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Fast track way of building forex reserves

One objection about my suggestion to allow resident Pakistanis to open foreign currency bank accounts (with no questions asked about source of funds) has been that, who will trust the Pakistani government, was belied by the latest good news that expatriate Pakistanis have fully trusted the PDM government by deposting $ 1.4 billion in the Roshan Digital Accounts during the period 22 April to 22 Dec.

In view of the foregoing positive signs, the GoP is once again requested to immediately allow resident Pakistanis to deposit any foreign currency available with them, in local bank accounts, where it was expected that a minimum generation of over 5 billion USD deposits are possible (in a very short period of time), if the same rate of interest of 6.75% PA payable biannually is allowed on the RDA, is offered.




status quo

The status of Gilgit-Baltistan remains vague and is not enlightened in the Constitution of Pakistan. The dispute over Kashmir between Pakistan and India puts huge repercussions on the sovereignty of GB. The recent development of Islamabad to give a provisional structure for GB is on the shelves of the incumbent Government. Since 1 Nov 1948, the Administration has been continuing to rule in the GB via some orders and failing to provide the rights of the National Assembly and Senate to its citizens under the umbrella of a provisional province.

One of the many strategies to save the territory of GB from Indian sue is to accept the points of Sartaj Aziz Committee wherein allotted the title of the provisional province till further orders. When a piece of land is not demarcated, then every person and state would try to claim ownership of land, during the demarcation of land different conflicts emerge among them and this action prevails in an anarchic environment.

The only stance to not give the legal status to GB is, if the UN conduct the plebiscite on Kashmir, then the population of GB will cast votes against the stance of India. The question arising in the youth of GB about the nature of the Kashmir conflict is whether the manner of the dispute is bilateral (Pak-India) or trilateral (the UN, Pakistan and India). Who will define the nature of the conflict? Many protests and voices are recorded to overcome the wheat crisis, solve the land issues, ensure meritocracy, govern in a special status, not in order, and promote peace in GB. The government of GB as well as the federal administration and the Supreme Court of Pakistan should take necessary steps to put all balls in their own basket. No one has the right to cross the others’ boundaries and all should work on their given jurisdictions.



Economic crisis in Zimbabwe

It is shameful and saddening that the country of Zimbabwe is sitting in a mess, but Zimbabwe’s mining sector is highly diversified, with close to 40 different minerals. The predominant minerals include platinum group metals (PGM), chrome, gold, coal, and diamonds. Compared with South Africa, there are currently 22 minerals mined in South Africa.

It is painful now when we look at Zimbabweans living in South Africa without documents, four out of five of the almost one million Zimbabweans officially outside the country live in South Africa. Botswana has the second highest number of emigrants from the country, with just above 40 000. Reasons for this include limited economic opportunities, political instability, poor environment and natural resource quality, unfavourable socio-cultural settings and poor socio-economic resource distribution.

Now in South Africa, Zimbabweans are facing painful problems like rampant poverty, unemployment, overcrowding, inequality, health problems, and some are burned alive. The heartless ZANU-PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa ignoring the plight of its citizens, who have flocked to South Africa in search of better economic opportunities and better living conditions. To hold on to power despite glaring failure and rampant corruption, the ZANU-PF has had to use despotic tactics, including clamping down on opposition politics. Once a symbol of liberation, the ZANU-PF has run Zimbabwean politics to the ground, becoming a state on the brink of failure.



Why failure it’s a new start

When we once fail we also fail to try again but that’s the first step near our success. If you are not achieving that target then don’t worry, move on, come out of your comfort zone and achieve something. In this world, everybody doesn’t succeed for the first time, like Thomas Edison failed 99 times but he didn’t lose hope, and then the 100th time he succeeded.

Like him maybe you are also just one step away from your success, like the word fail itself says the first attempt in learning so never lose hope, believe in yourself if Thomas Addison can do then you can also do because he was also a normal human being like us.

When a spider tries to mount itself on a wall and it falls, then it doesn’t lose hope and it tries again and again, then finally it reaches its destination. The moral is simple here always believe in yourself. Because you are only one who can do this for yourself, nobody will do this for you.

Like a medical student when he/she fails they mostly lose hope due to taunts from relatives which they listen to and become depressed. Remember that don’t let anybody make you a failure because remind those peoples who are attempting 2nd 3rd even 4th time and they also become successful because they are not losing hope, they have to believe in themselves.

And one other thing is to remember that you just may need one step to reach your destination that one step can change your whole life and also can give you the life you always wished for. Just focus on yourself, make plans and then work on them. There is a famous quote that says that “A normal person with a plan can beat a genius without a plan” make strategies, make daily, weekly and monthly schedules and follow them.


Ghotki Sindh