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Global warming

Rising sea levels, tropical storms, hurricanes, disturbed weather patterns, melting glaciers including ice sheets of green land, severe floods and frequent rains are clearly indicating that global warming has become one of the most challenging issues in the 21st century. It has been destroying every sphere of life.
Recent severe rains in Karachi and different parts of Pakistan are quite clear examples of environmental changes. Along with it, it has daunting implications on the world phenomena such as global economics, geopolitics, society, humanity, increased diseases and all living beings. A recent report of the European Union’s Earth Observation programme said that last month (September) was the warmest in the history of human lives. So, ignoring and considering it as a myth is one the biggest mistakes of the nation states. If we talk about the factors behind it, answer is deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, growing population, excessive use of greenhouse gases and ozone depletion including global politics on global warming. The above mentioned reasons are the main hurdles behind the curtailment of global warming. Therefore, all developing and developed nations must adopt effective measures to counter booming climate change and set aside politics. Along with it, they also make sure to reduce carbon emissions and move towards renewable energy resources instead of non-renewable energy resources.

Cheaper smartphone

With people losing livelihood during the pandemic days, Internet connectivity has become increasingly crucial in facilitating access to opportunities for the marginalized segment of society. Amid lockdown, a woman (Zehra) I’d employed as a nanny for my younger kids requested me to loan her money to buy a Smartphone so she could start business of selling homemade snacks. Her husband lost his job during the pandemic and the family income dropped significantly, making it difficult for them to make both ends meet. However, with the assistance of Smartphone technology and newly-acquired Internet access, social media apps became key enablers of her business as she advertised her homemade items through an Instagram profile and a Facebook page that my daughter helped her create. For Zehra, her new phone also provided a much-deserved break from her stressful life. With the help of my daughter, she downloads and listens to music on her handset, whenever she can. The Smartphone not only benefits her work, but also enriches her personal life. This is a testament to why the digital divide needs to be bridged in Pakistan.
Connecting the unconnected can open up new possibilities of income for the financially-disadvantaged groups and for that to happen, Smartphone needs to become a lot more affordable. The government should take steps to make an average handset, costing between Rs. 10,000-Rs. 15,000, more affordable for the masses. Following the example of other countries, pre-paid instalment plans for handsets offered by telecom operators would also help towards that end. Ultimately, cheaper Smartphone would result in greater economic growth.

The Kashmir conundrum

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. On 5 August 2019, there were signs of something afoot in Kashmir, various Indian troops were deployed, school and colleges were shut down, tourists were ordered to leave, internet service was suspended and political leaders were placed under house arrest.
Now, this was the time to face the music from Indian government that they revoked Articles 370 and 35-A, which depicted that the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir was ended. Now, people from India can settle there as well as can purchase and sale property.
This situation turn the table towards New Delhi side and put the Kashmir on boiling point, by passing new domicile law, backed by a demographic shift plan. According to Narendera Modi’s settler scheme, 430,000 new domicile certificates were issued in India occupied Kashmir, irony is that Indian government announced to impose 50,000 fines on those officers who delay in issuing domicile.
International community and United Nations are paying only lips service to the misery of Kashmiri people. Now it is high time that the UN and International community must take immediate measures to curb this Indian action and prevent India from changing the demography of occupied territory and held India accountable for its persistent violation of international laws. At present, Pakistan was re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council with 169 votes out of 193-members. Hopefully, this will help Pakistan to raise voice for the Kashmiri people.

Daudpota library Hyderabad

Human body needs multi-vitamins food to survive and feel healthy. In the same way, human brain also needs mult-readings; it makes brain healthy and better-socialized. Thus for reading, there exists libraries in every city. Similarly, in Hyderabad city, there exists three public libraries. Hyderabad is the second largest city of Sindh having heavy population. Three libraries are not sufficient to meet their requirements. Shamsul Ulema Daudpota Library is one of three libraries. But unfortunately, it is in crisis, it lacks space for students.
Presently, Hyderabad is considered hub for preparing competitive examinations like CSS and PCS. Many academies have been launched which provide guidance and a proper environment to the students preparing for competitive examinations. Prior to this, they used to go to Lahore and Islamabad to seek guidance and study. Students of competitive examinations, entry tests and law are in thousands. But in library, there exists limited seats which sometimes create problems and fighting amongst students. Mostly, students reserve their seat in early morning, and remaining students go disappointed.

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