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Politics of confrontation


Mr Khan failed to realize that while one may come to power with the help of the Establishment one will have to act afterwards as a junior partner. Once in PM House, the sycophants around Mr Khan started telling him that his personal charisma and unmatched political sense had attracted electables and smaller parties to the PTI. The mammoth crowds that gathered at his call further nurtured the bloated image of the self in the PTI chief.

After consigning a fair number of his political opponents to NAB, Imran Khan tried to dabble in the Army’s internal affairs too which gave birth to resentment in the organization. Long before coming to power, the PTI had started using its social media teams to viciously attack its political rivals and media critics, employing the foulest vocabulary ever used before. With Mr Khan blaming the Army for the fall of his government, its highly irresponsible social media teams turned their guns toward the Army.

Instead of telling them to act responsibly, Mr Khan’s CoS, Shahbaz Gill, incited mutiny in the Army. Neither IK nor his party top leadership disassociated it from the unacceptable seditious statement of Shahbaz Gill. IK is unwilling to play the role of a responsible opposition leader. He has again said he cannot sit together with corrupt politicians comprising the leadership of the ruling alliance.

Imran Khan is still keen in making up with the Army and rule the country together. Keeping his image high in his followers IK is criticising Army as well as constitutional institutions while back-door conciliatory channels are being opened with Establishment as reported in media. This can be called a politics of hypocrisy.



Shehbaz Gill’s dilemma

Former PM Imran Khan’s CoS, Shehbaz Gill, is facing a seditious case and is in jail. The allegation on Shehbaz Gill is to disseminate hateful and seditious content which is equally tantamount to incite the defence forces to revolt through the comments he made on a private TV Channel. We acknowledge that he should not have passed such remarks against state functionaries and what he said is indeed disagreeable, which must be investigated transparently and give him chance of fair trial in accordance with law.

According to a medical report of PIMS hospital, he is chronic patient of asthma and finds difficulty while breathing, but when he was taken to court from hospital, meanwhile oxygen was removed, and he was groaning in pain—which left everyone flabbergasted. Have the feelings of compassion evaporated in our society? The government has overreacted to a degree that has given ammunition to the PTI to accuse it of fascism and criminal disregard of human rights, it must withdraw from using motley tactics to undermine political opponents, or else political polarization will continue to surge.

To conclude, Shehbaz Gill should be treated in an effective and legal way through judicial process. If he, now, shows compunction after making remarks related to anti-military, then he must be given chance to comport himself.


Kandhkot, Sindh

Significance of books

Books are the greatest treasures which everyone can read to lead. It is rightly said that a reader is a leader. Most importantly, when we feel sad and rejected, books console our rejected and troubled souls as well as this is the power of books which can eliminate the darkness and give rise to illumination. If we are sad, reading books can help us to reduce out sadness.

We can get a lot of information from books. We all know that what we read today is just because of books. It is a great source of information, with the help of it we can do anything easily. We can also write and save our knowledge for our upcoming generations. We learn instructive stories from it. That’s why book is very important and valuable. We must try to take out some time to read and understand the value of books.


Malir, Karachi

Truth always prevails

Many people have heard the saying that when the truth takes a step forward, the lie has already covered a great distant and spread around widely. In other words, the power of truth in our society is not as much as it is in lies. From the nursery class of the school to the people sitting at the helm, most of them resort to lies for their own benefits.

People start lying about small things in the beginning and as they walk, their lies bring them to a point where lying becomes a habit, not a compulsion. Such people not only become accustomed to lying themselves but also embrace their loved ones. The company of one affects the other and thus the lie reaches its peak.

Lies, no matter how powerful, end up causing harm. Just like I said a proverb earlier, I want to say another proverb that lies do not have legs. That is, no matter how much a lie is hidden, the truth is revealed. The big difference between a lie and the truth is that if we tell a lie then we have to tell another lie to prove it and thus we keep telling many lies but we do not need to prove the truth. Therefore, it is always best to resort to the truth.


Malir, Karachi

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