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Cheating culture

I want to draw attention through your esteemed newspaper about cheating in examination centres. It has become a serious issue. Unfortunately some circumstances force students to start cheating in exam. Foremost reason that drives students for cheating in exam is the desire to secure high scores. And another reason is the inability to prepare well for exam.
It is necessary to make them realise the power hidden inside them. Also swift action should be ensured at examination centres, where rampant cheating takes place, against all cheaters by concerned authorities.
Whatever the reasons few marks obtained through hard work have more importance than marks obtained by cheating in exam. Cheating might help at the outset but it contains a lot of long-standing impact on the future of a student.


Urbanisation is a process of growth in urban areas and it is increasing globally as well as in Pakistan. Pakistan is urbanising at a rapid rate of 3% annually, which is highest in South Asia. Pakistanis are flocking to cities faster than any other country in the South Asia. The main reason of Pakistan’s urban growth is high birth rate and migration from rural areas.
This process has become a hindrance in economic growth of Pakistan, as cities can’t contribute better with economic development of county. Urbanisation leads to hotbed of many problems mainly poor housing quality, water and sanitation problems, health, education, transportation and so on. This makes people life more miserable. Only 50% of population in Pakistan is provided potable water. Then many people are forced to live in slums. Transport system is also a headache for the dwellers as not every one can afford private transport so most of the population prefer public transport that is in a shambles. Health makes wealth is a saying but in cities gathered with pollution and dust it doesn’t seems to be fit. Health sector is suffering due to many issues, people are commonly not provided with basic health facilities all over the country. Diseases are spreading just because of thickly populated unkept areas. Education, a major key to development of a nation is lacking in every aspect. One of the reasons that Pakistan still stays behind others is poor quality of education in country. The facts stated above are very few yet it is high time for the government to look over these issue deeply and make best possible solution to it.

I appeal to the Karachi Municipal Corporation authorities through the columns of your popular daily for providing more playgrounds in the city. Karachi is a very big city. Corporation authorities are implementing many schemes according to the Master Plan to make Karachi a beautiful and modern city. But the need of more playgrounds has not been paid any attention so far. Even in new colonies no playgrounds have been provided. New buildings of schools have also not been provided any playground in or around school premises.
Proper attention should be paid towards the health of the nation. I hope the authorities will rise to the occasion and take early steps in this direction. Result of the recent World Olympics meet should serve as an eye opener to all.

Water shortage

The summer season is here and so is the need for increased water consumption due to high temperatures and intense yet infrequent heat waves. Water is one major source of relief in such harsh weather conditions. However, the harsh reality is that water supply in Karachi is not only insufficient, but also irregular!
As a result, residents of Malir Area have been facing severe water shortage for the past one month. Households don’t get enough water for cooking, washing, cleaning and other daily chores. The residents are then bound to make alternative arrangements for water supply by hiring water tankers, which is an additional cost alongside the monthly water utility bill.
Several letters have already been written to the water supply department but no action has been taken as yet. I hope this letter will get due attention from authorities concerned.

Kech River needs attention

Turbat, which is situated on the bank of Kech River, is divisional headquarter of Mekran division. Turbat was hit by two floods, which brought devastating consequences for the people. In 1998, first flood washed numerous areas of Turbat .i.e. Koshkalat, Malikibagh, Aspi, Pathankahoor etc and the second flood hit Turbat in 2007 which badly ruined the houses, agricultural farms, schools, livestock and People here suffered a lot by this natural calamity. 2007 flood submerged manifold areas to a great extant such as Nasirabad, Nodiz, Godhi, Nizarabad, Geebun, Koshkalat, Noakabad, Noakkalat and many more. The main reason of this flood was backflow of Meerani Dam and this Dam was constructed by General Parvez Mushraf in 2002 but the Mirani Dam has caused the destruction to be many times greater than the previous flood.
Moreover, the agriculture sector was an important source of people’s earning but the past and prevailing regime did not pay any heed to flood effected people. Even after seven years, people were living or lying under open sky in the foot ball Stadium and due to negligence and failure of past government Turbat has suffered a lot; however, when Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch became the Chief Minister of Balochistan he rehabilitated them and gave effected plots in 7 Marhala Housing Scheme.
Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch initiated the construction of the safety wall of Kech River but it could not get completed and another rain recently weakened the safety wall, zapped multifarious areas of Kech and the present government has not provided anything yet.
Furthermore, Shaeed Chakir Rind Advocate filed a constitution in the High Court of Balochisan for compensation and construction of Safety wall of Kech River in 2008 and the High Court passed a judgment for compensation and construction.
Later Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch talked to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for compensation of Turbat flood affected and Prime Minister agreed to give half share of compensation Rs.560,929,549; the provincial government gave its half share amount Rs. 560,929,549 and the federal government half share has not been given yet. The amount in question has been drawn to the Finance department account by Federal government but the government of Balochistan is delaying it.
As Gohram Rind Social Activists of Kech said that the other areas of Kech such as Koshkalat, Aspi, Malikibagh, Pathankhour and many more areas were devastated by the flood of 2007 but they were not paid any compensation. I request Chief Minister Balochistan and concerned authorities to take prompt and stern action to construct the safety wall of Kech River in order to avert further loss from rain.
Kech, Balochistan

Killing, abusing children

According to media reports 3,445 children were sexually abused in Pakistan in 2017. The number of cases reported in Punjab was 2,168, Sindh (933), Balochistan (139), KP (78), GB (3), AJK (12) and Islamabad (112). In 2018 2,322 cases were reported but no action was taken on this issue.
Every day dozens are being abused and killed ant that is so bad because these are future generations of Pakistan. Government should take swift and strong action against the perpetrators.
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