59 AIMS students conferred degrees


In the first ever convocation of the Aawaz Institute of Media and Management Sciences (AIMS), 59 students were conferred degrees.

The convocation ceremony was held at a local banquet where students along with their parents participated while Senator Nisar Ahmed Khuhro was the chief guest, said a statement released here on Monday.Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi Prof. Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi and others also attended the ceremony.While addressing the ceremony, Senator Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said, “Our youngsters and mainly students are our assets as they have to lead the development of Pakistan in future.”

He mentioned that since 2001, “We have focused on improving the quality of education particularly the higher education sector and also welcomed the private sector when it joined hands with the government in providing quality education”.

Senator Nisar said that small cities and districts also need attention of private sector as they did not have universities and it was difficult for them to get quality education. Most of the time, people of small towns and districts have to leave their hometowns to receive education in other cities, he added.

Khuhro said the industrialists should be invited in the convocation ceremonies so that they could also conduct interviews of the fresh graduates and offer employment opportunities to the highly talented youngsters. He believed it would help the local industry as they would get the right candidate for the position.Senator Nisar Ahmed said, “We can bring positive changes in the society by providing quality education and giving equal chance to everyone and by promoting merit culture.”

Meanwhile, KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said he believed that Aims graduates had skills and abilities required to excel in the competitive corporate world. The institute, which was started with only one programme, has done remarkable job during all these years and moving in right direction, he added.

Dr Khalid Iraqi stressed that the competition was getting more challenging and one had to be able to produce best result by applying their skills with discipline.

He hoped that with the stability in political scenario in the country, many new opportunities will emerge and open new doors for the youth.

The KU VC Professor said that youngsters should focus on entrepreneurship rather than looking at public and private sectors for jobs. He advised students that while displaying their visionary and well-educated attitude towards life, they need to identify their role in the progress of the country and try playing it as effectively as possible.

“Our beloved homeland needs our devotion and immense support. Development is ongoing process which can never be brought to halt. Today, we are struggling to attain a plausible position among the successful nations of the world. I have complete faith in the youth of this country that can lead this country towards the path of success.”

Earlier, Rector Aims Professor Dr Saleem Shahzad while congratulating the students and parents on the occasion said he believed that training at Aims had enabled the students to complete well in the corporate world.

“I am sure that these students will utilize all their capabilities to prove themselves as an important asset for organizations they will work for.”

Later, appreciation shields were distributed among the graduating students and degrees were also conferred in absentia.

Rector AIMS Dr Saleem Shahzad congratulated Shaikh-ul-Jamia Karachi Professor Khalid al-Iraqi, Senator Nisar Khoro, Board of Governors, faculty members, teachers, students and alumni. He said that AIMS had been providing these services in the field of education for 12 years.

Aims is affiliated with the University of Karachi and since its foundation in January 2011, more than 570 students have completed degrees in BS Mass Communication, Bachelors of Business Administration, BS Software Engineering and BS Computer Science, B. Design—Graphic Design and B. Design—Design and Media Arts/Film in morning and evening programs.


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