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Affects of Covid-19 on children

Covid-19 has affected 80% of the world population in one way or other. A large number of people died due to this pandemic others are facing multiple difficulties. Children across the globe are also among affected of the Covid-19. In Pakistan, 25% of the population lives below or under poverty level. For families living under poverty level child labour has become a necessity. Among 57.2m labour force, 19 million are children under the age of 14.These children are mainly inducted in manufacturing industries, agriculture and services mainly as daily wagers. A few among these exposed to children labour are having education as well. Due to quarantines and lock downs, the daily wagers and labourers including children have lost their jobs as well as education. On the other hand, people living in poor circumstances usually admit their children in Madaris and NGO run schools. Madaris provide shelter, religious education and food to their students. 22.80 million Pakistani children are out of school; this number has increased due to this pandemic. Closure of schools and Madaris, children are sent back to homes. Now, beside other financial shocks, these families have to feed the children as well. This situation has added to difficulties of the poor. These children of these families are more vulnerable to domestic violence. Their sufferings have been increased during this lockdown era. Strengthening country economically and allocation of funds can reduce effects of this pandemic on children. MAEMUNA SADAF Via email


A 55 years old individual from Hubei province in China may have been the first person to have COVID-19 the disease caused by the new Corona Virus spreading across the globe. The scientists are trying to trace the virus back to where it originated to learn more about its spread. The ongoing spread of the new Corona Virus has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. To get rid of this disastrous situation everyone should stay at their homes to support government and save lives and prove yourself to be a good citizen. Stay home and save lives. BUSHRA WAJID ABBASI Via email

IT and procurement risk

Nowadays technology plays an important role in all sectors. It helps in getting data and securing the data for further use in future.Technology now plays big role in integrating a firm’s enterprise resource planning with its enterprise Risk Management that can help in future decision. Risk detection highly sensitive sensors with highly computing capabilities will play main role in proactively detecting the events that can be risky, such advance technology can help business to have control on their service line ups and production units. With all old data and information we can predict our demand in future and will make us ready for future. We can minimise risks by using this technology and we have proper control over it. The company can screen information from different available sources and cross check them to make them sure that they are not fake and if they find any thing wrong procurement manager will back up and in such way the can save millions dollars. An e-procurement is to be integrated into wider purchases to pay and now trend is to procure online, whole supply chain management system is getting computerised. There are official websites where electronic auctions are held one can participate by logging in the website and can procure any thing what its need. This process is less time consuming and will be transparent. The risk is that sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands. SOHRAB KHAN Islamabad

Earth day and Corona Virus

April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day in order to enhance awareness regarding the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem. Mother Earth faces unprecedented threats in form of feminine, heat waves, flood and global warming and its other repercussions. It’s because of over exploitation of natural resources that Earth is rapidly becoming unfit for human race and other life as well in the face of climate change and deteriorating ecosystem. But this time the Earth Day comes at juncture when whole world faces Corona pandemic that has pushed people to reduce their activities and remains in quarantine. All major cities are shut and industries closed. That has resulted in rapid improvement in air quality and atmosphere at large. Air quality of Karachi and Lahore has also significantly improved. Venice canals turn crystal clear again after so many decades. Environmentalists take Corona as a blessing in disguise and hold it a very important break for healing earth. Whatsoever, few important lessons are here to be learnt. First we human are not only master of this planet and if we don’t stop overexploitation of these resources and reduce human activities we would die one way or other. Second, a slight effort can tremendously improve ever-deteriorating climate and global warming. Therefore, efforts should not only be put to save the Earth by improving ecosystem by addressing the causes but also preserve the significant improvements in the atmosphere while fighting Corona virus. Hopefully, we would succeed in healing the earth again. KASHIF HAKRO Karachi

Activities during lockdown

As lockdown in Pakistan continues to get extended amidst COVID-19 pandemic, a vast majority of people now have ample time at home to spend in activities to pass time. Time can be made productive if spent doing something useful or work related or just for enjoyment, like a hobby or an online game. The most seen surge in number of users during this lockdown was in PUBG and online Ludo games. People are spending hours and hours of their day to get higher ranks, defeat their friends or just have a good time. A large number of people simply spend their time scrolling on social media throughout the day. Some people are taking on new skills for development of their overall profile for a better job in the near future, while some are taking on new hobbies like an instrument or anything like a magic trick to entertain the crowd. Whatever we do at home, staying away from other people, may make us a better person for tomorrow or at least just keep the people around us safe, as we continue to follow the instructions of our health care professionals. GHANVA NAQVIE Islamabad

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