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Plane crash

The horrendous plane crash in Mora Kalu, Rawalpindi that took 18 precious lives is a call for strict aviation control. Pakistan does not have good reputation regarding air planes safety conditions. Occasionally, we face such accidents that take human lives. The cause of accident will be known later on but the death of people on ground is more pathetic.
There was no appropriate system of fire extinguishing in the area. We lag behind in having common facilities, what to speak of disaster management system. The absence of proper rescue system in the area took so many lives as fire erupted could not be controlled, easily. It is hoped that the Government will announce death compensation package for the deceased and improvement in surveillance system will avoid such accidents in future. Prayers for the departed souls.

Bishop arrested?

It’s a pity that Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar, Punjab, was not arrested and put behind bars for raping a nun from a Kerala Convent thirteen times between 2014 and 2016. This clearly proves that he has bribed the police with the money he has.
These days, women are treated like sex objects for men to play with. If you have the money you can get away with the crime you have committed these days.
Mumbai, India

Trump and Boris Johnson

Both Trump and Johnson have what the Irish physicist and psychologist Ian Hughes calls “disordered minds.” Trump is a chronic liar, purveyor of racism and large-scale tax cheat. US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his 22-month investigation of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign described repeated cases of Trump’s obstruction of justice. Trump stands accused by more than 20 women of sexual predation, a behaviour he bragged about on tape, and directed his attorney to make illegal payments of hush money that constituted campaign finance violations.
Johnson’s personal behaviour is similarly incontinent. He is widely regarded as a chronic liar and as unkempt in personal life, including two failed marriages and an apparent domestic altercation on the eve of becoming Prime Minister. He has been repeatedly fired from jobs for lying and other disreputable behaviour. He led the Brexit campaign in 2016 on claims that have been proven false.
As British Foreign Secretary, he twice leaked secret intelligence – in one case, French intelligence about Libya, and in another case British intelligence about Iran. Like Trump, he has a high disapproval rating among all age groups, and his approval ratings rise with voter age.

Another road accident

On Sunday, in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Malakand disrict a tractor-trolley carrying some students of a religious seminary for picnic met an accident when it turned turtle injuring 40 students. However, this is not the first time innocent people have got serious injuries or lost their lives in such kind of critical accident as only earlier in the day four members of a family, including three children, died while 20 others sustained injuries in a bus accident near Sindh’s Thatta district.
To date, the authorities have been unsuccessful in controlling or even mitigating such accidents resulting in premature deaths; many times, it is children who are involved. I urge the authorities concerned to take serious steps to eliminate the cause of such accidents and take those responsible to task.
Kech Turbat

Burning rubbish woes

Though the Municipal Corporation is doing its best to collect the garbage of the Turbat city, yet the locals can be seen burning their trashes in many of the streets. The continuous process of burning garbage can not only be the reason of some risky diseases but also affects our environment and ozone layer dangerously. And the smokes which are produced from the burning rubbish will be the cause of air pollution.
Therefore, we citizens urge the MC of the Kech district to put some more efforts in case of collecting the waste material on time and warn the citizens to stop burning their trashes.

Importance of career counselling

In Turbat city, we never find a single career counselling program for students. There are two critical stages which come in the career of a student; first, after completing matriculation and second after clearing their 12th grade. Most of the students select wrong departments because of ignorance; that’s why they have to say goodbye to their studies in the middle. The only reason behind wrong selection is that there is no career counselling programs which can tell us that in which subject we have strength.
No doubt, we have to select those departments in which we have interest. Several of the pupils are inspired of their friends so they select their friends’ fields. A lot of students select wrong fields and they leave these fields after two or three years at the middle of the program. The authorities don’t realize that their years and their careers are being destroyed due to unawareness of their strengths. Thus, I would like to request the Education Minister of Pakistan and concerned authorities to work on this because students’ lives are very much important. They must know about career counselling in one way or another.

Ignoring children

I would like to draw the attention of the educational department toward the out-of-school children in Balochistan which portray a very bleak picture. There are almost 1.8 out-of-school children at present that is the main reason that Balochistan has the highest illiteracy rate as compared to other provinces. The out-of-school children belong to poor families and they cannot afford studying and start working at an early age.
A child is meant to learn not to earn but our government has totally ignored these children and they are far from education. Balochistan contains government schools but in rural areas of the provinces schools are just available but there is no teacher to teach the kids. I request the Government of Balochistan to avoid ignoring the children in Balochistan and enrol them into schools.
Turbat Balochistan

5G technology

Apparently, the world has been moving toward the supreme form of technology. Which has been providing invisible and imaginary services to people. Historically, the revolution of science and technology had started after the great world war. However, real technology had begun in the 1980s, when 1G had been introduced. 1G refers to first generation of technology. Briefly, 1G supports voice calls only; 2G supports SMS, picture messages and MMS; 3G provides services of video call and mobile internet. Currently, the fourth generation of networking (4G) supports mobile web access such as gaming services, HD mobile TV, video conferencing, 3D TV and others.
Theoretically, the fifth generation (5G) of mobile networking will have provided fast mobile communication and provide all kinds of information, safer cities with smart interconnected vehicles with ultra-speed connection. Consequently, the fifth generation (5G) will have strengthened the security and modernity in the globe, which will have change the face of international society.

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