Court grants 2-day physical remand of PTI leader Hamid


A district court in Lahore on Saturday granted the Federal Investigation Agency two-day physical remand of Hamid Zaman, one of the PTI’s founding members, in connection with the prohibited funding case.

Zaman and other PTI leaders, including Saifullah Nyazee and Tariq Shafi, were arrested on Friday from Lahore.

According to a first information report registered against him, both Zaman and Shafi have been accused of being accomplices of Abraaj founder Arif Masood Naqvi.

The FIR alleged that Naqvi had “siphoned off Rs9.1bn from funds of Abraaj Group and its subsidiary companies abroad and funneled to Aman Foundation’s accounts through Foreign Telegraphic Transfers with unexplained money trail.”

It said that Zaman was the general secretary of the Insaf Trust, which the complaint stated was a “bogus trust to give the impression that same is part of PTI”. He was also one of the characters named in the Election Commission of Pakistan’s verdict in the PTI’s prohibited funding case.

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