Good luck, Biden-Harris team !


P Senthil S Durai

THE new regime headed by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is in the saddle in the USA now. First of all, best of luck to Team Biden-Harris on this new political journey. After the so many ifs and buts coupled with some more internal crises, Biden has come to power formally at last.
First up, what are they up to? What is up in the West and the East? These are all some of the basic questions to the new government in America. All things considered, Biden should first look into the US internal crises like gun culture, rising riots and certain ethnic issues.
For sure, reaching up to them all concerned will do the magic as Biden has been a talented person to come up with wise words and ideas. Breaking the barriers is next. Still, there have been internal, political and economic barriers unresolved among countries worldwide. As of now, other than the internal problems, the Biden team must take sincere steps to connect with the East.
More than this, it is time to befriend the Middle East and the Asian regime not in a hegemonic manner but in the best way possible politically and economically even as these Asian nations have been spearheading on all major fronts with great potential in most areas like human sources, agriculture and technology.
Rewriting history has often been quoted in so many ways so far. Factually speaking, the American history, politics and technology have been all not just sources of inspiration but also of immense help all the time. Gotcha! Already having been in command and being in charge now, the new US President Joe Biden has indeed got some good opportunities and some more great ideas to mould the US into good shape in the first place and then to make the international community peaceful and much more prosperous in all the spheres and on each and every count. It is just being expected that Biden will be able to make his political horse riding useful and memorable forever.

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