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Endemic kidney disease

Last week on February 14, World Kidney Day was observed globally to generate awareness about kidney diseases. On the International day of kidney, it was reported that kidney diseases affect a large number of people in the world including Pakistan. Reportedly, Pakistan ranks 8th in the world regarding prevalence of kidney disease. Astonishingly, kidney diseases claim 20,000 human lives every year in Pakistan. In fact, diabetes, high blood pressure, excessive use of painkillers, uncertified medicines, environmental pollution and poor hygiene are root causes of chronic kidney ailments.
Therefore, concerned authorities must make all-out efforts for creating awareness about the kidney diseases that affect colossal proportion of Pakistan’s population. In addition to this, taking low intake of salt and oily foods but more fruits and vegetables, doing physical exercise, controlling sugar and high blood pressure and saying no the consumption of alcohol and tobacco are key measures that can truly help in the prevention of this widespread disease.
Phaka district Dadu

Killings in institutions

Our educational institutions have been in news for all wrong reasons; as a teacher recently was killed by a student because the decedent was organising a mix gender function. Sad, but the list of such brutal incidents is long: Mashal Khan and Sharoon Masih are just few to name.
To ascertain reasons fully and make the institutions safer, we have to look into a matter profoundly. First, violent streak is generally found in those individuals who lack in cognitive capacity. Resultantly, such people are poor in problem solving and find very difficult to adjust in a new environment. And due to poor socialization, dealing cultural, ethnic and religious differences and diversity is oblivion to them.
Secondly, societal behavior to award violence works every effectively. For instance, few years back, a child cut his hand off just because he had wrongly risen that hand responding a local cleric’s questions. Whole neighborhood including family celebrated and rejoiced savage act. Thirdly, other factors at work are distorted and monolithic curriculum, ban on dissent and critical thinking by states to pursue their tactical and strategical interests which in return produce more violent and extremists people.
However, to change the tide, we have to follow some old route; accept not only diversity but also celebrate at state level . Critical thinking must encouraged besides bringing positive changes in curriculum to make it inclusive. Overhauling of education system and promoting art and culture would be beneficial in this regard. Hopefully, we will understand this one day in the true and genuine national interests.

Rape cases
in Pakistan

Pakistan which is known one of the Muslim country in all over the world is among ten worst countries when at comes to rape cases.
We can say that women are not safe in Pakistan.According to a report at least four women are raped everyday in our country. And in a year more than three hundred women and children are the victim of rapest. Besides Pakistan ‘ India ‘ China ‘Germany and even the most super power county of the world( U. S. A)
America is in top position in regard of rape cases. So 99% vactums are females in rape cases and only one 1% is male in America.
The amazing thing is that most of the rape cases take place inside of the home in (U.S.A) and there is no one to ask the rapest. So we cannot blame pakistan that she is unable to stop the criminals when advanced countries are fail to stop them.International organizations must take strong action against such criminals because such crimenals donot destroy only one person but all the nation.
Via email

NIP stipends enigma

The April is going to commence soon and yet after 365 days of waiting, I and others like me are eagerly looking forward for the remaing two months stipends of National Internship Program, a youth training project of Government of Pakistan. I was selected as an internee in July, 2017 through NIP from Sindh province and worked for the whole year despite that I recieved only ten months amount and that too eight months ago.
On 13th march, 2019, a notification was posted in NIP webportal stating that the remaing stipends have been released. And, its true that most of the interns got their amount but I was not fortunate enough to be one of them. Surprisingly, when I try to check my status of stipend in NIP webportal, i get the answer that my NBP account is not found though 10 of 12 months stipends were credited into my NBP account, which through collaboration of government of Pakistan was created when i was chosen as an internee.
This is not over here, my two months attendence is also missing from the webportal which can be used as an excuse against my issue but how come one can work for ten months constantly and leave the program just before two months of its completion? I urge higher authorities to look into the matter and resolve my issue of remaing with hold stipends.
Wahi Pandhi,Dadu

Toxic society

It is an evident fact that man remains in learning phase on every stage of life. Now it is up to him what he acquires is positive or negative and similarly what are the sources of his knowledge.
There are four institutions of society: family, religion, politico-economic and education. All these pillars facilitate a society for being model society where tolerance, equality, brotherhood, justice, freedom prevail in better extent. But unfortunately, our society is going to fast in its declining phase.
It is becoming toxic. It is controlled and dominated by conservative and myopic people. Still our minds have not forgotten Mashal Khan cold blooded murder , a professor in Bahawalpur was stabbed to death by a student.
It is need of hour to ponder rover where our society is going. We have to change people’s mind from narrow to broad mindedness. Similarly, it is responsibility of every one to know the causes of this shameful situation.
What inflicts bad impact on our socialization and must be rooted out in its prime age as our youth could remain safe. If we ignore these acts, would repent in near future.
Khairpur Mirs Sindh