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Zero tolerance in child abuse

Child abuse is a major social problem worldwide. Pakistan is also facing it severely. According to UNICEF, 70% children experience physical and psychological abuse.Recently, a 10-yr boy was sexually assaulted by a retired teacher in Thari Mirwah. Teacher raped child and recorded a movie that went viral on Social Media. However, these tragedies of child abuses are extensively coming on spot. But No proper treatment is found where victims can express their victimization. Many laws were legislated in Pakistan, but child abusers do not get fear of laws and commit these abominable offenses repeatedly. It is somehow because of less implementation of laws and poor criminal justice system.
Families and parents should report child abuse and support, protect, educate and empower their children by saying no to unwanted touch, identify potential harms and child abuse, so that we can tackle this menace in our society. Mostly, parents hide these cases owing to self-respect in society. Consequently, a few cases are brought to light. But unfortunately, offenders get no swift, certain and severe punishment which exaggeratedly worsens situation and expedite cases.
Similarly, child abuses need huge attention of Government and offenders be given Zero Tolerance in a bid to preventing these traumatic events. To address the rampant child abuse, the government should devise strong legislative frameworks, child specific programs and policies, and strongly enforce and implement them. Transgressors should be dealt with a high hand and be swiftly punished. Consequently, this method would create prevention and bring sufficient good result in decreasing number of cases in future. Criminal Justice system should also be ameliorated further.

Tackling poverty

Poverty is an outrage which openly snatches away happiness and dignity. It exposes people naked of basic needs and leaves them contaminated in swamps of miseries. We should all be standing together for dignity, equality and justice. We must demonstrate strong commitment to eradicating extreme poverty, dismantling its root causes across the world and enabling the voice and agency of the poor and marginalised to be fully realised.
We should all yearn for a world where everyone has fullness of life, a life lived with dignity, free from poverty and need and where global resources are equitably shared and sustainably used. It is vital that we recognise that the threat posed by climate change and environmental degradation is cataclysmic. The polar ice sheet is disappearing at 10 times the predicted rate and one million animal and plant species face extinction. Urgent action is needed in the next decade if we are to keep temperature increases below 1.5ºC and tackle the catastrophic decline in global biodiversity.

India’s stance

Khan’s regime has initiated the Diamer-Bhasha Dam construction. Meanwhile Pakistani rival India has come up with the tactical assumption to sabotage and deteriorate the Pakistani stance. A report disseminates on Indian media that “Dam would induce the ecological catastrophe in the region and intensifies the number of earthquakes by 300 in one month. On the contrary, Pakistan dismisses the inadequate report as based on fallacious features.
This time India has come out with openly hostile to Pakistan over dam construction, however, Indus Basin Treaty fully sovereigns Pakistan to continue the exercise. Pakistan constructs the dam with collaboration of China and it’s too arduous for enemy to digest; besides India feels solo as Iran expelled India in Chabahar port project, nevertheless, Iran has been assisted by China and China has splashed out $400 billion for the continuity of the project.

CM should think twice what he says

CM Uddhav Thackeray of Maharashtra is saying something today and another thing tomorrow. First, he said lockdown in Maharashtra would end on 14 Apr. Then a few days later, he said not on 14 Apr but on 30 Apr. After this, he said it will finally end on 3 May.
When May 3 arrived, he again went on to say May 18. When May 18 arrived, he said May 31 and then he went on to say June 15, June 30 and July 31. Now once more he is thinking of extending the date. Mr Thackeray does not know what he talks. People have nothing to eat and have lost their jobs. Thackeray is not fit to be a CM and should resign from his post, as he cannot tackle the Coronavirus pandemic in the state which is going from bad to worse.
Mumbai, India

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