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Mosque Massacre in New Zealand

15 March 2019 was one of those days in the history of mankind which led the whole world towards a new direction. Sacrifices by the dozens of innocent muslims who were brutally killed while offering Jumma prayer at a Mosque, has brainwashed into believing that a terrorist has no religion, no nationality and no identity. Its always planted and grown by maniac and sick mentality which only caused deep pains and sufferings for the world.
Here i would like to mention and appreciate the compassionate and felt reactions by the People and specially the respected Prime Minister of New zealand Ms. Jacinda Ardern. Their empathetic gestures and initiatives right after the mosque massacre have been really soothing and healing just not for the families of shuhadas but for the entire muslim world and has also played a much needed role in creating a humane and sane approach and outlook towards the muslims on the international level. Peace won , love & harmony bloomed and humanity prevails. may Almighty Allah bless all of us with peace, love and sanity Amen.

on Jurist
Taqi Usmani

A well renowned Jurist (Mufti) Taqi Usmani has remained safe in an attempt to assassinte him but a police personnel deployed on his security duty and driver have embraced martyrdom while another cleric has been seriously injured. Surprisingly, those who had opened fire on Jurist Taqi Usmani and his mates, fled away from the scene. The killers of ex-MNA Syed Ali Raza Abidi are still absconding and to be arrested. It is really incomprehensible that how the attackers succeeded to assault and manage to escape from the scene despite strict patrolling by police and rangers are noticed.
The recent statements made by PPP’s high command cannot be ignored that some PTI Ministers have links with banned outfits albeit Jurist Taqi Usmani is a neutral religious personality but mischief makers always take undue advantage of such tussle between two parties to achieve their nefarious aims. Owing to recent tussle with India, PTI Government could not take the corrupt figures of PPP into account as they were claiming. Such attempts can also be made to create unrest in the province to divert the attention and avert the expected arrests.
The attackers had attacked Jurist on main university road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The concerned authorities should go through the CCTV footage to arrest them and probe to ascertain the reasons that why they wanted to kill such a renowned and qualified Jurist and most importantly who were they as they had chosen a day of proceeding which is just before March 23 and just after a day of celebration of birth day of Hazarat Ali (R.A).
North Karachi

Muslims and Holi?

On Wednesday, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) organized and celebrated Holi with their students. As a tradition in IBA, it is celebrated on 20 March every year. Not only in IBA but many students at Karachi University also celebrated it. They threw colours on one another. They wore white dresses and their faces were covered with different colours. After seeing this one question is pricking my mind i.e. can Muslim celebrate Holi??
Muslims are proud of religion of Islam, revealed to us by Allah and is thankful that Allah has chosen us for this beautiful religion. Our religion didn’t allow us to celebrate non-Muslim festivals. Being mature students, we can raise our voices against those people, who influence this culture in our society. We all have the sense to determine what is good or what is bad.
Literally, being a student, I appeal to the government and institutions to make it compulsory for every student to get knowledge of at least basic fundamentals of Islam, to know what is right or wrong in Islam. It is my earnest request to the government to ban this festival for Muslims because this approach will soon destroy our society.

Pulwama’s cordon?

Terrorist-Modi directed again his terrorist-troops for launching Cordon and Search Operations (CASOs) in Pulwama. The troops comprise Rashtriya Rifles; Central Reserve Police Force and Special Operation Group – most terrorist forces on earth which was/is taking training from the-most-terrorist Israel and her aiders.
The main reason of this cordon and search is to catch freedom fighters to terrorize, record statements according to will, prepare videos and spread on media – for proving and fooling world that these terrorists planned & participated in Pulwama-detonation blast and were/are Pakistani etcetera. Then, this fake-report will be passed on to Prime Minister of Pakistan for accepting claim of well-proved–terrorist “Narindra Modi”. If not succeed, then, will approach to his Headmaster: creator and dropper of atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Certainly, according to past experience, Uncle Sam will do which will be in her interest surely. Modiji, it is well-proved that your spy-agencies detonated your police-personnel themselves. Do not try again and again for concealing facts – lie remains always lie!
The atrocities going on on Kashmiris and Palestinians never, not at all happened till now on freedom fighters on earth. Raping 8-70yrs+ mothers; use of pellet guns; maiming; roping youngs with vehicles and hauling them on road in front of nears and dears is a routine practice!
India always intends to be beneficiary through false-flag-operations for diverting world’s attention from brutal acts going on in the IoK. PM Imran Khan, time and again, candidly asked PM Modi – for tangible, credible and intelligence-based evidence (if any) for our action. In response; Pakistan received threats of strategic-strikes and closing of water etcetera. Even; honest Indians (surely) understand that Pulwama’s cordon is a drama-show for fooling world and poor population for winning election. Nothing else!
Tatrinote, AK

MPAs mock Khan’s change

Is it really the change people of Pakistan in general and Punjab in particular waiting? Well I guess that was not what masses craved for? Members of Punjab Assembly could not justify with their oath when they hastily passed the bill increasing their own salaries. Adding to the resentment of the masses, Imran Khan took notice of the bill after it was passed within 24 hours. Though he called the CM Punjab Usman Buzdar but it was of no use; the cat had already come out of the box.
Interestingly many players of Khan’s team expressed antipathy over his disapproval of the move. Everybody knows each of the members of almost every Assembly of Pakistan’s provinces is millionaire. Alas they still need increment. Millions of youths are unemployed and these MPAs and MNAs want pay raise. Just recently nurses jam-packed Mall Road Lahore for increment in their pay, but no one paid heed to their legitimate demand. Punjab is utterly under the grip of PML-Q and the members of parties against whom Imran Khan initiated his campaign. Resultantly, the change is a far cry. I am direly afraid that people are once again have been duped by clever politicians.