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Embrace global population

True, we all know that the global population is reported to have reached the so-called eight billion mark. Factually speaking, the current population is a kind of achievement on the part of humanity braving all the odds and difficulties out there. But even then, most media houses including CNN have been carrying comments on the robust population growth in a negative manner.

However, the undisputed fact is that the global population has always been behind robust economic growth and all kinds of activities across the board – one way or another. Well, can you imagine “a world” without humanity? Yes, it would have been literally plain and flat across the board – sans human activities. At the same time, growing concerns over issues like climate change, scarcity of food crops and so on should be taken seriously.

Even though there have been plenty of discussions and comments on climate change issues through the world media and inter-governmental forums, there have been no fruitful results achieved on the ground. In this context, human attitude to Mother Earth has to change or transform in a positive way. For instance, humans must be more sensitive to the environment and green belt areas around them. Technology apart, the human focus should be mainly and primarily on encouraging more green activities like supporting agriculture/farming rigorously.

Added to this, most people in my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu have been in strong support of agriculture – all involved in cultivating various food crops including paddy, banana and vegetable. On the whole, there should be a positive shift in human activities with respect to Mother Earth and its abundant natural resources.


Maharashtra, India

Qatar’s remarkable efforts

Qatar has made notable efforts in representing Islam to the world, and its approach should be recognized and emulated by other Islamic nations. The country’s hospitality and kindness towards visitors as well as its commitment to maintaining a high level of safety, like zero crime rates and no assaults were reported, women claimed to feel safer than ever before , this have helped to present a positive and accurate image of Islam to non-Muslim visitors.

Many of these visitors have been attracted to Islam as a result of their experiences in Qatar, and have praised the country for its peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to its efforts to promote Islam, Qatar has also provided a range of entertainment options for the public, including alternatives to alcohol, which has helped to show that celebration can be enjoyed without resorting to harmful substances. Overall, Qatar has made significant contribution to represent Islam in a positive and accurate way, and other Islamic nations should look to it as a model for how to do so.



Standardised exams

Standardized examinations aim to measure student’s academic proficiency across-the-board. In order to treat each student fairly, it is utilized to calculate current average and identify high and low performers. Everyone who takes the test responds to the same questions and receives the same grade. This makes it feasible to compare the performance of several individuals individually.

The testing sample might range in size from a single classroom to the entire nation. Teaching pupils effective study techniques helps reduce test-day tension and anxiety. This is one of the main causes of out-of-character scores, according to critics of standardized testing. It could lead to a lot of tension. The pressure to do well on tests is felt by students. Student confidence may be impacted by test results. Students may grow dissatisfied with education and have a bad attitude about their talents as a result of this.

Instead of helping students gain a deeper understanding of a subject, teachers could find themselves “teaching to the exam.” Additionally, it fosters a dull classroom environment that can hinder students’ ability to learn because of boredom. It assesses student achievement without taking into account outside circumstances. Standardized exams don’t take into account elements like test anxiety, family circumstances, or the reality that some children are quite intelligent but simply don’t test well.



Music improves mental health

It is beautifully said, “Music is food for soul”. It is true because thousands of people relaxe their souls by listening music. People who have musical intelligence/taste are good at thinking in patterns, rhythms. Therefore, music classes should be introduced in learning institutions as it improves mental health.

Whenever people listen music, brain releases a hormone called dopamine which is linked to pleasure and happiness. Music can inspire and build up confidence level of a child. It has positive impact on education. I hope all principals will consider music as a mandatory subject in their institutions.