Fall of democracy | By Malik M Aslam Awan


Fall of democracy

SYSTEMS and institutions gain success when the persons responsible to run these are sincere, devoted, dedicated and trustworthy.

The advanced countries have attained the economic political and ethical glorification not because of the set-up of institutions but by the sincerity, devotion, dedication and sagacity of vision of the persons who were responsible to run these institutions. Once they fixed a goal for them, then they made hectic efforts to achieve that.

It is astonishing to note that democracy is successful even in a country like India but a failure in Pakistan. To achieve the goal of nation building one would have to focus on character building of oneself.

Renowned political leaders of the world have sacrificed their own interests over the national interests but, sorry to say, in Pakistan one has never cared to relinquish his benefits, interests for the sake of the nation.

Our talented politicians pose as if they feel deeply the pain of the misfortunes of the nation but whenever they come into power they immediately forget national interest and remain always busy in their family building.

If in the early days of freedom, we had chosen Islamic system to run Pakistan, then to-date Pakistan might have been an example of glorification in every sphere of life but unluckily we had started a journey in the wrong direction.

Although democracy is the best suited system to the West but does not suit Pakistan, as we have already a set of codes of life blessed upon us by the Allah Almighty — Quran and Sunnah.

The Last Prophet (SAWW) had bestowed as with thousand of Hadith to enlighten our path to be successful in both mundane as well as the life hereafter. Our good deeds would be rewarded while for bad deed the perpetrators will be punished.

Nations always take pride in the glorious deeds of their forefathers. We were once the founder of sultanate of Turkey, an institution really praiseworthy.

The establishment of Sultanate (Khilafat) in Turkey is not a phenomenon taken place in days or months, it took almost one and half hundred years of Shah Suleman, Ertugral Ghazi and Usman Ghazi.

Three warriors spent their whole lives to establish the hegemony of Muslims over Christian, Jews, Changazi forces and United front of Crusaders.

Their sincere, dedicated hectic life-long efforts materialized into the establishment of Turkish Empire, spreading over almost one of half crore square miles and lasted for centuries till 5 March 1924.

Our forefathers conquered Spain and insurmountable regions but due to lack of sagacity and valour we lost them because we were not physically and mentally able to retain these blessings of God, even we lost Dhaka and Pakistan was cut into pieces because the persons who were leading the country at that time were shorn of national valour.

Fall of Bagdad, Spain, Dhaka will always be reminiscent that if we again made severe follies like in past then we will have nothing to loose but the whole ground under our feet.

As a nation we feel shame that we have no sincere leaders to lead the nation to the goal of a sovereign nation without nominating the names of politicians we can say, as a whole, we have scarcity of able, sincere, devoted, dedicated, honest and sagacious leadership.

Lust to wealth have distorted the shape of visionary leadership. They do not care national prestige, they care only the needs of their families.

Their quench for wealth will remain un-satiated till their Journey towards next world, where they would, surely, face severe accountability. Pakistan is far behind the nations even those who got freedom even after the creation of Pakistan.

Democracy is almost a failure in Pakistan due to lustful character of so called politicians. They lack nationalism and ability to run the country. Whenever they have an opportunity to usurp national wealth they do not waste even a single moment to satiate their lust for wealth.

Seeing the politicians bureaucrats have, also, stepped into their foot prints. Our country is being looted mercilessly and there is none to save it from merciless plundering.

We pray to the Allah Almighty to have mercy on Pakistan and the poor living in it and send a saviour who may steer the ship towards the right direction.

—The writer is author of English Book on current affairs and independent analyst, based in Islamabad.


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