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PTI Chief’s warning

PTI chief Imran Khan issued yet another ultimatum. He warned the government to hold fresh elections or be ready to face protesters who would converge on Islamabad. IK has been holding rallies to raise the issue ever since he was removed through a no-confidence vote in April.

The demand, however, became louder and more desperate after the PTI won by-elections and formed the government in Punjab under the leadership of Ch.Pervaiz Elahi of PML(Q) despite having a vast majority of PTI’ MPAs in the PA. Over the last four months of its rule the PMLN-led government has managed to reset relations with the USA, which had deteriorated under PTI’s rule. It has also rejoined the IMF programme. Due to the economic hardships, PML-N hopes the measures taken by it will start paying dividends in a few months.

It is therefore reluctant to hold elections before the completion of the present National Assembly’s tenure next year. The disaster caused by the weather conditions has introduced a new factor in the debate raging around elections. With rains and floods continuing, what Pakistan faces is a major humanitarian disaster. Videos and photos emerging on social media show towns, villages and cities inundated with no sign of life.

Families stranded in locations with no food or water or shelter and with road links washed away, it is argued that this is not the time for political parties to fight for power. Presently there is a need to concentrate on saving lives which needs a gigantic effort. Once this has been done there will be the challenge of rehabilitating tens of thousands of families.

A decision to hold early elections will divert the nation’s attention from the disaster to campaigning. A considerable part of the federal and provincial administrative machinery, including the police and other law enforcement agencies currently engaged in reducing human suffering, will get involved in arrangements connected with the elections. The political parties should provide help and support to the suffering compatriots instead of indulging in power politics.



Floods in interior Sindh

Rain spells have wrecked much havoc in the entire country. Similarly these spells in the interior Sindh have worried the people about their homes and their major income source – agricultural lands. The first spell of rain wasted the production of dates in both Sukkur and Khairpur that gives 90pc dates production of entire Sindh. Second spell of rain completely destroyed the paddy crop in its major areas such as Larkana, Shikarpur, Qambar-Shahdadkot & Jacobabad.

On the other hand, both spells created the flash floods in almost all districts that submerged the cotton crops in the fields. Now, that water still stands in the fields which is strengthening the worries among growers that they won’t be able to grow wheat in coming months due to submerged agricultural land.

Due to non-availability of proper channels and inactive concerned authorities to evacuate these flooded lands and interrupted flow of flood water by some powerful quarters to protect their lands in a bid to submerge other lands have worried growers.

If right action is not taken at this time, lands won’t be able to absorb water in coming months of winter and as a result lands will be useless throughout the winter season.

That’s why Sindh Government must look after the farmers and take steps to protect their agricultural lands, especially the lands of Union Council Dhandhi and Sangrar which come in the district Sukkur are not only flooded but also poisoned due to breakdown of ‘Karo-Naro’.

The concerned authorities are requested to take action and prepare a plan to evacuate water from these areas as soon as possible enabling the people to grow wheat crop in a month away season.



Conference on diabetes

Lack of awareness and education among general masses, are among core reasons for rising number of diabetic patients in Pakistan. According to statistics by International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 33 million people are diabetic . Going by this huge number, Pakistan ranks 3rd largest in the world with China being first and India on second

Government health quarters are urged to take note of rising number of diabetes patients and plan a national conference in Islamabad with inclusion of various stakeholders




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