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Selection of Army Chief

I avail your precious space to put forward a suggestion with utmost sincerity and intellectual honesty. I have no doubt in my mind that a strong army is always required to protect the sovereignty of a nation and frontiers of a country. The valiant soldiers of Pak Army have performed wonders. This was proved in the Indian invasion of 1965, but lately the position of Chief of Army Staff has been under a lot of public discussion.

Pakistan follows a practice for the appointment of *chiefs of defence forces*. The Prime Minister appoints one out of a few names forwarded to him for final appointment of new a chief of staff. He usually does not possess expertise in the field of military science and cannot exercise his decision independently. It sometimes raises the doubt of lobbing which cannot be taken as a healthy practice.

However the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan may perform their constitutional functions for formal approval of the name of Service Chiefs. I suggest that the procedure adopted in the Superior Judiciary for automatic appointment of Chief Justice may be considered as a viable option for the appointment of the chiefs of defence forces including Pak Army. It is but natural that the senior most Lieutenant General, Vice Admiral or Air Marshall rise to this position through a highly professional and merit-based process.

Thus, the senior most officer would have equally achieved competence for selection to next higher rank. It would also be in the fitness of things if all the state institutions and government departments apply a uniform policy for extension of service of their employees. If the current process of appointment of Chief Of Staff is inevitable, then the superseded senior most or second senior most officer be elevated to the next higher rank and stand retired if he doesn’t want to continue to serve in a subordinate position.

Pakistan defence forces are the custodian of the noble practices of discipline, efficiency and training. Pak Army did not compromise on professionalism even when their leadership was on the helm of affairs in the country.



Food is a basic human need

Marking a check on the grocery items, only the foodstuff takes the major portion of the grocery list, just like grocery shopping takes a major chunk of the monthly income. Prices are on a high horse that with its blinkers on is not looking back. Not to belabour a point but let the reality sink in, a phalanx of problems, the inflation in double digits, international fuel prices, taxes, a rickety economy, and a bevy of troubles keep the pocket empty.

The working class suffers the most with these price hikes, not exclusively the blue-collar or the labour class, but also the white-collar working class. Not only is ‘what to eat for the evening?’ a difficult question but ‘whether to eat or not’ as well, when prices of basic food items like onions or tomatoes are also sky high.

We are already juggling myriad economic problems as a society, and the shortage of food is a grave issue due to a lack of proper infrastructure and a brimming population. It is even further exaggerated by the current floods in the country causing food shortage, with an already existing high demand and surge in price. Out of 119 countries, Pakistan ranks 106 on the Global Hunger Index (GHI).

AAA Associates has always been a community-oriented organization and through its Non-Profit Organization, Yusaeid Foundation, an NGO, is makibg efforts to make food provisions sufficient for the underprivileged and strive to have their basic needs met.



Beating war drums

PTI chief Imran Khan has decided to initiate the last battle for “real freedom” within days. According to his plans, victory will be followed by the announcement for fresh elections leading to the end of the coalition government and the return of the PTI to power. This is the second time Mr Khan is beating the war drums. The PTI’s May 26 march on Islamabad had failed to pull out the numbers that he had expected from either KP or Punjab.

The march had come to an abrupt end with Imran Khan deciding not to go ahead with the sit-in. PTI chief took oath from party lawmakers, office-bearers and members to support the ‘real freedom’ march despite all odds. While the PTI and the government are fully concentrated on their tactical plans two ominous issues loom large on the horizon: the perilous state of the national economy and the dire situation in the vast flood-affected areas of the country.

There is a need on both sides to avert the impending confrontation and resolve their disputes without harming the economy or diverting attention from the suffering of millions of people facing hunger and disease. PTI’s leadership should adopt peaceful and legitimate recourse to regain power instead of creating pandemonium and lawlessness in the federal capital. This type of agitation could be culminated to instability and further worsening the staggered economy of the country.



Climate change in Pakistan

It is unfortunate to note that Pakistan has suffered severe and intense floods caused by climate change. Added to this, most areas and normal life out there have been severely affected by flooding. The East or the West, news of Pakistan having been ravaged by climate change-triggered-threats has got attention from every nook and cranny. Having been hit by floods, Pakistan is in need of international help, especially in the form of food and money. Asian countries and the West should reach out to the affected in Pakistan sooner rather than later.

True, the international community has been talking about impending threats from climate change. First off, just like other Asian nations, Pakistan is a beautiful country located in the midst of rivers, seas and mountains alike. Even then, Pakistan has been reeling from unprecedented flood threats now. Given the kind of damage caused to Pakistan, it is clear that climate change has been playing havoc with Pakistan. Even in India, this monsoon so many areas have been receiving unprecedented levels of rainfall right up till date – this time around. Going by all these facts and figures, there has been something on the ground that has to be changed.

Yes, it is all about the attitude of humans to Mother Earth. Of course, climate change can largely be attributable to factors like fuel consumption, pollution, felling of trees, failure to support more green activities and much more. In this context, urbanization and rigorous use of vehicles [this has been everywhere these days] have been a huge deterrent to the very existence of humanity on this beautiful planet.


Maharashtra, India



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