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Megalomaniacs and politics

The bane of our society is that constitutional institutions assigned specific roles by the Constitution have assumed unto themselves powers beyond their jurisdiction, with disastrous consequences for Pakistan. There is no place in politics or public service for megalomaniacs and narcists, but individuals with tolerance for dissent and respect for the Constitution. Quaid elaborated upon significance of oath pledged by paid public office holders on 14 June 1948.

The judiciary has no role as saviours of the nation, except giving judgment based on the Constitution and laws in existence. This country would have been more secure if Justice Munir and others had not invoked Doctrine of Necessity or populist activism. Similarly, if AK had not set precedent of taking over and inflicting damage to political process, by imposing ban on politicians who took part in the freedom struggle waged by Quaid, a modern democratic welfare state would have been in place.

The focus should have been on development of human resources, as was done by India, with emphasis on agricultural economy and development of infrastructure for basic industries and giving priority to investment in science and technology, boosting exports and achieve self-sufficiency. Whilst India laid foundations of Indian Institutes of Technology, we got involved in defence pacts SEATO/CENTO, offering bases like Badabher for reconnaissance flights over Russia.

The modern democratic welfare state was reduced to a security client state, and the irony is that since 80s our citizens are insecure within our borders, facing curse of terrorism and extremism, a fallback of our involvement in CIA funded Afghan War.

The British Raj considered Tipu Sultan as a pariah for their interests and preferred likes of Mir Jaffar who did not cherish any dream of independence. Like all monarchies they believed in pedigree and promoted likes of Iskandar Mirza, who was direct descendent of Mir Jaffar. The Raj trained bureaucracy, both civil and uniformed, need to be restructured so that they can function as servants of people in a sovereign independent constitutional state.



Role of opposition

In Pakistan, the role of opposition is crucial in maintaining a healthy and functional democratic system. The opposition serves as a check and balance on the ruling government, and ensures that the government is held accountable for its actions and decisions. The opposition in Pakistan includes political parties and groups that have differing ideologies and agendas from the ruling party. The main role of the opposition is to provide an alternative to the ruling party’s policies and decisions, and to hold the government accountable for any wrongdoing or corruption.

The opposition in Pakistan has the power to block or delay legislation that is deemed harmful to the country or its people. They can also initiate investigations into government officials or policies, and demand answers from the ruling party on important issues affecting the nation. In addition, the opposition in Pakistan plays a vital role in shaping public opinion and influencing political discourse. They are responsible for highlighting the concerns and issues of the people and presenting alternative solutions to the government’s policies. Overall, the opposition in Pakistan serves as an important counterbalance to the ruling government and ensures that democracy remains strong and vibrant in the country.



Ramazan’s blessing

Ramadan, the most awaited moment for the Muslims is about to start. The month is of recuperation as it heals us spiritually and physically. It is an exceptional time for us to seek forgiveness from the Almighty (SWT) and to purify our hearts and body. According to Amin Ehsan Ilahi, just as in the material world, there are seasons for specific crops to be sown and harvested and if these seasons are lost, no other time can compensate for them, the spiritual world too has defined periods of time when the spirituality of humans can benefit the most.

In Ramadan, Muslims stay within side the kingdom of “swam” in order to please their creature. They completely abstain from food, drink and smoking and this continued throughout the whole month of Ramadan from dawn to dusk. The Quran says: “ Eat and drink until the white thread becomes visible from the black thread and then complete the fast till night time.”

The purpose of fasting is that by remaining hungry throughout the day we can feel the pain of hungry people. For their betterment, we give charity. It develops spiritual qualities in us. In addition to this, science (medical) also proves its benefits on our health. The other purpose of fasting is that it teaches us to be righteous. The Creator said: “ O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may become righteous.” Fasting acts as a shield which protects us from doing wrong deeds. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said: “Fasting is a shield from the Hellfire just like the shield of any of you in battle.”



Box letter

Smoking in public places

Smoking, while providing temporary relief to the mind, is extremely harmful to our health and can cause lifetime destruction. It can lead to various heart and lung diseases such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis and many more. The harmful effects of smoking are not limited to just the smoker; their family members are also affected.

Firstly, smoking is a waste of money, as it is highly addictive due to the presence of nicotine and can even be a gateway to using drugs like hashish. This can lead to the smoker killing their own family to obtain money to buy cigarettes or not being able to provide food for them due to their addiction.

Additionally, non-smokers who are in public places, such as bus stops, parks, or hotels, can also be affected by second-hand smoke. Despite the potential harm to others, some smokers cannot resist smoking in public places and cause discomfort for non-smokers. Smoking is not only a source of disease but also a source of pollution to the environment, and it annoys non-smokers. Therefore, the laws prohibiting this menace should be strictly enforced.