Politics of the opportunist


Sumera S Mirza

BEING part of the European Union Election Observation Mission for Pakistan in general elections for the second time, helped me learn some basic understanding of specially the politics. In order to remain dominant, political leaders make and break alliances to impact and impose their vested interests which have nothing to do with the interests of nationals. In case of their opponent’s win, they start the never-ending blame game and in the way, dirty politics keep flourishing. For the very demanding need of the hour, the army provided support for betterment of nation and as expected outcomes of general elections were bitterly or in more appropriate words half-heartedly accepted. This made a new beginning in a kind of slow pace if to be said in local opinion.
In a recent discussion, I have heard people criticizing the Prime Minister of Pakistan in order to ease their agony through Indian PM Modi’s Kashmir manipulation while saying that the speech of Imran Khan was way too disappointing for them. As per them, the impact of laughing speech of PM and songs sung by singers, what kind of message is meant to be thrown across the board whereas PM Modi has not moved an inch from nearly 55 days of curfew in Kashmir. Whereas in reality, it broadcast an affirmative stance of a wise leader who has shown the world that what it takes to be responsible? The national anthem and motivating songs raising the morale of the besieged is unexplainable a contributing factor. Holding my horses and letting the critics conclude I heard few more interestingly shocking perspectives. Known to bits and pieces of information, they had developed a harsh stance. Though credit has to be mutually shared with current affairs information providing news channels which have tuned population with a bulk of information that suits their respective agendas.
In reality as far as Karachi situation is concerned ‘kachra politics’ appears clearly a blame game of political parties. PPP blames PTI with lack of funds and no specific leadership for the purpose. In wide contrast to the claims of political parties of the province, interior Sindh is suffering from a lack of basic needs which again ends at the blame game between provincial and federal governing political parties. Bhutto, being a great leader, has been utilized as a brand name by leftover family members. The situation in Punjab has remained in the spotlight since the very beginning due to the choice of officials especially Chief Minister over there. In a recent blow, two of the important officials being thrown out of Punjab has kept the Pandora’s box open. People arguing that both officials have been kicked out to secure CM Usman Buzdar, basically due to PM’s decision to keep up his choice has exposed insecurity and mistrust upon his decision making. Although the KP situation had both positives and negatives as well that has shaped the future of governing political party. Still, the metro bus project being seriously taken by PTI in its last provincial government tenure seems incomplete even next year with increased cost. Moreover, the internal politics of the ruling political party remains indecisive and incompetent as per the critics. Unfortunately, from smaller to bigger, all issues require tolerance instead of increasing fuel in the blame game.
Main political parties of the country will take years to accept their defeat in the election. Instead of confronting with the ruling party on corruption and accountability, the need of the hour is to sit together to develop a consensus plan of action upon Kashmir issue towards the next-door enemy. With the current siege of Kashmir, ‘no solid action has been taken instead of threatening speeches’, has created a wide fissure morally as well as emotionally. Appreciating the Foreign Policy moves adopted is way too far to be seen with mentality towards a few encouragingly smiling but firm sentences of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Without realizing the basic reason of increased inflation, the ruling party and honest leader has been under severe criticism for always. As far as the economy is concerned, the inflation rate increased by every passing day has got not everything to do with the current government rather it has borne the burden of several past governments. National citizen earning 30k a month is incapable of running his basic living expenses due to inevitable conditions of IMF. Having a great increase in bills, prices and living cost; the ordinary citizen is burdened heavily to meet his ends for survival. Arguing the revenue and survival equation on the national news networks is quite easy a job in comparison to accepting the badly taken decisions. In comparison to the statements of the political leadership of all the political parties, ISPR has given a quite sensible stance. Being always present from national crises to international issues, the Army is badly disgruntled with dirty politics. No official from Army has neither threatened nor provoked Indian Prime Minister Modi for any such situation to be created. The prodigious disappointment of the moment has left minimal hope in so-called great democratic political parties and highly noised fake drums.
— The writer is a freelance columnist.

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