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No salary, pension raised

On June 12, PTI government announced its budget for financial year 2020-21. At least, low-grade employees and pensioners of federal government were eagerly waiting that government would announce a raise in their salaries and pensions to cope up with challenge of rising inflationary trend in the country. But, all their hopes ended on a disappointing note as government failed to raise their salaries and pensions.
This perhaps has happened for the first time in history of federal budget of the country that no raise has been given in salaries and pensions. The federal government employees and pensioners were not ignored even in worst periods of Wars (1965 & 1971) and floods (2010).
In each succeeding budget, PTI has been disappointing all weak segments of the society as nothing is being done by it to improve their economic condition. Looking at PTI’s two budgets, I don’t exactly know as to what this government would do in its remaining three budgets to improve economic condition of the vulnerable and middle class. I personally think that PTI government has completely failed to fulfil all those promises that Mr Khan made with voters during the election campaign.


It has not been a good financial year. The Corona Virus epidemic has taken a giant toll on the economy, not only with the lockdown and the drop in purchasing power of consumers but also with regards to funds that government had to allocate to combat the pandemic. Perhaps even more disastrously, swarms of locust attacking crops in the country poses a greater threat to the economy than lockdown. Moreover, Pakistan’s debt is highest in years. This leaves the government with little fiscal space to make any substantial breakthroughs for new financial year.
The Federal budget for 2020 thus should be assessed with these considerations in mind. In reality government seems to have managed a satisfactory budget. To provide relief to people, a large number of whom have been long-suffering due to increasing inflation, there is no new tax in the 2020-21 budget.
There will be no tax on Corona Virus and Cancer diagnosis kits and import taxes on children’s food supplements and diet food have been abolished too. The down side is government decision not to increase salaries and pensions of government servants – a development which will have an inimical impact on all wages.

Elderly people awareness day

The day occurs each year on June 15. It represents a day when whole world voices its opposition to abuse and suffering inflicted to some of our older generations. It is commemorated each year to highlight elder abuse in our society.
It is a global social issue that affects Health and Human Rights of millions of older persons around the world, and an issue, which deserves attention of international community. Elder abuse is a problem that exists in both developing and developed countries yet is typically under reported globally. Although the extent of elder mistreatment is unknown, its social and moral significance is obvious.
I call upon government and all concerned departments to design and carry out more effective prevention strategies and stronger laws and policies to address all aspects of elder abuse. Let us work together to optimise living conditions for older persons and enable them to make greatest possible contribution to our world.

Petrol crisis

Pakistan’s latest energy crisis, a weeks-long petrol shortage, has brought many parts of country to a standstill. Major petrol shortage was witnessed in many cities and towns as smaller stocks were quickly exhausted on first two days of the month after downward price revision.
Pump owners in many parts of the country have stated, even threatened, that they would shut down operations if the shortage in supply of petrol and diesel persisted. Petroleum dealers have already suffered a lot during the lockdown and now a scarcity of fuel is hitting their businesses.
Pakistan’s economy has been crawling through troubled times and its woes have only been increased manifold by Covid-19 crisis. And despite global crude oil prices plunge, the commodity remains too little too costly for people of Pakistan.

Street crimes during lockdown

Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw attention of relevant authorities towards street robberies occurring all over Pakistan. The residents of our country are suffering from this problem in recent days. Street robberies are one form of a larger set of problems related to street crimes. Robbers search for victims who appear to have money and other valuables. Street criminals are responsible for injuries, deaths, sexual assaults and loss of personal property through coercion.
Street robberies are increasing day by day during the lockdown. The thieves look for victims who are unaware of their immediate surroundings, for example, those busy on calls or listening to music might appear less alert and are more vulnerable to street robbers than other people.

Killer kites

The Police must ensure full implementation of ban on kite flying. The government has imposed a ban on kite flying but it has not been implemented practically. The government should take practical steps to detain and punish kite-flyers and kite-sellers. Though it has been banned for last twelve years, yet kites are sold and bought openly. Playing with lives of innocent children, who are running after ordinary kites and strings carelessly thus finishing their lives.
A similar incident took place in Kalar Syedan ??when dead body of 9-year old Usman came home. The mother died without shedding tears and his father went to the ICU after seeing his son body. On the other hand, parents also have a responsibility to provide an alternative and appropriate arrangement of entertainment to their children during the lockdown when they are at home. Keep children confined to indoor games at home. Otherwise, it can become a life long regret.

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