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Keti Bandar a Pakistan’s jackpot

Following Gwadar in Pakistan, Keti Bandar is a deep port with the potential to change the game for that country by increasing its contribution to GDP. 150 years ago, it served as a port. The idea is to make Keti Bandar the third-largest seaport in the nation. It was discovered that Keti Bandar had been the centre of foreign commerce activity in Sindh more than fifty years ago, before dams were constructed upstream. The once-beautiful, flourishing delta was made up of extensive agricultural lands rich with marine resources. For their blue economy, ships travelled this route from as far away as Europe. In the past, Keti Bandar was renowned for its sizable crop fields and its successful poultry business.

However, if it is constructed and their route is linked to the M5 and M6 motorways, it would be beneficial. A railway track should be constructed for the purpose of transporting cargo and connecting to other areas of the province. Compared to the capacity of the two ports, Keti Bandar Port has the ability to accommodate significantly larger ships. When compared to Gwadar, which is more than 600 kilometres away from Karachi, the port’s closeness to Karachi and accessibility to highway and rail networks allow it to deliver cargo almost 24 hours faster to the main stream.

Additionally, Keti Bandar requires development with assistance from a foreign investor. same as CPEC, or it ought to be a part of CPEC. If this is provided to the Russians, there is a possibility that they will be interested in Sindh, and if they want to, there is a chance that they will bring enormous investment to Sindh. This project may attract further investment as a result. It is regrettable that this port is located in Sindh because if it were located in another area in Pakistan, there may have been a probability for it to have developed to what it is today. Keti Bandar andar should be built and developed as part of the CPEC or another large investment project.



Urban flooded university road

Ever since the rains in Karachi, the main University Road has been in a dilapidated condition. Just before the rain, the road was dug to install a new sewerage line near Safari Park. As soon as the rain started the road started to crack. This isn’t the only patch, the second one comes in the middle while travelling to Nipa and the third on the Nepa Chowarangi. Months have passed, but the road has not been repaired as yet.

Every day thousands of people and especially students travel on this route as two public sector universities are located on the road. Beside this, to give more relief to the common man, government has started Red Line Mass Transit Project Service on the University Road by cutting all the trees and reducing the road to inches from both sides while travelling in the morning. The traffic police are a silent spectator and grabbing the opportunity to catch the tanker mafia as it runs frequently on the road.

The conditions have become worse; all those travelling have to cross the reduced inch road; enjoy the rollercoaster road from safari park to New Town road; cross river Nipa with sewerage water and face health issues. The resignation-in-pending king of the KMC should take immediate matters and repair the main university road.

Meanwhile the Fix-It company should revisit its policy of fixing imported government and work for public interest; otherwise 2023 isn’t too far. If the conditions are not improved within a few days then perhaps the Chief Minister of Sindh would have to visit the road by air and declare the main university road as urban flooded.


Via email.

Noodles generation

Our culture is saturated with traditional foods. Hence we can’t resist the taste and the nutrients they carry. If we put a glance at our food, simple rice empowers more than 15 fundamental vitamins and minerals including, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc etc and Chicken, which has a remarkable 30.9g of protein that is enough to buck up all day long. In evidence, 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 calories for men are needed per day, but in this generation, we prepare instant noodles over nutrient foods.

Therefore, a study has shown instant noodles contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) which can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, weight gain, heart failure, kidney stones and stomach cancer. Moreover, instant food can’t rebuild healthy traditional food.

Accordingly instant food is made for people in fast-paced, nomadic societies who no longer have the time to cook and assemble food but we consume them daily. They are just snacks, not full meals. In this busy world, we need healthy food to power up clearly our traditional food.


Turbat Kech


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