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Pakistan, India and Kashmir

Today, we are observing some shrieking in international arena regarding deteriorating Pak-India relations on Kashmir issue. Pak-India bilateralism has always been like a swinging pendulum since its independence. Even though, there are other conflicts between Islamabad and Delhi but the Kashmir issue prevailed. Kashmir, a princely state was asked to decide whether to join with Pakistan or India. During this decision, a revolt was launched against the rule of Maharaja Hari Singh. It resulted in the Kashmir war between Pakistan and India in 1948. Hence, the Kashmir issue was born.
In such vulnerable environment, Pakistan decided to design Indian-centric foreign policy, negating the Indian threat perception. This decision was made in light of the implications of security dilemma, where one country takes measures to heighten its security, countering other state(s). Since then, the stalemate continued on who gets Kashmir. This issue became uncontrollable when Pulwama attack happened. India, in vengeance performed a pre-emptive strike on Pakistan earlier this year. Islamabad also responded in the shape of taking down Indian fighter jets. The whole screenplay of psychotic rage by India immediately ricocheted tension between Islamabad and Delhi to another level. The tiff became more intense when BJP annihilated Articles 370 and 35-A from Indian Constitution which is the complete violation of UN resolutions on Kashmir.
This absurdity of secular India refers to the restoration of ‘Hindutva’. It follows the principles of Social Darwinism that focuses on race supremacy. With such developments, Islamabad and Delhi are now on the brink of war. The question now arises, in such hostile environment, why United Nations is acting like a deaf crowd? Is UN here only to protect P-5 or G20? In today’s situation, UN and international community must take into account the gratitude of this conflict and resolve this dilemma; otherwise it could lead towards Hobbesian trap, where nuclear war is imminent if outside influence is absent.

American lollipop

Donald Trump has given lollipop that he would talk to Modi over Kashmir issue for its solution. In fact, it is procrastinating tactics as Donald Trump has already vowed to tackle Islamic radicalism along with Modi as they consider across border terrorism from Pakistan.
It would be waste of time to seek Trump’s mediation offer rather Pakistan should call upon all Muslims countries on a platform where all issues facing by Muslim countries across the globe be discussed including Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan etc. If Pakistan succeeds to unite all Muslim countries and all Muslim countries come on one page, issues would automatically be resolved then we would not need any mediation offer by any country.
Muslim countries’ unity has become indispensable these days for solution of all sorts of issues and in fact, it would not be wrong to say that issues created because of Muslim countries division.

Wayward children

Our children are becoming wayward with every passing day. They have indulged themselves into many vices such as smoking, drug-addiction, theft, drinking, watching porn movies, etc. There are many causes of such waywardness of our children; some of which are highlighted as under:
The main reason of waywardness of children has been the lack of parental control over their children. Parents fail to check regular activities of their children as to what company do they keep, what activities do they perform outside of their homes whenever they are allowed by their parents to spend some time in games, etc. It has often been observed that today’s teachers take little or no interest at all in inculcating good values in their students. Resultantly, we fail to get ethically sound-minded students from our educational institutions.
Though internet has proved to be an asset for most of us, yet at the same time, it has proved to be a liability as far as question of making its right use by the children (especially teen agers) of our country is concerned. Through a research, it has been proved that children between ages of 13 years to 19 years watch porn movies over internet with a lot of interest.
Lack of facilities of sufficient playgrounds has also added to the injury as far as the question of controlling the general behaviour of our children is concerned. If we really want our children to be future heroes of our country, then it is very important that we groom our children in a positive manner so that they are able to play their positive role in the society when they achieve maturity. In this regard, the role of both the parents and teachers is of paramount importance.

UNO in 21st century

Historically, the United Nations Organization was established to maintain international peace and stability and to promote harmony and cooperation. Therefore, the organization’s prime aims are to protect human rights, to settle international disputes, to curb terrorism, to provide uniform security to all member states and to ensure environment sustainability. Apparently, the inter-governmental organization has not attained any prime goal which has been maintaining equilibrium in the world.
Consequently, the people have been facing terrorism, extremism, discrimination, genocide, trade wars, hegemony, humanitarian crisis, diseases and nuclear threats around the globe. Briefly, the UNO is limited by the superpowers, especially the US, which are using their veto power. The institution has not any kind of binding character of resolution, no authority over big five and no formal police system. Precisely, the leaders must reform to the UNO at the micro as well as at macro levels to strengthen the process of peace and harmony.

Building collapse

The Municipal Corporation and the government alone cannot be held responsible for building collapses in our country. The citizens are equally responsible for it. They have to be extra careful when they buy apartments in illegal structures. They are risking their own life by staying in depleted buildings just to save money. You cannot clap your hands with a single hand.
You need two hands to do it and both the government and the citizens are equally responsible for illegal structures flourishing in our country. A stitch in time saves nine and old buildings should be repaired regularly to prevent such mishaps over and over again. When old buildings come crumbling down and lives are lost, nobody takes the blame on themselves. They keep putting the blame on one another. All our politicians need is our votes. Lives lost cannot be brought back again.
Mumbai, India

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