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PM visit to US

Prime Minister’s visit to the US is an important milestone in the history of Pak-US relations. Each meeting, press conference and other discourses have produced major breakthroughs in one way or another. From Afghan peace talks to offer for resolution of Kashmir dispute, one can assume that the result of the visit can be fruitful. Although it has been quite perturbing that no VIP protocol was given to the Prime Minister upon his arrival at the airport, the displeasure of the US has been evident, but the address in Capital One Arena proved it otherwise as it highlighted the popularity of Imran Khan abroad and without doubt, put him in the international spotlight.
The confidence of the Premier while one on one meeting with the POTUS reflected the strong message of Pakistan never kneeling again for any form of financial aid. Trump is known for issuing bizarre statements and illogical tweets but for once he made sense when he stated that Pakistan is doing better than they were when provided with financial assistance. It is true that the country is finally learning to stand on its own feet and for one can differentiate between friends, allies and foes and with still a long way to go, the visit proved that Pakistan still has its strategic importance and US needs its help whether it admits or not.
Bhara Kahu, Islamabad

Dr Aafia’s repatriation

The daughter of the nation, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, neuroscientist, has been in detention in the US for more than a decade and it is high time to discuss the matter of her repatriation. It would be a great achievement of the incumbent government if they succeed to get Dr Aafia Siddiqui released/repatriated through dialogue.
As America is now considering that there is no military solution in Afghanistan and table talks with Taliban and Afghan government are indispensable to restore peace in Afghanistan then why Aafia cannot be released/repatriated who was alleged to have links with banned outfits or Taliban and she assaulted army personnel of America. Allah knows better what the reality is but if she really had such links which does not seem realistic in spite of either reason she should be punished in Pakistan not in the USA. She should be treated in the same way as Raymond Davis, a US national, was treated i.e. he committed crime in Pakistan but was taken away by the US to try him in the US.

Don’t forget them all

By reason of unnecessary controversies and various political stories, Alexander Acosta, Labor Secretary to American President Donald Trump had to resign from his job. According to the media sources, there are many twists and turns to this story. I could remember those media houses like Washington Post calling Acosta a measured person. This being a good tribute to such calm and composed professionals as Acosta, their hard work and true intention should not be buried or forgotten under the carpet of difference of opinion. Under no circumstances should there be place for misinformation or any kind of rumour because false propaganda and dishonest means have taken a heavy toll on the world community and human race so far, politically, emotionally and economically. In fact I have been following the principles of being honest and being sincere, and have been doing my bit towards the society wherever I go – like my native areas like Tiruchendur, Korkai, Tirunelveli or my workstations for example Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mumbai.
All things considered, American President Donald Trump now has to deal with a lot of full stops and political fillers before going to the next level. Yet, I am sure his bubbling personality will melt them all away on their way.
Maharashtra, India

Rights of handicapped

Like the able, disabled too have rights to live a life without facing any hardships in their daily lives. But sadly, the disabled can be seen in every street in order to get a little money to buy something for eating, leave alone education, healthcare facilities, job opportunities and other basic necessities of life.
I very humbly appeal to the government with a request to kindly establish schools in every district of the country for the disabled so that they can get education and later get employment to pass their lives with honour and dignity.

Pakistani airports under bird threat

While PTI government has shown keen interest in boosting commercial aviation and promote tourism Pakistan’s commercial civil airports at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar etc are coming increasingly under threat of rising bird hazard, jeopardizing safety of aircraft and passengers. The rise in number of incidents where a bird hits have damaged aircraft engines, is costing airlines millions of dollars.
The ensuing disruption in schedules further escalates losses and inconvenience to passengers who pay to travel by air on time and not to suffer numerous adverse consequences of needless delays. Recently Lahore runway was closed for over three hours when flock of eagles invaded active airport airspace, forcing 7 flights to divert costing airlines millions and inconvenience to passengers. It is taxes from airlines and passengers which pay salaries to CAA, ASF etc making it obligatory upon them to ensure that flight safety is ensured.
While ICAO recommends that 15 km periphery around active runways be free of obstruction and housing colonies, every airport in Pakistan has become ideal choice of powerful vested interests to launch housing societies, marriage halls, restaurants, clubs etc. The food waste attracts birds. When Allama Iqbal International Airport was built at new location there were no such constructions.
It is conflicts of interest of executives in CAA who gave NOC to powerful groups. When Regulatory Agencies like CAA and security force like ASF get involved in commercial ventures, then basic regulatory function and security become a casualty. Use by ASF of a copy of ADE 651, declared fake all over the world, is criminal. The area in vicinity of new Islamabad Airport which has cost this poor country almost Rs 100 Billion has also fallen prey to greed of Real Estate Mafia of this country.

Hygiene measures

I’ve been living in Karachi since I was born and I’ve been noticing this since then that goats, cows and camels roam around the city when Eid-ul-Adha is around the corner. The city starts to smell and look like a farm, so there are some hygiene measures which government needs to take. Around 1 million animals are slaughtered in Karachi every year but when it comes to provide hygiene measures to the people, our government is neglecting many duties. The waste parts of animals are usually thrown away in the residential areas of the city which is very unhealthy and unhygienic and it is nearly impossible for residents to live and breathe in such an environment.
To provide solution government should take some steps and assign some people to obviate the deleterious dross from the streets at night as the streets would be empty at that time. But we, as citizens, should not only rely on government but we should work of our own as well in order to maintain hygiene. The Union/Association/Islahi Committee of each society can collect some money from residents to hire people who can remove the dross every night. It is a useful and affordable way to get rid of an unhealthy environment.
The other important issue is to find the place away from the residential areas to throw the waste parts of animals. The authorities concerned should look for some places near Karachi where these parts should be taken to within alacrity. As Eid-ul-Adha is near, this is high time for the authorities to be concerned about this issue and find a solution.
Via email