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Curse of Grabbing State Land

News reports about the Punjab Government demolishing irregularly constructed houses on land illegally occupied by a politician, with links to opposition, are encouraging. There should be a nationwide drive against all such encroachments, with no exceptions.
This culture of grabbing/allotment of state lands is a legacy of British Raj, who used allotment of state lands to buy loyalties of those willing to betray their motherland. Quaid referred to this as the curse of corruption and bribery which we inherited from British India.
One former parliamentarian from AIML while addressing the Unionist Premier in the Punjab Legislature told him that God Forbid, if Hitler were to land on the shores of Indian Ocean, people like him would prostrate on the shores to kiss the feet of Hitler’s generals. Unfortunately, Quaid died soon after independence and remnants of British Raj took over and derailed Jinnah’s vision of a modern democratic welfare state.
Pakistan today suffers and no lessons seem to have been learned, even after humiliation and defeat of surrender in 1971. We continue to be hostage to this insatiable greed of a few. There is hardly a State-funded department or institution, whose regular employees paid for 24/7 service to the people, are instead involved in administering and operating housing societies, built on state or private land acquired for this purpose, under the garb of welfare. This endless greed for commercial profiteering has resulted in the evil nexus of a few within paid bureaucracy to work in collusion with Land Mafia Dons which have occupied even forest land and amenity parks like Kidney Hill in Karachi with no fear of accountability. Blinded by greed, even agriculture land within sterile zones, near the border, is up for grabs.
Malik Tariq Ali

Massive corruption in AJK

Through the courtesy of your newspaper, I would like to draw attention of the superior authorities of Pakistan with regard to massive corruption in AJK. Massive corruption is found among Ministers of Azad territory. Kashmiri authorities have been assessed and declared more corrupt during recent years. Corruption is commonly found in top to lower levels of police and administration. This situation has been persisting since the graft watchdog’s July 2010 survey, in which it was noted that the major cause of corruption in this sector was lack of accountability and violation of merit. Videos and audios of officials taking bribes are available on social network in abundance. A few of the Cabinet members of Azad Kashmir government openly demand bribe from the candidates in return for providing them with jobs. Kick backs in different projects have become a routine matter.
There are very serious allegations of corruption against a sitting woman minister as well as her husband. Because of such corrupt ministers, corruption is rampant in the State. Minister Noreen Arif and her husband are setting records of corruption without any fear of accountability. Corruption is done in fake local government schemes. There is a dire need to launch a practical jihad to weed out corruption from the Azad territory.
We seriously need to eradicate corruption from the government departments. Corrupt elements should be punished according to the law.  President and Prime Minister of Pakistan should take firm measures in the eradication of corruption. If timely serious notice is not taken against these corrupt ministers and government officials, corruption will become an uncontrollable monster.  PTI government is already doing a lot against corruption, thus it needs to expand its influence up to Azad Kashmir to clean this paradise from such evils.
Via email

Muslims Need Unity

Muslims are the second largest nation of the world after Christians. There are more than fifty countries where Muslims are in majority. In spite of it, they lack power to solve their issues. Palestine has been in the possession of Israel since 1948. Similarly, there is the issue of Kashmir. Muslims have no power to free Palestine and Kashmir from the usurpers.
The Muslims need to be united on one platform. Our religion also gives the lesson of unity. In Surah Al-Hujurat, Allah said, “The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers.” Without unity, it is impossible to achieve our former greatness and to defeat our enemies.
Congratulations to Bakhtawar Bhutto for new journey!
Many congratulations to Bibi Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari for new journey of life. Bakhtawar is the first child born to a sitting female Prime Minister. She is daughter of brave leader Shaheed Mohtarma Banazir Bhutto. On this great occasion, I join the whole nation to wish best of luck and many prayers to Bakhtawar Bhutto for her upcoming life.
Anthony Sahotra

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