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Unity and stability needed

THE Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa rightly pointed to the economic crisis the country is facing and emphasized just how much need there is for unity among the political stakeholders at this moment. Critics will point to the fact that much of the criticism the military faces and the democratic breakdown in the country has been the result of institutional intervention into political matters.

The COAS also underlined the idea that in February last year the military had as an institution decided to completely back off from indulging in the political realm. Our Constitution has clearly defined every institution’s role and place. Perhaps, as he has promised, it is time to finally go back to a reset of sorts and ensure that all institutions stay within their marked lanes.

In this, there is a lesson also for the political class that needs to stop vying for the blue-eyed spot and learn to respect the democracy it uses with such abandon as a slogan. If that were to happen, we may finally see the end of unnecessary pressure tactics like dharnas to topple governments or manufactured judicial and political battles. Political parties have welcomed Gen Bajwa’s words while also cautioning that a lot depends on what happens next.

One hopes that the claimed policy of remaining within constitutional roles continues and that all political parties realize that the country and its future need a framework decided by political stakeholders on their own for a way forward. The country can neither afford any unrest and untimely agitations instead of stability needed at this time of crucial economic crises.



Rich bossing around

As we all know that in Pakistan laws are created to be broken but this reality is only functional for rich people having sources and power of money, but not for poor people. They are the ones who can make laws and break laws. Let me spotlight a recent incident that is going to expose the reality of how law enforcement works in Sindh.

Lately, an ex-bureaucrat’s son killed an on-duty police constable in Karachi, who was just doing his duty and checking that he might be a carjacker or a kidnapper but he was not cooperating and was trying to use his privilege by repeating his father’s name again and again and but the constable failed to identify and tried to take command on his car so he shot him after shooting the constable he was able to flee the country even before immigration authorities could be alerted. He alerted the airport authorities and they let him escape.

This tragedy may never have come to happen if the authorities had not allowed a culture of impunity to develop where the rich can easily boss around. It is not fair that the rich can easily kill somebody and save themselves isn’t there any law enforcement in Sindh? Justice demanded.



Not friends but foe (Al Quran)!

Recently the Qatari Government arrested eight so-called ‘retired’ Indian Navy Officers under charges-of-spying in the interest of Israel and India. These spies were working in Qatar with a private firm and were providing training and other services to the Qatari Emiri Navy.

Their involvement in spying, espionage, planning, supporting and promoting was for international terrorist activities. One of these arrested officers was Commander Purnendu Tiwari, who was honoured with the highest award ‘Pravasi Samman’ by Indian President in 2019 – usually bestowed upon the Overseas Indians for their services to the country (!).

The Qatari investigation agencies found him actively involved in transferring “data of leading Gulf Muslim countries” to Israel and India. India was/is enjoying cordial relationship with almost all the Middle-Eastern Muslim countries including Qatar. The most interesting fact was/is that spies were service-man-of-India even then (she) remained denying throughout with reference to arrest of these navy-spies – just as in case of Kalbushan Yadav, arrested in Pakistan (!).

A sizable Indian-population, slowly and gradually overtaking their economies, job market, education system, hostelling and government jobs even. Additionally, Hindu terrorists have (always) dared to criticize origin of Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). So, it is time for Middle Eastern Muslim-governments (especially) to think/probe long-term motives of Hindutva.

Through these activities, ground realities are clearly revealing a strong nexus between Zionism and Hindutva for overpowering the entire region – O’ so, columnist is penning since long towards this seriousness. Therefore, it’s time that Arab world (must) get-up from deep slumber before Hindutva captures them (in toto) with the nexus of Israel & Co. (!!).

The verses of (Al Quran) are proving correct after 1400(ys) that non-Muslims (Yahood-o-Nisarah) were/are not your-friends-but-foe in anyway. Even then, Muslim leadership is doing the same mistake till now – note it please; please (!!).



Garbage can be alarming!

I would like to highlight the issue of improper garbage disposal in our country. Let’s not talk on a vast level but on a short one if we see our city Lahore. People assume vacant plots as their property for disposal. When one person does this, that place becomes the ultimate place to throw everyone’s waste. Honourable readers! I apologise to say this but we are humans and not animals and we should have that sense of responsibility to keep our surroundings clean.

I am not against our people but stating some facts here. Even if the government put up sign-boards saying “Keep this area clean” or “Throw your garbage in bins” We still will stop, read that thing and hardly after 3 minutes we’ll throw a can or anything right passing by. For sure, I am not talking about everyone but if this writing is giving you a sense of acknowledgement about your do’s and don’ts of rules then go for it and don’t let that sparkle die.

In my opinion there should be a proper system and awareness campaigns for people that we should show through our actions that we are humans and we do care about our community, our environment and our lives most importantly. Let’s talk about how it is influencing us, our environment as well as other living beings except us. Nasty garbage invites all of the possible unknown diseases which eventually affect us and our environment gets dirty.

We don’t know what you throw in your garbage but when animals like stray dogs or cats eat something from that garbage, God forbid, if there’s something like glass, expired food etc., it can heavily impair those innocent animals. I appeal to the concerned departments to manage a system of separate wastes disposal and to charge fines or challan those who don’t follow the rules. After all we are the keepers and we should keep our Earth clean.