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Don’t make fun of Bhutto on Tik-tok!

The other day, I was extremely shocked to see some TikTok videos on Facebook in which some youngsters were making fun of Pakistan People’s Party’s solgan ‘’Bhutto Zinda hai”. They were making video for more likes and fun. Bhutto family has made many sacrifices for Pakistan and given blood for democracy.
ZA Bhutto was the 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1973 to 1977, and prior to that as the fourth President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973 . He is also known as founder of nuclear programme. His unforgettable words in meeting with eminent scientists of Pakistan, where he asked the scientists, “Can we make the bomb?” After some pause, a junior scientist said: “Yes, we can.” He then asked, “How many years will it take?”
The reply came, “Five years.” And Bhutto raised three fingers: “three years.” “Yes, it can be done in three years,” the scientists replied. Bhutto smiled and said, “This is a very serious political decision which Pakistan will make, and perhaps other third world countries will have to make one day.”
Now my question is from those youngsters who made fun of Bhutto for likes that what message you give to world by making such videos? Where whole world respect their leaders, we make fun, very unfortunate. I request Pakistan government and whole nation to block such videos and do respect of our true leaders.

Foreign policy perspective

This refers to article “Foreign policy perspective”(18 January,2020) by Mohammad Zubair, who has tried to draw comparison between Nawaz Sharif tenure and IK 25 months and criticized PTI and suggests that globally now Pakistan stands isolated. To prove his point he has given names of our friendly countries, OIC and Modi’s annulment of Article 370 of the constitution.
It may be worthwhile to quote statement of Shamshad Ali Khan, former Foreign Secretary, who said that what 100 Pakistani foreign embassies abroad in 70 years could not achieve globally IK just with one speech in UN raised image of Pakistan. Writer fails to acknowledge relations are not important at the cost of respect and sovereignty of the country. He made it clear that Pakistan no longer shall take dictation from any country.
As far as Kashmir is concerned, it has remained in possession of India and they could do anything with it when UN has failed to implement resolution on Kashmir. What has been the contribution of three times prime minister, the answer is zero.
As for as CPEC is concerned the political underpinning was strengthened in 2003 when Gen Musharraf visited China and signed a joint declaration on Directions of Bilateral Cooperation. It was proper launching that was done during Nawaz Sharif tenure in 2016.
Be it Gen Zia or Gen Musharraf rule it was ratified by the highest court of the country. What happened in USA the biggest preachers of democracy in the world stand exposed in the entire world as democracy is used as a tool to come to power and if you lose, then attack the winner.
PDM also believes in same concept of democracy that revolves around destroying state institutions. Why IK has raised image of Pakistan because he is honest leader after Quaid-e-Azam, therefore, the world knows he cannot be bought. His only failure is that he has not been able to recover the looted money; time is not far off when looters shall meet their waterloo

Shame on railway

As I share one of my personal experiences that a few days ago I was in Karachi for some work and I had reserved tickets from Karachi to Sukkur.
The train was not on time. Instead of 11.00 pm it came at 3.30 am and many hoi polloi were waiting for the train on different stations. Not only adults but also children and old people too. Some of them were patients. It was too cold and there was not any arrangement for their rest/comfort.
I noticed that owing to atrocious weather many others also became ill. People suffered from lots of problems and became late for their destinations. The worst arrangements of railway have always been a burning issue nowadays. Thus, the authorities concerned must pay attention to the grievances of people and (re-)improve railways so that the people can feel pride in travelling by it (railways).

Equality among students

It is appreciable that the Hazara University of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has introduced a new dress code for its students in order to maintain equality among them.
No doubt, when a student enters an educational institution, he is no longer rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, middle class or high class, male or female. They are just all equal who come to an institution in order to seek knowledge. Hopefully, other universities will follow suit.

Garbage problems

It is shocking to see the state of Karachi, the country’s largest city. Every corner of the city is filled with loads of garbage. Also, broken roads all over the city have made it impossible for the people to have comfortable rides.
Why are the authorities not paying attention to these issues? Almost every residential area is facing the problem of broken roads. Residents keep raising their voices against this lack of planning in the city, but it looks that the authorities have vowed to not listen to what residents are crying. The authorities should act swiftly before it is too late.
Via email

Sugar prices

For the last few months, the prices of commodities like sugar, tomatoes have been rising steadily. Sadly, the monthly income of a common man does not match with this rise.
The government must take care of the masses. Let us hope the government and the people will act together to bring prices down.

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