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Modi’s dirty govt

We have had enough of Narendra Modi and his dirty government. Because of this, he does not deserve a second chance to rule the country.
He has also not given us the 15 lakh rupees which he has promised us nor did he bring us the achche din which he had promised us. In fact, none of his promises has been fulfilled.
Mumbai, India

Iranian brothers please!

All earth is our home and Muslims are brothers! Scribe’s article – Shia-Sunni Bhai Bhai – published on 11 December 2010, The Frontier Post, Peshawar, concentrates (especially) on this theme. Recently; Ormara massacre martyred 14 security personnel and 20 persons belonging to Hazara community at Quetta was/is (clear-cut) attempt(s) to sabotage Pakistan-Iran relationship. Arrest of Kulbhushan Jadhav exposed everything what was/is going on through Chabahar port (…). Pakistani security forces (already) destroyed network of Jundallah along with Pak-Iran border, established-by Uncle Sam’s circle.
The affection shown by Iranian people during 1965 war between Pakistan-India can’t be removed from blood-cells of “22cr Pakistanis”. RAW, CIA, MI, MOSSAD, KHAD (…) attempts to derail Iran-Pakistan relations remained unsuccessful due to leadership’s sagacity of both brother-countries till-now and hope so in future!
Certainly; anti-Islamic forces were/are behind conspiracies against Muslims on the basis of ‘divide and rule’. It is on record that a tripartite agreement was signed between India-Israel-US in the garb of war against terrorism. The so-called agreement was/is: Israeli aircraft will be used for attacks on nuclear facilities in Iran; India will use anti-missile system “FALCON and Arrow” for defence against Iran’s missile attack on Israel (+) US bases around the world. So, both brotherly countries need to be more vigilant in case of Indian presence in: Afghanistan/ Iran (especially) in Zahidan; Zabol; Bandar Abbas; and Chahbhar port (…)!
Two-day recent visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan to Iran was/is not a customary exercise. It was planned to highlight grey areas between two brother-States. And, also, to express deep affection with brothers of Iran, because, they are passing through sanctions imposed by Uncle Sam’s group. It is up to Iranian brother’s think-tanks to concentrate over it, please!
Tatrinote, AK

Curse of suicide bombings

Groups or individuals involved in perpetration of suicide bombings where victims are unarmed civilians must be prosecuted and given exemplary punishment so that such senseless barbarity comes to an end. In WW11, the Japanese fighter pilots resorted to kamikaze suicide missions. Such desperate acts are normally resorted to in times of war, or in countries under brutal military occupation. Unfortunately over past five decades such barbarities are being planned by groups who brainwash desperate victims, and have been carried out by members of numerous faiths living in poverty.
Unfortunately radicalized desperate Muslim youths have been used as cannon fodder to achieve political agendas by various international agencies to achieve political agendas, control natural resources and settle scores with rival nations, most of them financed by rogue alien elements having nothing to do with Islam. Exploiting Islam, which forbids suicide and killing of innocent men, women and children even in war is sacrilegious.
The concept of Jihad, which relates not just to use of arms in times of war, but also acquisition of knowledge in science and technology has been distorted by vested interests. During Afghan war jihad was exploited by Americans in nexus with dictator Zia and others who bribed so-called religious leaders to extract fatwas to avenge their Vietnam defeat.
Never in the history of Islam has Jihad been waged where leaders and their closest family members have not participated. Unfortunately instead of participating themselves in Jihad, Zia and his group became billionaire on corpses of hundreds of thousands who were misled. We saw this phenomenon in Sri Lanka by Tamil rebels financed by foreign countries. It is time world community puts an end to injustices, deprivation and illiteracy so that war mongerers and powerful ammunition industry does not achieve their nefarious agendas.
Dubai, UAE

Medical malpractices

It is constitutional obligation of a State to ensure provision of education, health, security and basic necessities of life to all citizens without any discrimination. But it seems that this State has entrusted this obligation to private sector, and is unwilling even to regulate it. An infant Nishwa was allegedly given an adult doze injection which resulted in her brain damage and death. This is not sole incident which has occurred in Sindh, but has become almost a routine all over the country and goes unreported. A Health Care Commission appointed to investigate what amounts to Culpable Homicide through negligence of a hospital and doctors and staff recruited by them was fined Rs 5 Lakh only and two junior staff members made scapegoat.
At time of independence, Lahore was amongst two cities of the subcontinent which housed a functioning medical college and hospital. The other city was Calcutta. Today even basic medical health facilities are non-existent for common citizens. The modern democratic welfare state which the Quaid created in 1947 through political struggle waged by men of integrity like Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali, Abdullah Haroon, Malik Barkat Ali, Zafar Ali Khan, Qazi Essa, Abdur Rab Nishtar and numerous others has been reduced to a state which caters for welfare of paid civil or uniformed elite and politicians this rotten system has nurtured.
The contradiction is that hospital responsible for Nishwa’s death has been fined Rs5Lakh only while a retired paid officer allotted over 860 Kanals of prime real estate valued at over Rs 1 Billion, in addition to pension, numerous other benefits etc for performing duties for which he voluntarily offered to serve. May God Almighty have mercy on this country.

Who is she?

An uproar is being created quite unnecessarily in an uncalled for manner over Prime Minister Imran Khan’s calling PPP Chairperson Bilawal B.Zardari as “Sahiba” while addressing a big public gathering in Wana in tribal areas the other day. PPP legislators are demanding of the PM to apologize over his statement in the National Assembly, PPP leader Syed Khurshid Shah is calling for applying Article 6 of the Constitution on the PM and PPP Sindh Advisor on Information Murtaza Wahab has termed it as unconstitutional.
One can only endorse Railways Minister and PTI ally Sh Rashid Ahmad when he says that irrespective of whether PM Imran Khan called Bilawal Zardari as “Sahiba” intentionally or it was just slip of tongue, it does not and should not matter much. Bilawal Zardari has been calling on all occasions duly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan by all names like selected, puppet ,inefficient, incompetent and what not. But there has not been all that uproar as what PPP jiayalas are raising over the PM’s calling Bilawal as “Sahiba” though surely his sex has not been changed on this.
This scribe is reminded of PPP Founding Chairman and Bilawal’s grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in later part of 1960s having asking about Pakistan Movement worker and Secretary General of Convention Muslim League Syed Ahmad Saeed Kirmani who passed away not so long ago as who is she? The Muslim Leaguer leader had criticized Z.A. Bhutto and the media people had sought the PPP Founder’s comments next day when late Kirmani’s remarks were published in English and Urdu newspapers which were not many like today in those years though. Mr Bhutto had responded to the journalists’ query by asking “who is she?” Whether Mr Bhutto had said this in a lighter vein or sarcastically but there was certainly not such uproar from any quarter then as is being raised by the opposition leaders of both PPP and PML(N).