studies in an institution of public sectors.

However, its one more reason is the difference between the medium of education. How a child can learn English language which is most importantly our official language, in the modern age. While being taught in Urdu language only by design the curriculum in English does not mean that government has fulfilled its job. It’s necessary to employ competent teachers in the govt-schools. Who can deliver their lecture in the English language along with the essentials aid of the Urdu language. Then when it comes to curriculum, we also lack there.

However, this issue is brought forth before the authorities concerned to feel the gravity and resolve the issues faced by education sectors. Otherwise, we all have to face the music in future.
Sukkur Sindh

Crises in Balochistan

Balochistan is blessed with natural resources and contains approximately two-thirds of the country’s coastline which allows for ample livelihood opportunities in terms of trade and fisheries. However, Balochistan is suffering in every respect – education, health, poverty and unemployment.

Moreover, Balochistan has the second-highest incidence of multidimensional poverty in Pakistan (after the erstwhile FATA region). Overall, 71% of the population in Balochistan is multi-dimensionally poor; the rural population is 85% and the urban population is 38% multi-dimensionally poor. Balochistan is prone to multiple hazards including earthquakes, floods, and drought. According to a report, if the conditions remain the same, more than 1.7 million people are expected to fall below the poverty line.

Additionally, education is the basic need for development of any society and a lack of it causes backwardness, ignorance and various other problems. Unfortunately, Balochistan is deprived of this basic need and has been ignored in the term of education for decades. Literacy rate in Balochistan is 37%, which is much below that of the other three provinces of Pakistan. Additionally, condition of girl education is very pathetic. The people of Balochistan earnestly hope that present PTI govt would bring change in every sector, especially education sector.
Via email

Security chiefs punished

As a passionate human rights activist, I am pleased that the British Government has slapped the instigators of raw human rights in Zimbabwe with sanctions. The person on the sanctions list deserves to be punished or even brought to justice.

Not only have they abused human rights, which have also shattered Zimbabwe since August 2018, “opposition party supporters doubled to six after three people lied about their injuries.” My heart is delighted with that decision and the tough measures taken by the British Government to combat Zimbabwe’s flagrant human rights violations.
Britain is committed to promoting efficient, responsible and inclusive institutions and defending British values around the world: freedom, democracy, tolerance and rule of law to combat crime, corruption and fundamental human rights violations, such as bloodshed after the 2018 elections and human rights in 2019. Several reports have revealed random or illegal killings by the government or its agents. From January 14 to February 5, Army killed 17 unarmed civilians while responding to a national demonstration related to rising fuel prices.

Some civilians were killed during the demonstration, while others were killed by security forces while investigating the causes of demonstrations. In November, police officers assaulted civilians who gathered at an opposition party’s headquarters to hear a speech. Another NGO reported 124 victims of organized violence and torture sought medical treatment and counselling after sustaining injuries in multiple incidents across the country in August. The abuses included 11 abductions and assaults, 34 assaults, 77 arrests, one tear gas victim and one undetermined. Of the 47 cases requiring medical attention, the NGO classified the cases as 13 severe, 26 moderate and eight mild.

As opposition leader, Imran Khan had always been talking against development funds. He even tagged these funds as ‘Bribe to the MPs’. He portrayed it as weakened grip of party leadership to its MPs. And, he loudly announced to renounce this norm when in power. But, it seems the thing of the past. That norm is on the peak prior to Senate election.

Strangely, PML-N and PPP criticizing this act while both of them have their track record not as good to criticize others in this regard. None can forget the days when PML-N being in power bestowed heavy funds to its MPs prior to the Senate election a few years ago. Keeping intact with the narrative of the then PTI, nothing exists in the world that PTI could use to justify this activity. Truly speaking, no one would have talked against this act if Imran Khan had not showed his stance against development funds in the past.

of Arabic

The very first nation who embraced Islam was Arabs. That is why, most of Islamic content is in Arabic. It is impossible to know Islamic teachings directly without knowing Arabic language. As a Muslim we need to get through at least the Holy Quran and Hadith, the two ever authentic sources of understanding Islam. It is only possible when we will learn Arabic language.

Unfortunately, Arabic is not being taught in our educational institutions. School and college authorities consider it the duty of Madrassahs. They pay attention only to promote Science based education and English. Islamiyat is being taught just to fulfil government’s writ. They are unfamiliar with the significance of Islam and its eternal teachings. However, it is their duty to provide Islamic education to children. Recently, the Senate has approved a bill named Compulsory Teaching of the Arabic Language Bill 2020, in which it has been said that Arabic will be taught in schools of Islamabad from grade 1 to 5, while Arabic grammar will be taught from grade 6 to 12.

Why only in Islamabad’s schools? Why not in all the schools of Pakistan? The decision will be more fruitful when it will be imposed throughout the country. Indeed the Senate’s laudable bill will move new generation towards Islam. It is a very big breakthrough of Pakistan’s Senate.
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