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Reality of Hakeeqi Azadi

We should be welcoming the officially stated decision of the Establishment to be apolitical, instead of casting aspersions on them. As they say “Better late than never”. This is exactly what Father of Nation elaborated upon on 14 June 1948, while addressing Staff College Quetta.

Pakistan and its citizens owe a lot of gratitude to Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, and pioneers of our freedom movement, whose political struggle led to creation of an independent country, free from colonial British rule and domination of Hindutva mindset, where Muslims could live in harmony with members of other faiths. MAJ elaborated on his vision of a modern democratic welfare state with a constitution as supreme law and apolitical role for paid civil and uniformed bureaucracy.

It is unfortunate that MAJ’s vision was derailed by ambitious adventurers like Ghulam Muhammad, Iskandar Mirza and many others and the politically manoeuvred midgets they patronized, who have harmed this country. Starting from 1956 onwards Pakistan’s sovereignty has been compromised, its territorial sanctity violated, by giving sanctuary to foreign mercenaries and extremists of all shades and opinions and fighting their proxy wars. The security of life of citizens of Pakistan has been compromised at the altar of greed and blind pursuit of power.

Today we are again being misled by this Hakeeqi Azadi slogan, whose architects want a semi-political role for establishment, in total contravention of what MAJ stated on 14 June 1848, when he emphasized upon significance of oath that uniformed officers take, pledging complete loyalty and submission to Constitution, as supreme law. It is unfortunate that in this Power Struggle and Battle of Thrones, religion is being exploited and the Constitution distorted to achieve their ambitions.



Climate change

Climate change is one of the main issues that have drastically impacted the entire world on multiple fronts. It has emerged as the biggest environmental challenge that is affecting almost all sectors of country’s economy particularly water resources, energy, health, biodiversity with a major impact on agricultural productivity. As far as Pakistan ‘economic sector is concerned, it has suffered a severe devastating blow.

However, the recent surge of heavy flood occurred in Sindh and Balochistan has caused a huge destruction and devastation to Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan has suffered with an economic impact of more than 3.8 billion dollars. Thousands of people have become unemployed and subjected into drought and hunger. Food insecurity among the masses is at high stake. Though Pakistan’s contribution to climate crisis is negligible at just 0.8pc.

The main climate contributors are great powers that are not paying heed to this issue. They are busy in stocking the flames of war against one another. Therefore the world powers must bury the resource-guzzling hatchet of the nuclear and conventional arms race and took the raging bull of climate challenges by its horn so that developing countries could not bear the brunt of this crisis.



Magistrate powers

A Mukhtiarkar was affected by a recent incident. It is really regrettable that encroachers in the Manghopir Karachi area shot and killed a Mukhtiarkar who was organising an anti-encroachment campaign to free a government piece of land. As in previous operations, numerous officers at these posts, including the Assistant Commissioner, were roughed up, beaten and hurt.

Since the day that dictator Musharraf removed the magistrates’ authority, it has become a common occurrence. Now that Mukhtiarkar, or the Assistant Commissioner, is no longer a First Class or Sub-divisional Magistrate, they are unable to apprehend and punish offenders immediately. Additionally, because the Assistant Commissioner and Mukhtiarkar are no longer field magistrates, the police won’t listen to them or defend themselves.

Because a toothless Mukhtiarkar or Assistant Commissioner without Magistracy powers can’t effectively get the writ of the state restored and respected in the face of armed to the teeth mafias seizing these priceless pieces of government land, the government should either persuade the judiciary to restore Executive Magistracy or those who are exercising the Sub-divisional Magistrate and District Magistrate powers in the judiciary should be respectfully asked to lead these operations.

The executive magistracy system, which Pervaiz Musharraf Administration dissolved in 2001, should be restored by the government. Legal experts and the opposition criticised the former President Musharraf for modifying pertinent legislation to allow the police “sweeping” powers, calling the action draconian under the laws of the time.



Addiction of mobile phones

Through the columns of your respected newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of concerned people towards the addiction in the youth for excessive use of mobile phones. Nowadays, as mobile phones are useful for every person, on the other hand, mobile phones are dangerous for humans. In the new generation, whether a child or an adult, mobile phones are always seen in hand, whether they are eating, walking, lying on the bed, or in the bathroom.

Yes, it is harmful for human beings, it emits dangerous radiations which are very dangerous for the organs of the human body. Human use of mobile phones all the time is also a disease called “nomophobia”. It is increasingly seen that our young generation i.e. students are wasting their precious time by being on their phones all the time.


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