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The rise in the second wave of Covid-19 is alarming. Bells are ringing as the first death due to re-infection of novel Covid-19 has been reported. The point of most concern is people have completely forgotten that once corona was here and it had taken a toll of more that 6,000 lives.
We have to be extra conscious and abide by all instructions issued by health authorities in this regard. Wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and keeping safe distances among human beings is the necessity of this crucial time. Government should make mandatory mask-wearing for everyone and quality masks need to be brought to market at subsidized rates so that each and everyone can afford it..
Masses have flouted all SOP’s in PTM’s rally in Peshawar. If this is our attitude towards all precautionary measures, One can only mourn at the death of common sense and self-protection. Hordes of people move in markets and malls aimlessly, completely ignorant of the current precarious conditions. It is feared that as the winter season is drawing in, pandemic may gain momentum. We can only counter it with wisdom, patience and by observing all SOP’s.

to govt & Opposition

Since September, the standoff in the political framework of the country is conspicuous; the tug-of-war is underway between the government and opposition parties. They are fostering abomination and haranguing their diehard supporters for their personal gains rather than the interest of public opinion. The prevailing government as well as the political alliance of the opposition are lashing out at each other.
Since then, I am keeping tabs on their political moves and I can say very categorically that there is nothing for the people of Pakistan in their movements. The entire legal powwow is sine die due to unwanted altercations and whopping grudges. It is the onus of the political leaders to be united, stand shoulder to shoulder with the army and work for the people of Pakistan. Hence, all the political leaders must shun their old animosity for the people of the country and for the betterment of the country
District Kashmore

Beware of smoking

It is a proven fact that smoking has detrimental impact on one’s health. Considering this, many health experts are of the opinion that smoking should be banned completely, while some believe in restricting smoking for a certain age and not banning it entirely. There are enough factors that support the ban on smoking entirely. Researches have proven it as a major cause of lung and mouth cancers.
There are groups who are in favour of not banning smoking completely. On the other hand, smoking is believed by many to be an important stress reliever. However, it not only harms the person who smokes, rather it causes serious problems for those in close proximity of the smoker. The health hazards of smoking are limitless and therefore every effort should be made to discard the habit by means of treatment therapy and emotional assistance. A strong policy towards the issue is needed.

Dear onions

The onion — ubiquitous in the sub-continent’s cooking — is widely seen as the poor man’s vegetable. It is the staple food of the common man and has seen a steep rise in the country in the last few weeks. This is because of hoarding and sale in black. The price-rise has resulted in kitchen grievances for majority of the households, as the price is too high for most of the middle-class families to afford. Onions are needed daily for cooking. It is also needed for making salads and kanda bhajis. Without onions, we are unable to cook our daily meals.
The government of India must control inflation and must do something to bring down the onion price so as to provide relief to the common man. The price of onions to Rs 80 a kilo is bringing tears to our eyes much before we cut them. The onion is a staple vegetable for the poor, indispensable to many cuisines and recipes, from spicy curries to tangy relishes.
Mumbai, India

Land grabbing in Karachi!

Through the column of your prestigious paper, I would like to bring it to the notice of higher authorities about land grabbing in Karachi which is creating a fuss and disturbance in the city. Land mafia seems to be very powerful with complete political backing, taking away the lands owned by citizens and also government land.
Land grabs expose poor people to hunger, violence and threat of a lifetime in poverty. Furthermore, land grabs result in the displacement of local people which is detrimental to their human rights. It is right to say that these land grabbers and land mafia are using the ethnic excuse to create a fuss in a city and are responsible for the ethnic tension in the city. Government should do something to control such mafias.

Fake medicines in Balochistan

In Balochistan, there are many people who are doing the business of fake medicines. Due to them, the Baloch nation is in danger. Additionally, many doctors cooperate with companies to sell their medicines and in return they get a lot of benefits. Such doctors only think about their benefits, without thinking about the life of innocent people.
In Balochistan, people are always suffering from many diseases but they cannot afford to go anywhere else for medication. They believe the medicines which they get in their locality. are fake and they have a lot of side-effects.
For making the Baloch safe, there should be teams to visit medical stores for checking the quality of the medicines. If it is done, one will not muster courage to sell fake medicines. The companies which produce such medicines should be banned while the stores and shops selling such medicines should be sealed off for ever.
Turbat, Kech

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