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Sindh Police VIP culture

A substantial number of Sindh Police constables/personnel have been deployed by the senior police officers of Sindh Police for purely private and personal use. Sadly, the institution of the Sindh Police is being operated as a private security organization. The police constables/personnel go through intense training and development phase by the taxpayer’s money; however they are being unlawfully deployed for simply private and personal purposes.
The senior police officers of the Sindh Police have deployed substantial number of police constables/personnel in their homes, petrol pumps, farms etc. Additionally, the senior police officers of Sindh police have also allocated considerable number of police constables/personnel to their friends, families and influential people, without following the proper legal procedures of the allocation of police constables/personnel through the Home Secretary & SSP security.
There is absolutely no “Tracking Mechanism” in Sindh, to track the actual location/duties of the police personnel. The absolute illegal and unlawful deployment of Sindh Police constables/personnel by the senior police officers of Sindh police amounts to an utter looting of the manpower from the Sindh Police Department, and a sheer violation of Sindh Police Rules and Police Order, and a further violation of the Honourable Supreme Court’s order for the withdrawal of police security from individuals who are not authorized by the rules to receive security.
The well-trained police constables/personnel in Sindh are being used as private security guards, gardeners and drivers. Likewise, there is absolutely no check & balance on the senior police officers of Sindh Police Department, as to the number of police constables/personnel that they are entitled to have. Because of the total absence of “tracking mechanism” to track the allocation of police constables/personnel actual deployment, the senior police officers posted in interior Sindh areas have illegally and unlawfully allotted hundreds of police constables/personnel to the influential people of the areas, without following the proper legal procedures.

Retirement of M Amir

The sudden retirement of Pakistani Bowling star Mohammad Amir from Test cricket shocked all his fans around the world over. On Friday, he announced his retirement from Test cricket and he will be available in other two formats (ODI and T20) for Pakistan. Amir made his Test debut against Sri Lanka in Galle in July 2009. He featured in 36 Tests, taking 119 wickets at an average of 30.47. His best bowling returns — six for 44 — were against the West Indies in Kingston in April 2017.
I really appreciate the most exciting and talented left-arm fast bowler for the right time decision and everyone believes that he will be playing an integral role in white ball cricket for Pakistan. As fan of cricket, I feel that his absence will be felt by every individual in the dressing room in the longer format and everyone will miss his kind company especially in bowling duration. But his commitment and skill with bowl in the game is a kind of motivation for young cricketers and he will be remembered with a good name in Test cricket forever.
Kech Turbat

Modi encourages….

Ever since the BJP has come into power in 2014, Muslims all over the country are being ill-treated, harassed and stoned to death for no reason at all and the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi does nothing to stop these atrocities from taking place; in fact, he encourages them.
Mumbai, India

Why transgender feels inferiority complex?

When you are born with some distinctive characters and you know it is not in your own will to be born like others but your birth is considered abashment for your family and you are forced to exile as community cannot tolerate you then you are known as “Hijra or Khawaja Sara” in society and your appearance is constantly amused by those who disown you. You have not your own identity as you are aberration in determining the gender and then you become a worse example of victimization.
2% of Pakistan’s population struck by transgenderism but their role is restricted only in festivals like marriage ceremonies, birthdays and local festivals but unfortunately they are humiliated even there and are sexually abused or forced to opt this filthiness. Their survival is endangered in South Asian countries especially India and Pakistan where majority are uneducated so their approach in considering Transgender an equal status to live freely is really conservative.
Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2013 and Transgender Persons (Protection of Right) Act in 2017 determine the duties of government to facilitate them with equal rights. It includes recognition of Transgender person, prohibition against discrimination, prohibition against harassment, provision of safer environment in jails, medical facilities, formulating special vocational training institutes for their livelihood, provision of grants, loans and incentives to start their own business, right to inherit, right of education, right of employment, right to vote, right to hold public office, right to health, right to assembly, right of access to public places, right to property and guarantee of fundamental rights. But when it comes to implementation, these all points seem only documentary and nothing to do in reality.

Pak-US relations

Prime Minister Imran Khan and the US President Donald Trump’s meeting has paved the way for peace and stability in the region while PM Khan achieved vital diplomatic success during his maiden visit to the US after taking over as PM. Every Pakistani was happy at the Trump’s offer to play the role of a mediator between Pakistan and India on the core issue of Kashmir. We hope it is sanguine that Pakistan-US relations are getting improved and the visit would give new impetus to bilateral ties.
Furthermore, PM Imran Khan gave importance to the national interest whereas PM Khan’s visit would help to promote trade and economic relations as well. Those who conspired to isolate Pakistan internationally have faced defeat and now they should realize facts. Prime Minister Imran Khan is moving ahead with the new vision and Pakistan will achieve its destination of development and prosperity under his leadership.

Trump over Kashmir

The US did not ask Pakistan this time for doing more. In fact US has now realized that Pakistan has made more sacrifices in terms of blood and money than any other country during War against Terror. As Imran Khan’s visit has ended on a high note and pleasant atmosphere prevailed during the visit, Pakistan must capitalize this opportunity and embark upon US offer of mediation on Kashmir imbroglio.
A bone of contention between Pakistan and India for over seventy years; tens of thousands of Kashmiris have embraced martyrdom while fighting for their freedom and the issue is the main cause of tension between the two nuclear powers. In modern world, war is no solution to any problem. Coming to table for discussion and getting a viable solution is what sanity demands from India.
Oppression and suppression in Indian-occupied Kashmir has destroyed Kashmiris and they are living in complete distress, dreaming of a day when their efforts will bear fruit and their piece of land will be liberated from illegal occupation. For the peace of subcontinent Kashmir issue needs to be resolved on an immediate basis.

World Hepatitis Day

Every year on July 28th, the World Hepatitis Day is marked globally with the aim of raising awareness among the public about the viral infection, hepatitis. Like other developing countries, hepatitis is very common in Pakistan. According to a report, among every 10 Pakistanis, one suffers from hepatitis. The report further disclosed that there is also a very high death toll in Pakistan due to hepatitis.
Let us note that there are five types of hepatitis, categorized from hepatitis A to E. Hepatitis C is the most dangerous, causing one million deaths around the world, and is the ninth leading cause of death. Each year, around 250,000 new cases are reported and it is estimated that around 11 million Pakistanis currently have hepatitis C. It is our duty to make our environment clean in order to be safe from such kind of death causing disease and it is my humble request to the government and health sector to put combined efforts to control and prevent hepatitis so Pakistanis live a bright life.

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