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Fanning the flames

Chairman PPP Bilawal Zardari has lashed out at the Federal Government following the Law Minister Farogh Naseem’s statement that the Centre is considering to invoke Article 149 of the Constitution to address Karachi’s longstanding administrative issues.
While hurling an absurd accusation against PM Imran Khan, Zardari drew a nonsensical analogy as he likened the decision to Indian criminal oppression of Jammu and Kashmir. As he said, “You try to build a narrative against Modi and at the same time you try to occupy Karachi. This is bizarre.” He went on to say that there will be more partitions if the provinces continue to be deprived of their rights. In the ongoing political crisis such an irresponsible statement by the head of country’s third largest party will definitely fan the flames of separatist sentiments among the people of Sindh and Pashtun areas.
Instead of siding with the Federal Government in its struggle to confront multifaceted challenges both on local and external fronts, Bilawal Zardari seems to be sucked in typical political quagmire and is unlikely to go for a progressive political movement. As a matter of fact, the horrendous mismanagement in Sindh province in general and particularly in Karachi, which is country’s industrial and economic hub, is mainly attributed to his own party’s decade-long bad governance and corruption. The govt of Sindh continues to claim that lack of provision of funds from Centre is primarily reason behind Karachi’s disgusting administrative breakdown and always remains indifferent and reluctant and to accept responsibility.

Namarta: A sister of Sindh

The recent incident of Chandka Medical College Larkana involving murder of Namarta  has reignited the flames of murder cases in Sindh in particular and Pakistan in general. The hot discussion is ongoing that uplifts human anger over Pakistani stakeholders. The fatal incident reported on Tuesday. Namarta was found dead at her hostel room. The entire Sindh is under gloomy situation whether it is murder or suicide.
One wonders how much it is painful and heart-touching for her family. Sadly the education system has left unprecedented murder and suicide scenes in recent years. This fatal situation discourages parents to admit their children in university level institutions. And, this idea stops the growth of nation-building in the long run.
However, the baleful and very tactful incident has been reported as a murder case in the post-mortem report. This clearly shows that the murder was pre-planned. The concerned authorities are likely to be involved in the case. All such factors must be dealt with an iron hand. No culprit should be spared. Hard punishment should be given to those who destroyed not only Namarta’s life but also the hopes of her family and society.
It is high time for Sindh government, which has yet not taken any notice, to open her eyes to see the bitter reality of demoralizing Sindh education system. It is better to take concrete steps before another Namarta caught in the same net of brutality.

Hefty fines

The hefty fines imposed on motorists and on those driving two-wheelers across the country have triggered several debates. Sometimes, we think that the rules are just useless. The attitude is that if everyone can break rules, why can’t I? Most people do not carry or do not have a driving licence. They must always carry a driving licence with them while travelling. Those who break the law must be booked and fined heavily so as to discourage them from repeating the act again. Another case is haste. People try to cross the road while the signal is still red. They argue that there was no one on the road and chose to cross it because they were in a hurry to reach their destination. But they should know that rules are rules and everyone has to follow them. Those driving a car must always wear a seat belt and those driving a two-wheeler must always wear a helmet. It is for their safety and it reduces the chances of death.
Mumbai, India

Study prospects
in Italy

The Italian Consulate in Karachi in collaboration with the Department of Communication and Languages, Institute of Business Management (IBM) hosted a session ‘Study in Italy’ on 18 September 2019. H.E Ms. Anna Ruffino, Italian Consul General in Karachi talked to students and faculty about the online students’ portal ‘Study in Italy’ developed under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was accompanied by Muhammad Haroon, Cultural Coordinator at the Italian Consulate and Dr. Irfan Muhammad, Ph.D. from LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy. Dr. Mehvish Saleem, HoD, Department of Communication and Languages along with her faculty played a leading role in arranging this session.
Anna Ruffino highlighted the prospects of higher studies for students in Italy. She said that the universities in Italy provide students with research opportunities pursue a scientific method of education and offer several courses in English. She explained how students can plan their studies in Italy and the process to apply for grants through the ‘Study in Italy’ portal. While Muhammad Haroon stressed upon the cultural aspects of studying in Italy. Dr. Irfan Muhammad shared his experience as a PhD student in Italy. He briefed students about the selection criteria of a university in Italy. He also shared importance of spending a year in another part of Europe to acclimatise students with culture and to expand their insights regarding their field of study.
Via email

Misguided people!

I struggle to come to terms with misguided people who are calling for Mugabe to be given the highest heroes status in Africa for black empowerment. Are these people sincere and sane? Mugabe left a trail of misused fertile farm, dilapidated health facilities and fore more than 4 million citizens to seek sanctuary and better economic conditions in other countries. He masterminded corruption, massively abused human rights and left Zimbabweans with a rotten electoral system.
However, the current President Mnangagwa is dragging the country further to the deep end as citizens endure 19 hours of no electricity and in town they drink polluted water as evidenced by serious of Cholera outbreak. Those calling for Mugabe heroes status should be calling on the current president to fix the economy, reform the judicial system and end of forms of human rights abuses and corruption
United Kingdom

One dimensional movement

Presently, the government of PTI has been moving on the one-way track. Therefore, the government’s vision has revolved around the accountability and corruption eradication. They are just putting {alleged} culprits and corrupt people behind bars or adding their name in accountability list. Yet, the government has not achieved any type of result of these all high-profile and billion rupee corruption cases.
Consequently, that one dimensional movement has been creating political instability, poverty, and unemployment in the country. That one-way track has been leading to unkind national economy at micro as well as macro level. Precisely, the government of PTI has to make a multidimensional vision which has to provide some sought of energy to the national economy, to promote peace, stability, integrity, employment opportunities in the country and speedily resolve the corruption cases.

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