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Be the responsible citizens

Although the virus has paralysed the whole world, the situation has been much more devastating in developing countries like Pakistan where imposing lockdown can make millions of people starve to death whereas easing it can increase the risk of infection. Therefore, our government was left with no choice but to ease the lockdown so as to mitigate the effects of lockdown on the population and rising poverty. In addition, it was also necessary to save our tottering economy from crumbling completely. Though the lockdown has been lifted, the virus is still there.
Now the responsibility lies with us. We have to behave as the sensible and responsible citizens of our country. Government alone cannot control the virus. We, the citizens, will have to stand with our government in this difficult time just for our beloved country. It is our duty to observe the SOPs strictly in public places so that we can save our people’s precious lives. On the other hand, if we continue doing what we did during the Eid days by violating the SOPs, the outcome will be much more disastrous.
It will only overburden our already exhausted health system. Our irresponsible attitude can lead to millions of deaths due to the virus. And in addition to this, if the lockdown gets imposed again, we will be responsible for millions of deaths due to starving, too. Now it’s up to us whether we choose to be the saviours or the killers of mankind.

COVID-19 &
non-serious attitude of Pakistanis

As the cases of COVID-19 have been increasing in Pakistan, the federal government has made it mandatory for everyone to wear mask. But, unfortunately, we almost all Pakistanis are not taking this disease seriously and have been doing all our works without wearing masks and without maintaining social distancing. I think our non-serious attitude towards this disease may lead us to the dangerous situation which we have witnessed in a number of countries such as USA, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, etc. We all Pakistanis should be serious enough regarding this COVID-19 disease and don’t take it lightly. The figure of the patients of the COVID-19 shall touch to one hundred thousands in a couple of days looking at the present staggering figure of the same. The good thing is that the number of casualties has not touched to a threatening figure. But, the common sense says that as the number of cases in COVID-19 would increase, the cases of death would also proportionally go up.
I think, time has arrived now where both the federal government and all the provincial governments should be serious in again imposing lockdown and enforcing their planned strategies in a forcible manner. Otherwise, the non-serious attitude of the Pakistanis would leave us all to the possible danger zone where we would witness nothing but a large number of deaths on a daily basis. We all must maintain self-discipline by wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. May Almighty Allah give sense to all Pakistanis.

Can’t blame govt

There are a lot of loopholes in the process of tackling Covid-19 outbreak in India, but we cannot completely blame the government for that.
There are several other reasons because of which even after a long lockdown of three months, the number of cases are still increasing. If we think about this, considering the present condition of India, we have to say that the country is fighting the outbreak in a very strong and positive way because (i). India’s population density is very high, (ii). Health infrastructure of India is not very well established, (iii). A large population cannot afford basic health at home, (iv). Social distancing is just impossible in densely populated towns (v). The number of cases where people are seen violating the lockdown, moving from one place to another carrying the virus and not cooperating with police, doctor, etc and (vi). The high spread rate of Coronavirus is also one of the reasons that has made it very difficult for the India to control it from spreading.
Mumbai, India

stand off

China and India share a 3488 km long border called Line of Actual Control (LAC). Despite peace agreements signed in 1993, 1996 and 2006 respectively, standoffs between the two take place from time to time.
Last year India had raised its small military base to a brigade level, eight miles away from Karakoram Pass, Ladakh region. On 5 May the standoff started at Lake Pangong Tso Lake, located 14000 feet above sea level. Initial non-lethal fight has been triggered due construction of the Indian infrastructure and defense facilities across the border. Later on, the fight erupted at regions of Natu La Pass, Sikkim Galwan valley, Demchok and Daulat Beg Oblie in eastern Ladakh. The fight started from fistfights and stone-pelting is aggravating to heavy weapons built up. The two countries have strengthened their security forces including air patrolling. Around 5000 troops of Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) moved into Galwan Valley and blocked the only entrance to the valley, a move which rendered Daulat Beg Brigade insignificant. The intrusion of the PLA up to 3-4 KM, allows them to overlook the strategic Darbuk Shyok Dault Beg Oldi (DSDBO) highway and cut out the Indian Army’s connection with subsector North at Karakoram Pass.
Apparently, PLA intends to dominate the DSDBO road permanently. PLA personnel and engineers started building bunkers and other infrastructure in the captured territory. The said intrusion help Chinese troops block access to several patrolling points of Indian claimed territory. The reason behind the successful PLA advancement was due to the intelligence and operational failure along with immediate response from New Delhi. Like the previous standoffs, both the countries may not enter the war but this may create unrest in the region.

Cheating in exams

I am very concerned about cheating and how many students are cheating on tests, copying assignments and stealing answers even in exam halls. In a survey conducted by an American High School, nearly ninety percent of the students said that the cheating was a common thing in their schools. This is a very serious problem and something needs to be done.
It is difficult for the children not to be influenced by their parents and other adult members. If parents cheat on the taxes or get out of paying a traffic ticket, they are not setting good examples for their children. When adult people hold public office cheats, how can we expect our children to be honest?
The parents and the teachers should encourage the children to work independently, study hard and learn to accept the failures. The school administrations should make strict rules and punishments when students cheat. Cheating doesn’t accomplish anything. People who gain success by cheating other people are only cheating themselves. I, hereby, raise my voice and want to make attentive the educational authorities about this issue.

in the age of COVID-19

One of the biggest problems that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic is the drop in remittances.
This combined with relative difficulties in sending as well as receiving payments is causing many students, families or other people to face financial issues. At a time like this many banks are facilitating remittances through various channels.
In this regard, Easypaisa has been the most effective because of their extensive partnerships with various collaborators around the world.
This digital enablement has allowed many of us to provide somewhat sustenance to our loved ones in different countries. When a service steps up for its customers during their time of need it deserves appreciation wherever possible.

Online frauds

Most of online shopping scams are essentially ordering a product and never receiving the product, so you’ve paid money and you’ve received nothing in return. Some customers usually complain they never received their orders even though their credit cards had been charged. Those who dared to complain or ask for a refund found themselves on the receiving end of exorbitant ‘restocking’ or ‘cancellation’ fee. And if they objected, things got even worse. That percentage has nearly doubled in just the last few years. But even as we become more and more comfortable with the process, experts warn the internet is still fraught with risks.
Explosive growth in online shopping fraud, hundreds of cases have been investigated by CrimeTech & Media in every month. In some cases, common people had made replicas of the websites used by reputable shops in an effort to steal cash, the paper said.
In others, they bought up existing domain names which they then use to set up in business for a short period. Consumers who use the fake websites either never see the goods they have ordered or are sent counterfeit items.
In some cases, the conmen use credit card information from their victims to steal more money. In total, police received over 38,300 reports of online shopping fraud last year although in 5,500 cases the complaint was withdrawn after the ordered goods arrived late.
I would like to urge the concerned authorities to ensure the credibility of online shopping stores operating in Pakistan. Also some suggestions for common people to be sure to protect your banking and credit card information when purchasing online and never enter credit card information on a website that does not have the letters “https” at the start of its URL or address.

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