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Why misuse citizens Portal?

Soon after coming into power, Prime Minister Imran Khan, among several other initiatives, had also established a forum for people to register their grievances and complaints in the PM Office in Islamabad and get quick relief from Pakistan Citizens Portal. Over all these months, aggrieved people in thousands have benefitted from the Citizens Portal facility and got their problems and grievances solved and attended to.
But it is a matter of great concern that some irresponsible, negative-minded people are trying to use this useful forum for realizing their ulterior objectives which is quite shameful and condemnable to say the least.
The other day I heard that some selfish and vested interest employees, precisely two ladies, of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) had hurled all sorts of allegations and charges against PNCA Director General Syed Jamal Shah to the Pakistan Citizens Portal. As a matter of routine, all these allegations and charges were duly investigated and probed. These were not only proved false and untrue but the complaining women themselves were found guilty of some misconduct and wrong doings. Tables were turned on them and inquiries against themselves were ordered.
Since the PTI government is committed to transparency, no corruption and no nepotism and favouritism, as often reported in the media, Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood holding additional charge of the National History and Literary Heritage Division is requested to take strict positive steps to clean the PNCA of such corrupt, cunning vested interests on a priority basis.

Yes, it is
Kasur again

Once again we failed to act as a society, lives of three innocent children ended brutally; government of Punjab is completely on sleeping pills. Three minor boys got sexually assaulted and killed and their bodies were found on 17th of September in district Kasur. Yes, it is Kasur again. Unfortunately, I would have to call it the land of paedophiles, where children are extremely unsafe, they get kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed.
According to the police out of three children, Faizan Suleman Akram and Ali Husnain, the body of Faizan was identifiable. The remains of the other two bodies were believed to be Suleman and Ali. The children had been missing for more than a month. It is surely a complete nightmare for the parents, watching their loved ones in such unidentified state. According to the post-mortem reports, all three boys were sodomized and physically tortured before they died.
We had not even forgotten the case of Zainab, six year old girl, who was also raped and killed ruthlessly; a case that surely shook the dead people of our country. Protests had erupted; the culprit Ali Imran was arrested and executed later at Kot Lakh Pat jail. But the government didn’t hang the rapist publicly? They did not create an example for all the paedophiles out there, to stop them from committing such heinous crimes. In 2015, news of different videos of minor girls being forced to do sexual acts was in mainstream. Videos were getting sold in Kasur and parents were also blackmailed. Last year, four culprits were arrested by the police who were selling minor girls for prostitution and that too in Kasur. Now we have three more minors, who got raped and killed.
Via email

Ghairat Brigade
keeps mum

Pakistan, since its independence, is grappling with its ideology-related issues of socio-economic inequality. State of Pakistan, like any other state, came into being to be a safe and secure place of all its citizens’ at least what it was meant to be. After 72 years of its existence, it seems it’s a place to be for only the powerful ruling elite. It is indeed a stigma on the face of so-called faith-based foundations of dear motherland that it’s least vulnerable section, called children, is abused and mercilessly killed not by Indian forces but by our own cutthroats.
The worst aspect of this very grim situation is that the custodians of faith (the clergy) which has a solution for everything, does not even dare to condemn such incidents or they are waiting some strings to be pulled from certain quarters of the state. Ghairat Brigade too keeps mum on such detestable incidents in general. Pakistan Movement for Justice is ruling the country, very justly. It seems that they have “just” started ruling the country. PTI would hurl criticism on PML for being incompetent on the issue yet the sort of competence has set in with them, makes common man to long for PML rule.
Champion of PQRSTU turns has only taken cosmetics steps like suspensions to demonstrate the cognizance of Justice in the land of pure. Pakistan needs a national emergency on child protection. All stakeholders must sit and agree upon a strategy to protect children and ensure that the perpetrators of such heinous crimes get no sympathy from any section of the society. Pakistan’s future must be protected.
Melbourne, Australia

Lots of congratulations

Through your paper, I am very glad to tell all the people living in the city of light (Karachi), lots of congratulations on automatically saved from these upcoming dengue attacks nowadays. As per my mother she told me be careful when of using washroom, open water stuffs and stored water in trunks and tabs as the virus of dengue again activated in Karachi.
I just replied to her that, there’s no need of worried now because dengue only able to live and grow only on need and clean water but this time we all people of Karachi filled their water tanks on last couples of supplies which is not neat and clean and almost contaminated with smart measure of dirty sewage water. So as per research on this virus it will be not able to stay. So again lots of congratulations to all the people of Karachi with lots of hidden message.

Indian dramas

There was a time when Pakistani dramas were watched with fervour and people aspired to watch Pakistani dramas across the globe even in India and number of Indian actors and actresses have admitted that they used to wait to watch episodes of Pakistani dramas such as Dhowa, Chand Ghiran, Dhasht, Alpha Bravo Charli, Kashkool and list goes on as the story and acting by both actors and actresses were outclass which attracted viewers to watch Pakistani dramas.
Unfortunately the fame which Pakistani dramas had, has been replaced with Indian dramas since we have tried to replicate Indian dramas which have neither good story nor acting as compared to what Pakistanis dramas had. There is nothing in Indian dramas except mother-in-laws and son’s wife dissents like Saas bhe kabhe baho the which is in fact, really affecting females of Pakistani society as females have a tendency to act after being inspired and they inspire quickly. As a result, mutual fights and arguments have increased among females in houses.
Their comedy dramas are better than Pakistani dramas as they have speciality in comedy and surprisingly Modi seems to have remained a comedian as his statements about Pakistan looks ridiculous like Pakistan is supporting terrorism across border while what India is doing in Kashmir is a peace process. What a joke, isn’t it.


One fails to understand how e-cigarettes are more harmful than regular cigarettes, beedis, gutkha and other tobacco products. If one is banned, shouldn’t the others be banned too?
If we really care about the youth of our country, the government must ban all tobacco products, including the regular cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, and one should know that.
Mumbai, India

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