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Articles and letters may be edited for the purposes of clarity and space. They are published in good faith with a view to enlightening all the stakeholders. However, the contents of these writings may not necessarily match the views of the newspaper.

Domestic violence

The world is taken aback by a global pandemic and on the other hand people’s stress level is shooting up because of financial constraints and lockdown. Men with their lost livelihood and domestic burden are releasing their pressure on their wives and family members during lockdown. Domestic violence is an existential issue for a long time and remains unresolved yet. In most societies women are primarily prone to domestic abuse.
Lockdown are multiplying women’s worries. Worldwide cases of domestic violence have soared up since lockdown was imposed. Domestic violence cases in India have doubled and in France it increased by 37%. African countries also register increased cases of domestic violence and most of cases are unreported. Thus, it is a prime responsibility of every citizen in society to speak up and put a halt to this gruesome act.

Immodesty and Islam

There is no denying the fact that immodesty is intolerable in Islam and in most of the religions. It is another story that as materialism took hold of the world, religious teachings were set aside. This immodesty is not particularly related to women alone. On the contrary, it is the men in power who out of their desire to sell their products and to make their ads more appealing and attractive, require the services of women. Same is the case for TV shows.
In a society where most women take a head scarf or dupatta not because of compulsions imposed by men but out of societal or religious norm, the dupatta has just vanished from most TV shows. It is an open secret that in some businesses, women are not given a job if they do not agree to follow the dress code that is dictated to them. If somebody points a finger on this aspect, he should not be treated as if he has talked against the Holocaust.

An addiction, PUBG mobile

Online multi player game PUBG, one can say Player unknown’s battle ground, has millions of downloads and 40 million players play it every single day. Undoubtedly, it has become a serious addiction to the youth of our country. Really, those who play it can forget eating for one day but they cannot forget playing it for a single day.
It doesn’t only damage their eyes but also wastes their precious time which can be devoted to other meaningful activities. No player bothers to understand that their time is very precious for their country, society, parents and friends. Instead of playing it, they should have studied online classes, books, they should spend their time with their family members and they should invest the time for their country and other acceptable things, not play such games.
Malir, Karachi

Internet addiction

In recent years, internet addiction has been a world-wide problem among the youth. Many of them may sit in front of the computer to play online game; chat with others for the whole day without resting. Those prolonged activities bring a lot of destructive effect to them both. Internet can be very constructive, but we must be conscious how much time we spend on it on a daily basis. People are addicted to the internet since they do not control the amount of time they spend on it. It is important to have other interests apart from the internet.
Because the Internet is used by many people as a normal part of their career or education, knowing how to separate excessive from normal use becomes difficult and cannot use simple measures such as amount of time spent online in a given period. Most fundamental in distinguishing normal from problem Internet use is the experience of compulsion to use the net. Normal users, no matter how heavy their usage, do not need to get online and do not neglect their occupational duties or their relationships with family and friends to get online.
Some psychologists do not consider in addiction to the Internet itself, but rather in addiction to stimulation that the Internet provides. They propose that new Internet users often show an initial fascination with the innovation of the Web, but eventually lose interest and reduce their time spent online back to a normal, healthy amount. Those abuser who do go on to show obsessive Internet utilization, for the most part become compulsive only with considering to particular types of information to be had online, mainly often gambling, pornography, chat room or shopping sites. This is not an addiction to the Internet itself, but rather to risk-taking, socializing or shopping. In real meaning, the main addictive characteristic of the Internet is its capability to enable instant and relatively social stimulation. “Addicted” Internet users are addicted to a favoured kind of social stimulation and not to the Internet itself, although it is also true that the Internet has made it easier and more convenient for someone to develop such a compulsion.

Teaching practice

Teaching practice is the most important part of teacher training programme. It should be the central pivot of the professional training. Good and effective teaching is an achievable art, but hard work, patience and struggle is needed for it. Teaching practice is the practical aspect of teacher training and it is an assortment of factual and dramatic characteristics.
During the teaching practice student teachers find an opportunity to use the acquired knowledge, especially in the areas of psychology, teaching methods, teaching principles and teaching techniques. During teaching practice, student teachers are like an apprentice to acquire skills. Teaching practice is a valuable opportunity, where student teachers are in a position to increase their knowledge, do experiments on the basis of acquired knowledge and to solve the problems related to teaching.
Student teachers who are on teaching practice, if they are aware about their lacking experience and need of more learning, as well as willing to learn and gain, then they can learn practically much more from experienced teachers and teacher educators. During teaching practice, it is not only that they have opportunity of teaching but they also have the opportunity to observe inside and outside of the classroom. In this connection data was collected from 650 student/prospective teachers who have completed their teaching practice and it was found that in Pakistan teaching practice is not taken seriously and many interesting findings were found in this regard.

Severe hunger

Almost one out of every nine people goes to bed hungry every night in the world where we produce enough food to feed everyone. About 24,000 people across the world die every day due to hunger or hunger-related causes and estimated 850 million people in the world are facing some form of malnutrition.
Hunger and malnutrition is one of the great challenges of our time. But, now at the time of Coronavirus pandemic it is getting worse and according to WFP, 256 million people could be pushed into acute food insecurity, almost doubling last year’s total. Pakistan is among the 55 countries projected to face acute food insecurity as a result of the global pandemic. These countries are at the risk of food insecurity because they have little or no capacity to absorb the economic aspects of the health crisis.
Lockdown and economic recession are expected to lead to a major loss of income among the working poor. As there is restriction on movement, agricultural workers may also limit their availability and may increase food prices. Under this condition, countries which rely on imported food will experience rising food prices. If there is panic buying by the developed world, the globally traded food items will become even more expensive in the short term.
In the meantime, it is important to lend a helping hand. Being a Muslim it is necessary that we must donate food to the people who are suffering from severe hunger nowadays. A can of food may seem like a small step, but even a small step can make a huge difference in someone’s life.
Wah Cant


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