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Condemn Sri Lanka blasts

Heartbreaking news of serial bomb blasts in Sri Lanka that have killed nearly 300 people and injured many more has sent shockwaves across the world. Targeted by terror attacks in various parts of the country, Sri Lanka has been left in the lurch, crying for help. The international community and different political leaders from Asian region and rest of the world have all together condemned the Sri Lanka blasts in the strongest terms possible. And I keenly watched news on TV, sad-faced and red-faced.
Basically, my native areas like Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Tiruchendur and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu [mostly coastal areas] have been having the close and geographical connectivity/proximity to this beautiful Asian nation called Sri Lanka. Down the years like the early 1990s, the people from my areas had easily come to know about any occurrence taking place in any part of Sri Lanka like Colombo. Such has been the close feeling and the trend to date.
The international community should help Sri Lanka from coming out of this crisis soon to maintaining harmony among the Tamils and Sinhalese. The Sri Lanka blasts aimed at those innocent and humble people in the churches seem to have been stage-managed in advance. Again the strict vigil has to be shifted to any event like the upcoming Cricket World Cup. Also, the countries the world over should alert their people to such impending terror attacks.
Mumbai, India

Cheating in exams

The actual and foremost reason that drives students to cheat in exam is the desire to secure higher score. It has been observed that many students start cheating in exam only because they are pressurized to secure good marks; this pressure might come from any direction, from their family, teachers, relatives or any other person who has direct impact on his or her career. They get frightened with the feelings of getting punished by the parents, receiving insulting look from the friends or getting snubbed in front of the relatives. Under this kind of pressure, they cannot imagine the bright future.
One more thing that drives students for cheating in exams is to see the higher scores obtained by other classmates. As a part of human nature, it feels bad when someone of our age does a good job and people start making comparisons. One of the most common things that drive students for cheating in exam is the inability to prepare well for the exams.
Whatever the reasons are; cheating in exam is always considered as a malpractice. A few marks obtained through the hard work have more importance than the larger marks obtained by cheating in exam. Cheating might help at the outset but it contains a lot of long-standing impact on future. As no knowledge is gained through cheating in examination. Cheating in exam is not a good habit and it must be controlled at its starting face. This can be achieved in many ways. First of all, parents should stop burdening their child to score good marks. Giving complete freedom to a child will definitely result in gradual but growing progress. Another thing to follow is to stop making comparisons among two students.
Via email

and inflation

Muslims all around the globe are prepping themselves for the holy month of Ramazan. In Pakistan, people are worried about the rise in the price of eatables during the holy month.
As the demand increases for people, they are bound to buy expensive food. It’s a request to government officials to look upon this matter and reduce high commodity prices so that basic food should be accessible to everyone.

Heat stroke

Sunny bright summers have entered our city causing discomfort for the helpless people who are fighting with load shedding along with intolerable heat. Many people have lost their lives a couple of years ago in life threatening heatstroke. Some safety measures had been taken last year but those were not enough because casualties caused by heatstroke are still present.
Government should take notice and make as many as possible heatstroke s camps throughout the city so that it becomes convenient for both rich and poor to get first aid on time. Last but not the least civilians should be informed about the heatstroke one week before the heat waves.
are they?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has about half a dozen media people team and Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has just been inducted as the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Information and Broadcasting. This means the PM also holds the portfolio of Information Minister. The pertinent question which arises here is as to where all of them are and what they are doing to project positive image of the federal government. Their performance leaves much to be desired. One fails to find any convincing strong-worded rebuttals to hostile propaganda of PPP and PML(N) leaders in the newspapers. Quite unnecessarily, preference continues to be given, though in a half hearted manner, to the electronic media over the print media which is not advisable to say the least. Prime Minister Imran Khan during his last week’s maiden visit to Iran had while addressing joint press conference with host President Rouhani mentioned the use of Pakistani soil for terrorist activities in Iran. His remarks were misconstrued and quoted out of context without ascertaining the facts by the opposition parties including legislators in the National Assembly.
The matter should have been clarified and things should have been set right forthwith by the media team within no time of the situation was being exploited by the opposition. A clarification by the Prime Minister’s Office only came on TV channels on Wednesday after much damage had been done. Members of the PM’s media team perhaps only remained tuned to TV channels and they are not scanning the newspapers daily otherwise they would have read the hostile critical articles being published in newspapers every other day without there being any rebuttals whatsoever from the federal government side.
Child labour

Unfortunately, Pakistan is beset with the issue of child labour, because it’s not only about industrious labour hardships and tiresome life but also refers to the exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives them of their childhood. Moreover, much despondent condition is to interfere with their ability to attend regular school, and is mentally, physically, socially or morally harmful. Such exploitation is prohibited by legislation worldwide, but the Pakistan’s legislation seems stunt so far to implement some serious steps about it.
Recently PM Imran Khan urged the countrymen to show patience and don’t get nervous in the current situation as the nations have to experience such difficulties in the process of reformation. But remember it’s about to launch mega project in Islamabad under Naya Pakistan Housing Programme. While pre-election speeches were mostly about such grave issues such as child labour, unemployment, youth empowerment and many more. PM also strongly puts emphasis that Pakistan has emerged stronger out of the crises, which seems merely power of rhetoric. It is humble piece of request to PM that such grave and heart wrenching issues need baldly to eliminate because masses seem waiting patiently for an optimistic Naya Pakistan.

in Karachi

A prevailing problem in Karachi is pollution and being an industrial city, it produces thousands of tonnes of solid waste and dangerous gases. Some of Karachi’s fertile land is used to dump waste products. Due to the accumulation of waste, many diseases are spreading in Karachi. People from lower socio-economic class search these heaps of garbage for material that can be recycled. This practice has adverse effects on their health.
Nowadays breathing in Karachi damages lungs and causes serious infections like asthma and bronchitis that all have been observed to be on the rise as the city’s air quality has worsened. The hygienic conditions of the city are poor. The streets of the city are very poorly kept. Karachi city having a population of 16.62 million is unfortunately among cities which are most densely polluted. I urge the government of Sindh to take necessary reforms to improve the state of the environmental affairs in Karachi. If the prevailing practice continues, life in the city will face more challenges than it does today.