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Stark realities

I wish to share the following points with my respected readers. A doctor is a person who ardently wants into severe humanity, before becoming a doctor but serves only himself when he becomes a doctor. A politician is a person who promises to remove the politics headaches, but as soon as he is elected he himself becomes a headache.
Combination of beauty and poverty is as fatal as wealth and illiteracy. The rich strive to succeed while the poor strive to survive. Nothing is done for the sake of nothing. It is easier to admire good values than to adopt them. Like all other ants, the ant of living can be afforded by the rich only.
Optimists are people who know how to live in a fool’s paradise. Though suicide is an act of cowardice, it demands courage. In religious, people pay utmost importance to prayers and least to practice. In this cruel world, majority of people are selfish and greedy.
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Law hostage to power politics

Hazrat Ali RA stated that a state based on atheism can exist, but not one without justice. Political exigencies of civil and dictatorial regimes have prevailed over the State’s constitutional obligation to protect life of citizens and ensure that justice and equal opportunities be ensured to every citizen irrespective of his social status, creed, sex and ethnicity. The Father of Nation, Quaid-e-Azam promised this to the people of Pakistan that the country would be a modern democratic welfare state where every citizen would enjoy equal rights. Rule of Law must prevail.
Yet we have witnessed that irrespective of who is in power, the powerful and criminal elite of this country and their short-term political interests prevail over law and justice. There is no confusion that from 2008 onwards, citizens of Karachi have been subjected to target killings, kidnapping for ransom by criminal armed hoodlums of MQM, and over 200 police officers were killed by them. Karachi would come to halt on one phone call from Altaf Hussain.
It is shocking that in 2020 only two lower cadre activists of Altaf’s MQM were given capital punishment for perhaps, the most heinous criminal mass murder in any country not at war, in which 264 innocent poor were burned alive on September 11, 2012. Four factory gate keepers were given life sentence. This can only happen when State prosecution is criminal friendly and vested interests of those in power prevail.
The most recent event which has shocked many is the ban imposed by PEMRA, in the age of internet, on reporting of 9th September 2020 gang rape of a lady in presence of her children on Lahore-Sialkot Motorway and failure of law enforcement to protect and respond in time.

Stop unproductive activities

PTI’s federal and provincial governments under leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan are doing a lot for the welfare and well-being of the people, tackling pandemic of COVID-19 effectively and adopting all possible measures for putting the national economy on the upward trajectory internally and enhancing positive and progressive image of Pakistan and highlighting Indian occupying forces atrocities on innocent Kashmiris before the comity of nations quite aggressively and positively. But somehow lately they have started indulging in unproductive activities by lashing out at the opposition parties and their leaders and thus deviating from the right path of progress, prosperity and well-being of the people and falling into the trap of pressure tactics negatively.
People are the best judges and they obviously know much more than what the PTI leaders are trying to tell them through criticism of the former Prime Minister and other opposition leaders. All inclusive of the PM, the federal and provincial ministers in doing so are somehow continue concentrating on electronic media and almost completely ignoring the print media which is least advisable to say the least.
People are not happy over this and have even started thinking and saying that the PTI’s federal and provincial government have nothing to talk and say about achievements on the internal and external fronts. They expect them to telling them about what they have done so far and what they plan in the coming months, years to do for the welfare and well-being of the people and the country on the whole, please.

Mental illnesses in Zimbabwe

There is no doubt that stress, depression, anxiety, fear and uncertainty rule daily in Zimbabwe. The tormenting ZANU PF government has caused many problems which are initiating mental health. Unemployment has caused people to become destitute, low morale in societies and unable to provide for their families.
There are also too much worries among Zimbabweans about the future as they have no faith that the current government does have solutions to the economic, political and social problems that have overwhelmed Zimbabwe.
Political activists, those not aligned to ZANU PF and civic rights activists are living in fear because the climate of abductions of such group of people has been high in Zimbabwe. These worries are causing some people to have mental breakdowns. Children are dropping schools and becoming vendors in the streets which is causing them distress.
Farmers are now hopeless because of instable power cuts and cannot adequately do farming. Mental health issues that are linked to suicides are on the rise because the challenges are too unbearable. In order to tackle the mental health issues in Zimbabwe, the poor governance by President Emmerson Mnangagwa should be challenged and adequately exposed on a global scale because Zimbabweans themselves have become voiceless because of fear of abduction even the church communities.
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