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Heartiest congratulations!

Pakistani sportsman Arshad Nadeem & Nooh Dastgir Butt win laurels for Pakistan in the Commonwealth Games underway at Birmingham – UK. Both have won gold medals in Javelin Throw & Weight Lifting respectively.

This unquestionably is a remarkable achievement, and the entire nation takes unfeigned pride in Arshad’s and Nooh’s unparalleled success in the Commonwealth Games. A huge “Thank You” to you — Arshad and Nooh, for making the Pakistani nation immensely proud.

I urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Shehbaz Sharif to announce an award of at least Rs.10 million each for Arshad Nadeem and Nooh Dastagir Butt for their outstanding and unparalleled performance in the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham – UK.



Formation of power sector companies

One of the reasons of the failure and destruction of power sector in Pakistan has been the poor and unsatisfactory performance of the BoDs of power sector companies.

Mainly most of the members in Boards were earlier included on political consideration without assessing their requisite qualification, experience and expertise in accordance with the criteria of corporate governance rules 2013 and public sector companies rules 2017. Their induction without any competitive process further aggravate the working of the power sector companies.

Rampant corruption, inefficiency, bad governance, unfair labour practices, political interference, non accountability and maladministration are currently the burning issues of all companies which are not being looked into by the Boards and even by the Power Division, GOP, for ostensible reasons to address the real issues. Not a single BoD initiated any action against any responsible official for dereliction of duties on account of above referred discrepancies. They were only interested in their perks and privileges.

As a matter of fact, well reputed professionals with proven integrity in the field of corporate governance, finance, company and labour laws, HRM, taxation, procurement , engineering and chartered accountancy are required to be inducted in BoDs through competitive process. At present, all companies only survive on subsidies from the national exchequer since long even then no improvement in the system is witnessed.

The most sufferer in this situation are the bonafide consumers who have to face long outages and to pay inflated and exorbitant bills. Feeders are shut for forced and unannounced load shedding in rural areas for more than 12 hours and in urban areas four to six hours daily to recover losses. In recent years, many innocent people lost their lives due to the burning and blasting of low quality transformers and improper maintenance and increased load but no one took cognizance of it. Less recoveries, purchase of substandard material, illegal detection billing, horrible plundering in civil works, procurement, development, construction, GSC and GSO, frequent transfers and postings in violation of rules, pendency of disciplinary cases, inquiries, nepotism in appointments etc can only be checked by competent and upright boards otherwise it will be futile exercise again.




of water

I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities toward a worrisome issue of Karachi which is the biggest city of Pakistan and with a dense population. But unfortunately, it has been facing a plethora of problems; one of which is shortage of water and even it is increasing day by day in the city.

It is disappointing that the people of the largest city of Pakistan are facing a major issue and even 80 per cent of people are deprived of their right to water so how can other smallest regions of Pakistan can be provided proper water supply. Accordingly, now the country is set to reach dangerous levels of hotness and no one seems to take this issue seriously. The local authorities of Karachi should take some steps regarding this.



Dysfunctional institutions

The lack of good governance has always remained crummy in this country since its inception. The high standards and integrity of the institutions lead to good governance. Good governance is the indication of strong institutions and lead towards the political and economic stability. Owing to underdeveloped human resources, corruption, absence of rule of law, nepotism, institutions of this country are heading towards the brink of decimation. Aforementioned factors depict the gloomy society which could lead country towards state of anarchism sooner or later.

The menace of corruption is injected in this society and is difficult to extract oneself from this muddy social arena. It has entrenched and pervaded in every section of society. Corruption undermines the very basis upon which the social order rests. The menace of corruption negates the fundamental norms and values, honesty and fairness, making it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong. As a result of this menace, it has perverted the social structure and made it blurred.

Many countries in the world such as Japan, China, South Korea show good governance. For instance, if we take example of China, the way it responded to the pandemic Covid-19 was unmatched and unparalleled. It is said that governance system of China is more efficient than others in the globe specifically in current times.


Bhimber Azad Kashmir


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